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Index of /~woodsoncoffeeandkin/1815 Mary Ragland Coffee, wife of Logan, mother of Mansel

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[IMG]Mary Coffee grave in Williams Cemetery taken 1965.jpg05-Sep-2008 15:53 76K 
[IMG]Mary Ragland Coffee's grave in photo center Andrews Chapel.JPG27-Aug-2008 22:33 2.4M 
[IMG]Mary Ragland Coffee's grave looking West.JPG27-Aug-2008 22:34 2.5M 
[IMG]Mary Ragland Coffee Grave 1.jpg27-Aug-2008 22:28 770K 
[IMG]Mary Ragland Coffee grave 2.jpg27-Aug-2008 22:28 787K 
[IMG]Mary Ragland Coffee grave front center with English graves next to her.JPG27-Aug-2008 22:31 2.4M 
[IMG]Mary Ragland Coffee grave with chalk.JPG27-Aug-2008 22:34 2.7M 
[IMG]Mary Ragland Coffee grave with chalk 2.JPG27-Aug-2008 22:31 2.6M 
[IMG]Mary Ragland Coffee grave with chalk 3.JPG27-Aug-2008 22:31 2.6M 
[IMG]Mary RaglandCoffee grave with chalk 4.JPG27-Aug-2008 22:34 2.5M 
[IMG]Mary Ragland Coffee grave with chalk 5.JPG27-Aug-2008 22:32 2.6M 
[IMG]Proof that the Mary Coffee in Williams Cemetery is not Mary Ragland because of dates in this docu.JPG27-Aug-2008 22:32 4.1M 

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