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Orange County, Indiana, Marriage Index
Copies of the actual records may be requested by writing the Orange County Clerk, Courthouse, Paoli, Indiana, 47454.  There is a copy fee for this service.

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The format of the data contained in the index is: Name of Bride or Groom, Name of Spouse, Date of Birth, Color, Date of Marriage, Book Number, Page. For the 1816-1826 records, the format is Groom, Bride, License Date, person performing the marriage.

Woodrow Wilson Hollen - The VA Investigation: A Look at Orange County in the post-depression years

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                 Page Number

First Name of Bride/ Groom Listed on Page

Last Name of Bride/Groom Listed on Page


Raab, Clara

Radcliffe, John T


Radcliffe, John T

Rankin, Flora M

149 Rankin, Hattie L Ray, John Wesley
150 Ray, Lucy A Reed, Hannah
151 Reed, Hannah Reedholm, Charles J
152 Reel, Ellen Reynolds, George O
153 Reynolds, George O Ribble, Susannah
154 Rice, Bessie Estella Richardson, Martha
155 Richardson, Mary Reister, Josie F
156 Riester, Minnie E Rigney, Elizabeth
157 Rigney, Emeriah Riley, James
158 Riley, James E Riley, William K
159 Rinck, Eli Roach, Lula Mary
160 Roach, Mary Robbins, Emma
161 Robbins, Emma Robbins, Solomon
162 Robbins, Solomon Roberts, Isabella
163 Roberts, Ishmael Roberts, Moses
164 Roberts, Myrtle I Robins, Gladys
165 Robins, Rachel Rogers, Mary J
166 Rogers, Nancy E Rominger, William S
167 Roney, Owen Ross, Zippora
168 Row, Polly Runyon, Harvey
169 Runyon, Maria F Russell, Mary E
170 Russell, Miranda C Ryan, Thomas

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