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Road Trip to Woodworth Ancestor Land
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Near Samuel Woodworth's childhood home is the "Stockbridge Grist Mill".   Walter owned land west, south, and east of this location.  For more information, see:

 Stockbridge Grist Mill

P5260017.JPG (325773 bytes) 

The grist mill looking west.. P5260018.JPG (525562 bytes)
Grist mill looking east.  P5260020.JPG (210356 bytes)
Directly across from the grist mill on the dam.  The valve feeds water to the mill. P5260021.JPG (469633 bytes)
Right across the street, which is on the dam side, is the former location of the Stockbridge mansion.  The sign says:

Site of Stockbridge Mansion.  The Stockbridge Mansion, built in 1640, stood on this site.  
It was a garrison house for protection of the mills, and was successfully defended.  The mill and pond were made famous by Woodworth's poem "The Old Oaken Bucket."
Massachusett's Bay Colony Tercentenary Commission.


P5260026.JPG (539001 bytes)
View looking west across the dam toward the chaotic 5 road junction.  To the left is the grist mill, and down the street behind the car is the "Old Oaken Bucket Road" which goes off to the right.  The wooded area on the right in the distance is what was formerly called "Walter Woodworth Hill". P5260025.JPG (401870 bytes)
This is about a 1/2 block south of the mill, looking down Herring Brook.  This area was owned by Walter Woodworth. P5260028.JPG (390495 bytes)

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