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SIMPSONs in the Social Security Death Index

Carter, Howell, Oregon, Shannon, & Ripley Counties in MO

Fulton, Randolph, and Sharp Counties in AR

The following are the SIMPSONs found in the Ancestry's index for the Social Security Death Index.  Original documents have to be ordered from the Social Security Administration, therefore I did not see the original documents. 

The last residence corresponds to the last address that checks were received.  Since many ill persons move in with family members prior to their death, their last residence may not have been in one of these counties.  Additionally, this list will only include people who filed with social security, which in the past typically meant those that received services.  Not everyone had to file originally. 

Note:  The county which is listed can be misleading.  Although my family all lived in the Wilderness, their postal address was Fremont, MO.  Fremont happens to be in Carter County, so they are listed as Carter County residents below -- even though they actually resided in Oregon County.


 Name Birth Date Death Date Last Residence
Alda C. Simpson 7-Sep-10 14-Mar-00 Ash Flat, Sharp, Arkansas
Alice Simpson 7-May-06 Aug-82 Mountain View, Howell, Missouri
Anderson Simpson 6-Dec-04 20-Dec-88 Pottersville, Howell, Missouri
Annie C. Simpson 22-Jan-03 8-Apr-93 Cave City, Sharp, Arkansas
Arthur Simpson 5 Jul 1890 Sep-78 Thayer, Oregon, Missouri
Birdie Simpson 18 Nov 1890 Sep-77 Pocahontas, Randolph, Arkansas
Clyde Simpson 2-Feb-04 Jan-85 Fremont, Carter, Missouri
Della Simpson 7-Oct-05 Feb-82 Alton, Oregon, Missouri
Don H. Simpson 5-Dec-26 8-Sep-97 Van Buren, Carter, Missouri
Dorothy N. Simpson 8-Feb-40 9-Sep-05 Mountain View, Howell, Missouri
Dorothy Simpson 7-Dec-13 16-Apr-05 Fairdealing, Ripley, Missouri
Edith Simpson 7-Mar-21 17-Dec-03 Pocahontas, Randolph, Arkansas
Edwin O. Simpson 14-Jul-26 28-Aug-00 Couch, Oregon, Missouri
Eleanor Simpson 23-Apr-14 30-Apr-97 Pocahontas, Randolph, Arkansas
Ella Simpson 7-Oct-05 2-Jun-01 Alton, Oregon, Missouri
Emil Simpson 18-Feb-06 Oct-73 Doniphan, Ripley, Missouri
Eugene Simpson 26-Mar-23 Feb-77 Willow Springs, Howell, Missouri
Flora Simpson 1-Feb-00 Aug-82 Thayer, Oregon, Missouri
Gary M. Simpson 31-Aug-40 31-Dec-04 Cave City, Sharp, Arkansas
Geneva Simpson 22-May-25 20-Mar-99 West Plains, Howell, Missouri
Harrell Simpson 19-Feb-13 Jul-84 Pocahontas, Randolph, Arkansas
Heman Simpson 31-Jan-04 Apr-82 Alton, Oregon, Missouri
Howard R. Simpson 26-Feb-10 1-Jan-05 Poughkeepsie, Sharp, Arkansas
Hubert Simpson 12-Apr-14 Jul-84 Winona, Shannon, Missouri
Irvin Simpson 15-Jan-12 Apr-86 Fremont, Carter, Missouri
James A. Simpson 3-Sep-30 12-Jul-01 Salem, Fulton, Arkansas
James Simpson 12 Mar 1888 Aug-79 Alton, Oregon, Missouri
James Simpson 1-May-27 Jun-81 Winona, Shannon, Missouri
James Simpson 20 Jan 1875 Apr-67 Cave City, Sharp, Arkansas
Jennie E. Simpson 23-Mar-25 2-Jan-98 Eminence, Shannon, Missouri
Jessie O. Simpson 12-Mar-15 27-Oct-89 Fremont, Carter, Missouri
Juanita M. Simpson 27-May-21 31-Mar-01 Williford, Sharp, Arkansas
Kelley Simpson 7-Jan-07 Oct-72 Cave City, Sharp, Arkansas
Laura M. Simpson 13-Jun-13 15-Oct-87 Fremont, Carter, Missouri
Laura Simpson 21 Dec 1876 Jan-68 Cave City, Sharp, Arkansas
Lavenia A. Simpson 4-May-08 1-Jan-04 Evening Shade, Sharp, Arkansas
Leander Simpson 4 Mar 1894 Jun-70 Hardy, Sharp, Arkansas
Lena Simpson 1-Nov-01 1-Jul-95 Fremont, Carter, Missouri
Leon W. Simpson 16-Nov-13 7-Feb-02 Williford, Sharp, Arkansas
Lewis A. Simpson 10-Sep-02 9-Jan-89 Alton, Oregon, Missouri
Linnie Simpson 27-Jul-15 Oct-93 Alton, Oregon, Missouri
Lucy Simpson 9-May-01 Aug-84 Alton, Oregon, Missouri
Lula Simpson 26-Jan-09 Oct-73 Willow Springs, Howell, Missouri
Mahlon Simpson 11-Oct-11 Dec-74 Mountain View, Howell, Missouri
Marvin Simpson 18 Oct 1898 Jun-81 Cave City, Sharp, Arkansas
Maxine Simpson 3-Feb-16 Dec-73 Mountain View, Howell, Missouri
Mina Simpson 9-Sep-18 Apr-93 Ellsinore, Carter, Missouri
Nellie Simpson 20-Apr-09 7-Oct-02 Pottersville, Howell, Missouri
Nettie J. Simpson 17 Sep 1898 13-Apr-92 Alton, Oregon, Missouri
Olive Simpson 12 Oct 1896 Mar-84 Sidney, Sharp, Arkansas
Owen E. Simpson 21-Jul-27 21-Dec-01 Evening Shade, Sharp, Arkansas
Richard Simpson 6-Mar-26 May-85 Alton, Oregon, Missouri
Roy Simpson 30 Aug 1886 Jun-76 Doniphan, Ripley, Missouri
Ruby Simpson 27 Jun 1899 Jun-78 Alton, Oregon, Missouri
Solomon Simpson 22-Oct-08 Nov-85 Alton, Oregon, Missouri
Susie Simpson 14 Oct 1898 Feb-83 Alton, Oregon, Missouri
Thelma E. Simpson 12-Dec-13 7-Feb-04 Alton, Oregon, Missouri
Thomas G. Simpson 30-Oct-09 3-Aug-95 Mountain View, Howell, Missouri
Vernon Simpson 4-Jan-28 Dec-92 Alton, Oregon, Missouri
Walter L. Simpson 22-Mar-39 12-Aug-04 Fremont, Carter, Missouri
Wellie E. Simpson 11-Oct-28 12-Dec-99 West Plains, Howell, Missouri
Wilbur J. Simpson 21-Jul-15 3-Nov-00 West Plains, Howell, Missouri
William Simpson 11-Oct-07 May-85 Poughkeepsie, Sharp, Arkansas


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