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Road Trip to Woodworth Ancestor Land
Shaker Village

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 Side trip to a Shaker village near Hancock, NY.

P5270004.JPG (384405 bytes)

Some of the many buildings at the Shaker village. P5290018.jpg (219489 bytes)
Typical room in one of the dormitory style buildings. P5270005.JPG (191028 bytes)
Eating area. P5270012.JPG (58424 bytes)
A very efficient round barn for milking the cattle, and for protecting them on very cold winter days. P5290017.jpg (191942 bytes)
An elevated road allowed hay wagons to be pulled into the second story of the round barn. P5290019.JPG (205732 bytes)
The hay wagon was pulled around the inside to toss off the hay to the center for storage. 

This picture actually consists of four different pictures "stitched" together for a wide angle shot.  (Click on picture for enlarged view.)

roundbarn.jpg (95574 bytes)

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