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From Charlotte Menon:

Story Woodworth  1809 - 1899 and 2nd wife 
Candace JAYNE b 12-14-1816 Goram, NY d 7-1878
m. Jan 1-1837.   Moved to Cataract, Wisconsin ca 1854

LINE:  Walter/Benjamin/Ichabod/Reuben/Joshua/Story

story8X5.jpg (34991 bytes)

Emily, wife of Augustus (son of Story above),
 with children (L to R) Clarence and Frank.   About 1860. 
Original picture is a daguerreotype.

FHW and CGWwithfix.jpg (39836 bytes)

Florence and Frank Woodworth b 1855, about age 4
Children of Augustus and Emily
   LINE:  Walter/Benjamin/Ichabod/Reuben/Joshua/
                        Story/Augustus/ Florence & Frank

Original picture is a daguerreotype

Frnk&Flo8x9.jpg (97105 bytes)

Frank Henry Woodworth b 11-24-1855 d 3-14-1946 
and Clara Monema Smith.
Retired Teamster. 
Line:  Walter/Benjamin/Ichabod/Reuben/Joshua/Story/

frank.jpg (67426 bytes)

Wedding picture of  Minnie G Woodworth,
 b 9-8-1880 d.? and first husband Charles Hoyt.  
Married Ralph  Matteson in 1910.
Daughter of Frank and Clara Woodworth.

 Line:  Walter/Benjamin/Ichabod/Reuben/Joshua/Story/

minnie6x8.jpg (39871 bytes)

Eva Vee Woodworth, b 15 Aug 1882 d 7 Aug 1966, daughter of Frank and Clara.  Wife of Frank Knapp.

LINE: Walter/Benjamin/Ichabod/Reuben/Joshua/Story/
            Augustus/Frank/ Eva

Eva Vee2.jpg (13156 bytes)

Clarence George Woodworth (1884 - 1965) and Otto Frank Woodworth (1887 - 1911), sons of Frank Henry and Clara Monema Smith, and great grandsons to Story above.   Otto died in a house fire at age 24.
LINE: Walter/Benjamin/Ichabod/Reuben/Joshua/Story/
            Augustus/Frank/ Clarence & Otto
Original picture is a daguerreotype. 

Clarence and Otto.jpg (94422 bytes)

Leah Ruth Woodworth at about age 7, youngest child of
Frank and Clara, b 19 May 1893 d 10 Apr 1981.
Original picture is a daguerreotype. 
      LINE: Walter/Benjamin/Ichabod/Reuben/Joshua/
Story/Augustus/ Frank/Leah

LeahRuth6x10.jpg (67319 bytes)

Leah Woodworth (see above) at about age ?

Leah8x10.jpg (118920 bytes)

Clarence and Marie Woodworth's wedding portrait.
 23 Nov 1903.

marieh8x10.jpg (80622 bytes)

Clarence and Marie Woodworth

MariClar4x5.jpg (30311 bytes)

Clarence George Woodworth  1884-1965 and Marie

LINE:  Walter/Benjamin/Ichabod/Reuben/Joshua/
Story/Augustus/ Frank/Clarence/


clarence7x10.jpg (58499 bytes)

Isabelle Woodworth, b 14 Aug 1904
d 17 Nov 1993.
Eldest daughter of Clarence and Marie. 

Isabelle 1906_7x9.jpg (59784 bytes)

Clarence & Marie's daughters:  Isabelle 1904-1993, Cleo b. 1909, Alice 1914-2000,  Laura 1916-living,
 Stella 1919, Marie 1923-1998

woodworthgrils5x10.jpg (51330 bytes)

Cleo Woodworth, b 15 Dec 1909,
4th child of Clarence and Marie

cleo.jpg (32902 bytes)

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