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Woodrow Wilson Hollen - The VA Investigation: A Look at Orange County in the post-depression years

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Notes and Evidence gathered in the investigation by the Veterans Administration of the rightful heirs of Woodrow Wilson Hollen

What I find so compelling about the information contained below is the description of Orange County and its citizens in the post-depression era written by the field examiner.  The field examiner's report provides a glimpse to what life was like for Orange County citizens in the 1930s.  Below are text transcriptions of the documents obtained by this compiler in 2000 from the military record of Woodrow Wilson Hollen, son of Corder Robert Hollen and Inice Belle (Holland) Hollen.  What drama there must have been to have a federal investigator visit sleepy little Paoli. Woodrow is my great-uncle on my mother's side of the family. While I can't say their actions necessarily fill me with pride, my genealogy gene is grateful for the information included in his military file.

You'll notice that some of the documents are depositions and oterhs are simply memorandums from the investigators of "interviews."  I don't know why two different interview methods were used or how the examiner determined which to use.

Document Name Document Contents Notes
wwhtoc.txt Table of Contents  for file documents transcribed  
03DEC1953.TXT Initial Field Examination Request  
18MARCH1954.TXT Exhibit "A" Deposition of James F. DAVIS  
18MARCH1954ii.TXT Exhibit "B" Deposition of Inice Belle (HOLLAND) HOLLEN  
17MARCH1954.TXT Exhibit "C" Deposition of Elmer APPLE  This Elmer Apple was born 03/25/1911.  His Great Grandfather, John L APPLE, Sr, is my 4th Great Grandfather on my father's side of the family.)
16MARCH1954.TXT Exhibit "D" Deposition of Billy DAVIS  
17MARCH1954ii.TXT Exhibit "E" Deposition of Sarah E. HOLLAND Sarah is the aunt (by marriage) of Woodrow Wilson Hollen.  Her husband is Inice's brother, Samuel HOLLAND.
18MARCH1954iii.TXT Exhibit "F" Deposition of Leland A. JONES  
17MARCH1954iii.TXT Exhibit "G" Deposition of Howard R. LAMBDIN Information provides his occupation and the year of his marriage.
16MARCH1954ii.TXT Exhibit "H" Deposition of Blanche LAND My father tells stories about Blanche Land's store, as he remembers the store from his childhood.
17MARCH1954iv.TXT Exhibit "I" Deposition of George W. NEWKIRK His statement identfies him was a WWI Vet and includes his "C" number.
17MARCHv.TXT Exhibit "J" Deposition of Minnie B. NEWKIRK Wife of George W. 
17MARCHvi.TXT Exhibit "K" Deposition of Clarence PEARSON Information provides his age and the size of his farm in English (114 acres).
19MARCH1954ii.TXT Exhibit "L" Deposition of Mae (HOLLEN) SCOTT Mae is the sister of Woodrow.
17MARCH1954vii.TXT Exhibit "M" Deposition of Bennie SELFE Information provides his age, size of his farm, and that he was in the Army at one time. Also notes that he worked in Indianapolis, Indiana, for a time and lists his date of marriage (04/23/1934).
17MARCH1954viii.TXT Exhibit "N" Deposition of Esther SELFE Wife of Bennie
19MARCH1954iii.TXT Exhibit "O" Field Examiner's Memorandum of interview with Orpheus APPLE Orpheus was married to the sister of James F. DAVIS
19MARCH1954iv.TXT Exhibit "P" Field Examiner's Memorandum of interview with Ruby FERGUSON Information lists her as 1/2 owner of Dependable Cleaners located across the street from her home at 816 W Main Street. Her father was Orpheus APPLE.
17MARCH1954ix.TXT Exhibit "Q" Field Examiner's Memorandum of interview with Calvin C. GRIMES He was married to Nora APPLE on September 17, 1912. Marriage records list his birth date as January 1, 1897 and Nora's birth date as January 11, 1896. "Index to Supplemental Record Marriage Transcript 1882-1920 Letters A-Z Orange County, Indiana" list his father as William E Grimes and his mother as Susan C. Walls (book H-4, page 28).
17MARCH1954x.TXT Exhibit "R" Field Examiner's Memorandum of interview with John F. LAMBDIN.  
19MARCH1954v.TXT Exhibit "S" Field Examiner's Memorandum of interview with Edrie E. WOLFE. Edrie is listed as a half-sister of James F. DAVIS.
19MARCH1954vi.TXT Exhibit "T" Field Examiner's Memorandum. Certificate of Search of the records of the Orange County Auditor.  
26MAR1954.TXT Field Examiner's report regarding the investigation.  
28MAR1956.TXT Response from H. K. McDonald to a letter written by Marie NICHOLSON on behalf of Goldia DAVIS.  
19MARCH1956.TXT Letter written by Marie NICHOLSON on behalf of Goldia DAVIS.  
12AUG1954.TXT Decision of the Veterans Administration, Board of Veterans Appeals.  
11FEB1956.TXT Transcription of the Local record of death for James F. DAVIS  
04APR1956. TXT Letter written by Lawrence THOMAS on behalf of Goldia DAVIS.  

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