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Road Trip to Woodworth Ancestor Land
Cohocton and North Cohocton, NY 

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The Kinfolks Olde Country Store in North Cohocton, NY.

Bill's and my grandfather worked in this general store in his youth in the 1880s or so.  He used some of the experience gained here to establish a hardware store Kiowa, KS and then in Minco, Indian Territory (later called Oklahoma).

oldestore.jpg (116760 bytes)

Bill's wife Virginia and my wife Betty on the Republican bench at the Kinfolks Olde Country Store. P6040068.JPG (205780 bytes)
The home of my grandfather's sister and her husband, whose dad owned the general store.  This home is three houses from the store.  Grandfather boarded here while working.

P6040070.JPG (199588 bytes)

Several miles down the road, grandfather's older brother Samuel had this mansion.  It is now a beautiful bed and breakfast called "The Villa Serendip", owned and wonderfully operated by Fran Ambroselli.

We stayed at The Villa Serendip two nights in The Empire Suite.

The B&B is strategically located near fine tourist sites.

 This view is looking from the northeast.

samhouse_ne.JPG (203204 bytes)
This is how the mansion looked in the 1800s.  Grandfather's brother Samuel and wife are in the picture.

This is a view from the southeast.


samuelmansionearly2.jpg (126374 bytes)
Fran is a wealth of knowledge and entertainment. 

In this picture, she is showing us the old oak bucket that she found in a back part of the house.  

samdining.JPG (208564 bytes)
Fran discovered, through a visitor, that Samuel (original owner of the mansion) had a cabin up at Lake Canandaigua, one of New York's finger lakes.  She also provided a copy of the guest book, and that guest book showed the dates that my grandfather and father visited there.  Fran guided us to the cabin.

Our dad had recalled those visits there at the cabin as some of the most enjoyable of his life.  Bill and I never had any idea we would find this information, material, and actually see the cabin.

cabinfront.jpg (552488 bytes)
Here is a view of Sam's cabin from the back. cabin.jpg (223915 bytes)
And here is the lady (on the left)  that provided a copy of cabin's guest book to Fran, who in turn provided a copy to Bill and me.

It was wonderful to see when our parents had visited, and who else had.  It also helped to date some pictures taken "back east" of our dad in his youth.


cabinfran.jpg (270891 bytes)
View of Lake Canandaigua from the beach in front of the cabin.

P6040057.JPG (251743 bytes)

In the Olde Country Store, Bill and I accidentally ran across a map of the farm our great grandfather owned east of Cohocton.  So we made a beeline for the place and found it easily.  Later we discovered the farm was twice as large as we thought, and the map showed that he owned two homes on the property, one down the hill to the left, and the other about 3/4ths of a mile north which is flat.

In this picture, the land on the left drops off sharply, with a flat location about half way down the hill for a home and barn, which then drops off again to a road and creek.  It would have been a struggle to get the horses and machinery up the hill.   A review of literature indicates that he lived at the home on the other end of the property, which was on a main road and closer to town.

CVKWFA~4.JPG (73154 bytes)

It was a fine, productive, fun trip.

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