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Samuel Luckett was born in Kent England in 1650, and died July 18th, 1705 in Fort Tobacco, Charles County Maryland. This was the first Luckett who migrated to the colony's of Britain, and as of 1696, Samuel had signed a petition to the king of England, being a member of the Maryland Provincial Court.  Before holding his public office, Samuel had married Elizabeth Hussey, on the 24th of November, 1683.

While Samuel and Elizabeth were married for over 20 years, the couple's son Ignatius continued the family line. Ignatius Luckett was born January 30th 1689 in Fort Tobacco, Charles County, Maryland. According to court record, Ignatius resided at the head of Port Tobacco Creek, Charles County, Maryland. Ignatius had married a Jane (unknown last name) a native of Fort Tobacco, around 1724 in Charles County, Maryland. The couple had nine children, listed as  1. Ignatius Luckett  2. Samuel Luckett 3. William Luckett  4. John Luckett  5. Elizabeth Luckett  6. Anne Luckett  7. Charity Luckett  8. Thomas Hussey Luckett, and the last child being 9. Notley Luckett.

The first child, Ignatius Luckett continued our line, however I might mention that as brothers split and family lines branch, the branch off of brother William Luckett included generations of Luckett had branched down to the former first lady of the United States; Nancy Reagan, wife of President Ronald Reagan.

Ignatius Luckett was born 1725 in Ft. Tobacco, Charles County, Maryland, and died June 11th 1783 in Charles County, Maryland.  He married Margaret McCane on or before 1749. The couple went on to parent eight children. The fourth child,  first born son Samuel continued our lineage.

Samuel5 Luckett
(IGNATIUS4, IGNATIUS3, ELIZABETH2 HUSSEY, THOMAS1) was born June 12th 1756 in Ft. Tobacco, Charles County, MD.  He died August  22nd, 1828 in Barren Co., KY.  Samuel married twice in his life, his first marriage was to MONICA KENNEDY, daughter of CLEMENT KENNEDY.  She was born about 1757 in Ft. Tobacco, Charles Co., MD, and died about 1790 in Charles County, MD.  He married (2) ELIZABETH COX after the 1790 census which shows Samuel as the head of a household in Charles County, with two boys under the age of sixteen but without a wife. He subsequently married Elizabeth Cox, according to the statement of his granddaughter, who was born May 9, 1769, in Charles County.  The first born child of Samuel and Monica was William Cox Luckett who was one of those teenage boys who would continue our line.

WILLIAM COX6 LUCKETT (SAMUEL5, IGNATIUS4, IGNATIUS3, ELIZABETH2 HUSSEY, THOMAS1) was born about 1790 in Charles County, MD, and died December 8th, 1872 in Centerville, Hickman Co., Tennessee. William is buried in the Mt. Pleasant Cemetery in Hickman County. William was the first of the Luckett family to venture away from Maryland with his father Samuel, settling in Barren County, Kentucky.  William later traveled alone into Hickman County, Tennessee, marrying his bride, MARGARETTE MADDOX on December 17th 1835. The couple were married in Hickman Co., Tennessee.  Margarette was the daughter of GEORGE MADDOX and ELIZABETH POTTS, being born about 1816 in Maury Co., Tennessee.  Margarette died on November 25th, 1898 in Columbia, Maury Co., Tennessee.   William and Margarette had  10 children, the first born being William K. Luckett who continued our line.

(WILLIAM COX6, SAMUEL5, IGNATIUS4, IGNATIUS3, ELIZABETH2 HUSSEY, THOMAS1 was born January 1839 in Maury Co., TN, and died July 7th, 1916.  He married ELIZABETH MOORE about 1861. She was also born in Tennessee around 1842. The Children of WILLIAM LUCKETT and ELIZABETH MOORE are listed as  ROBERT8 LUCKETT, b. Mar 1863, Hickman Co., TN.  WILLIAM JAMES LUCKETT, b. Jun 1864.  VIRGINIA LUCKETT, b. Feb 1866, Hickman Co., TN  and ANDREW M. LUCKETT, b. Jan 1868, Hickman Co., TN.

The first born son of this family, Robert Luckett continued our line. ROBERT8 LUCKETT 
(WILLIAM K.7, WILLIAM COX6, SAMUEL5, IGNATIUS4, IGNATIUS3, ELIZABETH2 HUSSEY, THOMAS1) was born Mar 1863 in Hickman Co., TN.  He married (1) MELVINA WARREN on March 6th 1879 in Hickman Co., Tennessee.  She was born about 1860 in Tennessee, and it is assumed she died prematurely on or after the 1880 U.S. Census.  Being without a caretaker for his children, Robert married IDA B. Luckett about 1898 in Tennessee. Ida was born in Tennessee in May 1880, and was 17 years junior to her husband.

Robert being the Head of the Household continued true to his family as shown in the 1900 U.S. Census.  Aside from providing a home for his new  wife Ida, Robert provided a home for his first wife's mother Jane Warren, along with his other children.  The surviving child of ROBERT LUCKETT and MELVINA WARREN was my Great Grandfather, JAMES HENRY LUCKETT, born March 1880, in Hickman County, Tennessee.

(ROBERT8, WILLIAM K.7, WILLIAM COX6, SAMUEL5, IGNATIUS4, IGNATIUS3, ELIZABETH2 HUSSEY, THOMAS1) was born Mar 1880 in Hickman Co., TN.  He married LENA MAUDE GRAY, on or around 1897. She was the daughter of JOHN GRAY and ANNIE THURMOND, being born in March 1880 in Maury County Tennessee. For the first several years of the marriage, the couple resided in an area of Maury County known as Santa Fe.  James and Lena had two infant boys as of the 1900 U.S. Census, but had lost both of the children in Death as of the 1910 U.S. Census.  Family lore leads to a story that the couple's first child Ernest was killed after he rolled into a large fireplace that was used for Heat, and Cooking, and was common for sharecroppers cabins in the Deep South. The second child Albert  also died prior to the 1910 Census, but the details of his death are unknown.  In 1901, Merritt Luckett was born, soon to be followed by the couple's fourth child (My Grandfather) Howard Lacy Luckett, born in 1902. Prior to 1905, the family moved west, crossing the Mississippi River, going westward migrating to Arkansas, and briefly settling in Missouri. The couple's fifth child and first daughter, Bula L. Luckett was born in Missouri in 1905.  In 1906/ 07 the family migrated further west into Oklahoma following what is today, Interstate 40.  In 1907, Robert Carl Luckett was born in Oklahoma, followed by Dorothy M. Luckett who was born in Hemphill County, Texas in late 1909.  Hemphill Texas was home to the James and Lena as they delivered two more daughters after Dorothy. Thelma and Alice were born in Hemphill in 1913 and 1916 respectively as the family again migrated northwest.  As of September 1918,  the family settled in Grand Junction, Colorado as James Henry worked as a Boiler Helper for the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad.  It was in Grand Junction where the couple's last child, Nona Luckett was born in 1920.  The family home was again interrupted as the Railroad industry moved the family one final time to Clovis, Curry County, New Mexico where James, Merritt, and Howard all worked for the A.T. S. & F. Railroad line based out of Clovis.

Howard Lacy Luckett met his future bride, (my Grandmother) Nina L. Luckett on the Train traveling through Western New Mexico in the early 1920's.  The couple soon married, and built their future on Luckett Grocery, a family owned store on 7th street in Clovis. The couple had four children; Howard Vaughn,  Orchid Mae, Betty Ruth, and Mary Jane, all born in Clovis.     

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