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Road Trip to Woodworth Ancestor Land
Cape Cod

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And now we get away from genealogy stuff for a bit.  These are sightseeing areas near Scituate on Cape Cod.

This is historic Dexter Grist Mill and Pond in Sandwich, MA on Cape Cod.  When you click on the picture, be sure to scroll left and right on the resulting panoramic picture.  Sandwich is 54 miles from Scituate.

At the tip of Cape Cod, they have a visitor's center with a view tower.  This wide angle picture looks from west to north to east.  You can see the sand dunes at the water's edge, and an airport strip on the left.  The visitor's center parking lot is on the far left.  That's Betty at both ends of the straight rail.  (Click on picture, then scroll right and left.)

BettyCapeWideAngle.JPG (114778 bytes)

Virginia, Betty, and Bill Woodworth on the far north tip of Cape Cod.

We traveled at the perfect time -- late May/early June..  Weather was cool and beautiful, and we had no problem with crowds.  The large parking lots on Cape Cod beaches were nearly empty.  Locals say it's a zoo later, with everyone coming here to get away from it all. 

P5240003.JPG (424760 bytes)
Eastern shore of Cape Cod.

This is one of my wife's favorite pictures.  She does enjoy the sea.

P5230031.JPG (385804 bytes)
East shore of Cape Cod.  View from a cliff. P5230029.JPG (380580 bytes)
Woody on east shore. P5230033.JPG (378633 bytes)
Lighthouse at Chatham, southeast corner of Cape Cod.  P5250005.JPG (344548 bytes)
On Cape Cod, they have "yard sales" allowed by city permit. This yard sale in Brewster on Cape Cod meandered over about a 1/2 block wooded area. 

Brewster is 85 miles from Scituate, MA. 

Click on the picture for details and viewing the redbuds in bloom over the display.

P5200010.JPG (546302 bytes)
 A large antique store on Cape Cod somewhere.   These stores were like museums.

P5240001.JPG (416984 bytes)

About half way between Scituate and Cape Cod is  Plymouth, home of the famous Plymouth Rock.

The rock isn't very big, and is just a part broken off the original. 

P5220038.JPG (62088 bytes)

But the pavilion housing Plymouth Rock is very nice. P5220043.JPG (149633 bytes)
A few hundred feet away from Plymouth Rock is this replica of a 1620s ship.  Betty, with her 3/16 Cherokee blood, is playing like a native welcoming the ship to America.
On the way back to our lodging, we stopped by the Plimouth Plantation gift shop.  It was too late to take the plantation tour.  
P5220045.jpg (232643 bytes)

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