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Orange County, Indiana, Marriage Index
Copies of the actual records may be requested by writing the Orange County Clerk, Courthouse, Paoli, Indiana, 47454.  There is a copy fee for this service.

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The format of the data contained in the index is: Name of Bride or Groom, Name of Spouse, Date of Birth, Color, Date of Marriage, Book Number, Page. For the 1816-1826 records, the format is Groom, Bride, License Date, person performing the marriage.

Woodrow Wilson Hollen - The VA Investigation: A Look at Orange County in the post-depression years

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Note that some "Wilhelms" are in the middle of the "Williams"!!

 Page Number

First Name of Bride/ Groom Listed on Page

Last Name of Bride/Groom Listed on Page


Waddle, William B

Waldrip, Martha J

257 Waldrip, Mattie Walker, Minnie
258 Walker, Nancy B Wallace, Lousana
259 Wallace, Luella Walls, Finley Anna
260 Walls, Frank Walls, Robert
261 Walls, Roscoe Walters, Josephine
262 Walters, Martha E Walton, Wm J
263 Waltrip, Andrew Warren, Hiram E
264 Warren, Isaac N Watson, Rebecca
265 Watson, Thomas Waynick, Joshua
266 Waynick, Malinda E Weaver, Clorinda F
267 Weaver, Elizabeth A Webb, Isaiah
268 Webb, Isaiah B Webbs, Levi
269 Webster, Sarah A Weeks, Nathan G
270 Weeks, Oliver P Wellman, Samuel
271 Wellman, Samuel W Wells, Eli J
272 Wells, Eli J Wells, John W
273 Wells, John W Wells, Nora A
274 Wells, Oma May Wells, William T
275 Wells, William T Weston, Charles E
276 Wheat, Andrew H White, Elizabeth
277 White, Elizabeth White, Loucinda B
278 White, Luther White, Walter L
279 White, Warren Whittington, James R
280 Whittington, John Wilsber, Robert
281 Wilbe, Mila A Williams, Katherine
282 Wilhelm, John M Williams, George F
283 Williams, George W Williams, Mary
284 Williams, Mary Ann Williams, Washington
285 Williams, William Willyard, Charles E
286 Willyard, Clorinda J Willyard, William
287 Willyard, William J Wilson, Della
288 Wilson, Dessie L Wilson, Hattie
289 Wilson, Henry L Wilson, Lydia
290 Wilson, Malinda Wilson, richard
291 Wilson, Roscoe B Winiger, Albert
292 Winiger, Andrew J Wininger, Harvey
293 Wininger, Hattie J Wininger, Philip
294 Wininger, Piety Winningham, Martha
295 Winningham, Martha Wiseman, Elizabeth
296 Wiseman, Isaac Wolf, Margaret
297 Wolf, Mary Wolfe, James B
298 Wolfe, Lena Wolfington, Elisabeth
299 Wolfington, Enoch Wolford, Charles
300 Wolford, Florence Wood, Marion E
301 Wood, Martin A Worl, David
302 Wormington, Bessie Wright, Albert
303 Wright, Anna G Wright, Jonathan H
304 Wright, Laura B Wyman, Anna
305 Wyman, Cornelia Wynn, Bessie L Demont

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