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Orange County, Indiana, Marriage Index
Copies of the actual records may be requested by writing the Orange County Clerk, Courthouse, Paoli, Indiana, 47454.  There is a copy fee for this service.

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The format of the data contained in the index is: Name of Bride or Groom, Name of Spouse, Date of Birth, Color, Date of Marriage, Book Number, Page. For the 1816-1826 records, the format is Groom, Bride, License Date, person performing the marriage.

Woodrow Wilson Hollen - The VA Investigation: A Look at Orange County in the post-depression years

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                 Page Number

First Name of Bride/ Groom Listed on Page

Last Name of Bride/Groom Listed on Page

171 Sackett, Bruce Conner Salyards, Ida F
172 Salyards, Ida L Sanders, Jane
173 Sanders, Janie Sanders, Nathan
174 Sanders, Nathan H Sapp, Lavina
175 Sappenfield, A Ochs Scarlett, Charley
176 Scarlett, Elmer Scarlett, Stella
177 Scarlett, Stephen Scott, Isaac
178 Scott, Isabella Sears, Charles


Sears, Charles R Seigle, Martin M


Selden, William H Self, Tillitha E


Self, William Seybold, Betsy


Seybold, Calvin L Seybold, Robert


Seybold, Robert Shaw, Margaret


Shaw, William Sheridan, James M


Sheridan, William Shipman, James W


Shipman, Louis Shoaf, Alfred H


Shoaf, Alta E Sillings, David L


Sillings, Drucilla M Sinclair, James M


Sinclair, John W Slaton, Margaret


Slatons, Charles Smith, Azor C


Smith, Bell Smith, Emeline


Smith, Emery L Smith, John E


Smith, John H Smith, Melissa Ann


Smith, Milas L Smith, Sidney P


Smith, Spencer Snipes, William W


Snow, Emma A Southerland, Charles


Southerland, Fred G Sparlin, Archabald


Sparlin, Indiana Speece, Ava Leota


Speece, Edgar M Speer, Minnie E


Speer, Moses Spigeley, Elizabeth
201 Spicely, Nancy Stackhouse, John A
202 Stackhouse, Joseph B Stalcup, Elizabeth
203 Stalcup, Ella Stallcup, Eli
205 Stanfield, Catharine Staurtt, Miller
206 StClair, Elmer Stepp, Ann
207 Stepp, Della Stewart, Florence
208 Stewart, Henry Stockdale, Maggie
209 Stockinger, Catharine Stone, Albert D
210 Stone, Anna Stoner, Fannie
211 Stoner, John Stout, Elizabeth
212 Stout, Ella J Stout, Maud
213 Stout, Maud Strange, Annie
214 Strange, Arrie W Stratten, Seth
215 Stratton, Belle Stroud, Benjamin
216 Stroud, Benjamin M Stroud, Rolly A
217 Stroud, Ruby Sturgeon, Ann
218 Sturgeon, Ida B Summers, John L
219 Summers, Mary J Sutton, Elizabeth
220 Sutton, Jessee Symmes, Alice (surname might be Symnes)



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