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Simpson Marriages

Specific Extractions related to Oregon County SIMPSONs:

SIMPSON, David G. Malisa Gooden Oregon MO 31 May 1861
SIMPSON, Floryann Frances Daniel WILLIAMS Oregon MO 13 Sep 1860
SIMPSON, Francis Sirrai Charles MCKINLEY Oregon MO 17 Dec 1857
SIMPSON, James W. W.  Artirnissia J. WHEELER   Oregon MO 17 Feb 1882 
SIMPSON, Jesse W. Safrona A. WHITTEN Oregon  MO 17 Jan 1884 
SIMPSON, Joanna J. C. Lewis C. JOHNSON Oregon   MO 26 Dec 1878 
SIMPSON, John  Mary F. WELLDON Oregon   MO 28 Jul 1867
SIMPSON, Lucy E.  John D. HALTAS Oregon   MO 13 Aug 1868
SIMPSON, Martha Ann Edmord  JAMES Oregon   MO 12 Dec 1878
SIMPSON, Martha M. James H. REASEN  Oregon   MO 10 Dec 1878 
SIMPSON, Nancy  A.J. WHITTEN Oregon MO 27 May 1865
SIMPSON, Peter C. Mattie T. ROSS Oregon MO 12 Dec. 1886
SIMPSON, Peter L. (D) W.M.A. PARVIN Oregon MO 14 Nov. 1886
SIMPSON, Peter R. Servina BOZE Oregon   MO 4 Jun 1877
SIMPSON, Peter R.  Emimaline BARNETT  Oregon   MO 15 Aug 1878
SIMPSON, Peter R. Elender FALKENBURY Oregon   MO 24 Jul 1855
SIMPSON, Richard N. Arthula E. KING Oregon MO 20 Apr. 1890
SIMPSON, Sarah J.  William A. SMITH Oregon   MO 18 Mar 1869
SIMPSON, Sarah Susan  William C. HODGES Oregon MO 23 Dec 1877
SIMPSON, Thomas Lucilla K. RHOADS Oregon MO 21 Feb 1856
SIMPSON, Thomas C.     Mary Ann WHITTEN Oregon MO 18 Feb 1860
SIMPSON, Thomas J. Leona J. MORMAN Oregon MO 28 Dec 1884 
SIMPSON, Thomas M.  Nancy Ann NICHOLASON Oregon MO 31 May 1863
SIMPSON, Wade  Eliza GUM  Oregon  MO 23 May 1856
SIMPSON, Wade Nancy D. WALLEN Oregon MO 8 Dec 1878 
SIMPSON, Wright  Cmantha KATES Oregon MO 5 Jan 1868

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