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Orange County, Indiana, Marriage Index
Copies of the actual records may be requested by writing the Orange County Clerk, Courthouse, Paoli, Indiana, 47454.  There is a copy fee for this service.

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The format of the data contained in the index is: Name of Bride or Groom, Name of Spouse, Date of Birth, Color, Date of Marriage, Book Number, Page. For the 1816-1826 records, the format is Groom, Bride, License Date, person performing the marriage.

Woodrow Wilson Hollen - The VA Investigation: A Look at Orange County in the post-depression years

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                  Page Number

First Name of Bride/ Groom Listed on Page

          Last Name of Bride/Groom Listed on Page


Daggs, Ed

Dean, William


Dearing, Thelma

Dillard, William


Dilley, Mary

Dowling, Myrtle


Drabing, Howard

Durnil, Thelma


Earl, John

Edwards, Ruth


Edwards, Wm H

Engeler, Gordon


Enlow, Addie E.

Eversole, Rex B.


Fagan, Russell, J.

Field, Opal

30 Feilder, Avis Flick, Helene
31 Flick, Ethel Freeman, Virgil
32 Freise, Frank E Funk, Pauline
33 Gabbel, Chelsie Gehm, Simon J
34 Gehm, Walter E Gist, Henry
35 Glaser, Henry Gray, William S
36 Green, Georgia O Gyger, Ambrose K
37 Haag, Helen Hallaway, Ernest
38 Halloway, Walter Hargesheimer, Jacob
39 Hargesheimer, James A Hawk, Sarah J
40 Hawkins, Adrian D Hendrix, Ida E
41 Hendrix, Louise Hinkle, Loren H
42 Hirscher, Joseph R Holsapple, Margueritte
43 Holsonbock, Robert L Howard, Lillie Mae
44 Howard, Louise Hurst, Marie
45 Hurst, Marshall Hyslope, Minnie H

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