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Road Trip to Woodworth Ancestor Land
Scituate, MA
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 160 degree panorama of Scituate harbor and Bill, Bill, & Bill Woodworth.  (Is the world ready for 3 Bills?) 
Scituate Harbor's lighthouse is in the far background.  If the Bill on the left stretches out his left arm and leans out till just before he falls in the water, his index finger would be right on the lighthouse. 

panoramaBill.jpg (132545 bytes)

Scituate's picturesque water tower, one of the most photographed features in the US.  For more info on this structure, see Lawson Tower.

P5220001.jpg (213147 bytes)

This is the "Men of Kent" cemetery behind Walter's marsh front property.  Walter is probably buried here. P5220005.JPG (346731 bytes)
Gray Curtis, center, of the Scituate Historical Society was of great assistance to Bill and me. 

Bill and I donated a copy of Jeanette Behan's book "Woodworth Family of America, Descendants of Walter Woodworth Through Six Generations" to the Scituate Historical Society.

P5220007.JPG (435249 bytes)
The historical society has a variety of maps of Scituate and surrounding areas, and most are for sale.  Gray helped us find features and much history of the area. P5220008.JPG (341224 bytes)
Walter Woodworth owned considerable property around Scituate.  This map (click on it for enlarged view) shows the main areas of Scituate owned by Walter, and does not include the parcel owned down by the "Men of Kent" cemetery. waltermap.jpg (59142 bytes)
Sign in front of Samuel Woodworth's childhood home, famous for "The Old Oaken Bucket". P5260012.JPG (470467 bytes)
The "Old Oaken Bucket" home.  Well is on the right. P5260013.JPG (210380 bytes)
The well and bucket.   Stolen many times, so it's anchored now.  P5260016.JPG (555041 bytes)
Next to the "Old Oaken Bucket" home is "Woodworth Lane", a short street with nice, large homes.  Back behind this house at the end of the street is "Walnut Tree Hill", known in earlier times as "Walter Woodworth Hill".  The house at the end of the street was unoccupied due to ongoing renovation, and I was able to go behind the house and take a picture. P5260011.JPG (439870 bytes)
 There's the old saying "Can't the forest for the trees", and normally we couldn't see Walter's hill for the trees.  But in this case the trees were bulldozed out so that I could get a picture looking west up "Walter Woodworth Hill" (now "Walnut Tree Hill"). P5260010.JPG (466692 bytes)

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