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Have You Ever Heard . . . ???

I had a Simpson researcher write me and ask me about a story he always heard growing up to see if I'd heard it.  I hadn't, but thought that might be an interesting story to share, so I'm posting it here. 

Please feel free to email me with your stories or Simpson memories and I'll post them here.

Also, feel free to email the submitters below if you've got confirmation or additional details.  Keep me in the loop though!

Charles Cameron shares:

     Many years ago my mother told me a story about one of Thomas and Nancy Simpson's sons. I am hoping that you may have heard the same story and can give me a name to finish it. As she remembered it, one of the son's, as a baby had been placed close to the hearth of the fireplace to keep him warm. During the night a stick of burning wood rolled from the fire, landing near the babies head. Heat from the burning wood caused permanent brain damage and he was always a little behind the rest of the boys. Mom could remember the story but not the name..... Can you finish the story?

2005  Denise Woodside - Storyteller and Webmaster - My Simpson Family