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The below information comes from Larry Klutz.

The first burial in this cemetery was my uncle, Dollen Earl Setzer who died at birth in 1907. His twin sister, Gladys Vondola lived to marry Ernest Hicks and raise ten children. She died in Ohio in 1954.

The second burial there was my grandfather's brother-in-law, Kel Suddreth who was killed in 1910 followed shortly after that by my aunt, Jettie Setzer who died in 1911 at one year and one day old.

GPS 35 55.336  81 39.081
The cemetery is located on land that my great grandmother, Caroline Puett Setzer had inherited from her mother, Cynthia Puett in 1876 as her share of the remaining estate of Capt. William Puett. The other heirs were Joseph and Elisha Puett and Melita Puett Clark.

Location: Overland Road 125 feet off Abington Rd.,
turn right and walk 75 yards to top of ridge, bear right. Cemetery is on right.

Kel Suddreth's widow, Nancy Emma and her children lived nearby, taking care of her parents William Azor and Caroline until they died, Caroline in 1919 and Azor in 1927. She quite properly inherited the place upon her father's death. At that point the Setzer land which had been Puett land became Suddreth land. The last piece of it remaining in family hands (that I know of) is the original home place where Nancy Emma's grand daughter Sharon Suddreth now lives.

Cemetery picture by Larry Klutz.
Cemetery picture by Larry Klutz.
Nancy Emma was buried in the cemetery there as were her son, Harl N. and grandson Harl Kelly. Harl Kelly's son Cliff is singularly responsible and should be thanked for bringing this cemetery back from it's near lost and abandoned condition.

Below is an edited cut and paste from the Collettsville Historical Society web page showing the GPS for the Suddreth Cemetery where my great grandparents, W A and Caroline Puett Setzer are buried.  I've made a correction to the info given on the web site with respect to the names and dates for their three grandchildren, buried there and marked only by rocks.

7 graves with markers, 4 marked with rocks.
Documented by Wayne E Beane and John Cline, 1-24-2006.

1-1 Suddreth, Harl Kelly 1920 2001
1-2 Suddreth, Harl N 1884 1923
2-1 Suddreth, Sgt. James N 1840 1863 Co. E 58 NC Infantry, CSA marker
2-2 Suddreth, Norris Kelly 1862 1910 (Charles Erby Suddreth’s father.)
2-3 Rock*
2-4 Rock*
2-5 Rock*
3-1 Setzer, Caroline 4-__-1884 6-19-1920
3-2 Setzer, W A (William Azor) (No dates) Co. E 57 NC INF, CSA Marker
3-3 C S (Catherine Suddreth) __-__-____ D/o Charles Erby “Bud” & Jessie Estes Suddreth
4-1 Rock

Note: One stone lying beside the cemetery with the name James Lee.
There are two granite stones lying beside these with no names.)

*Exact Positions Unknown: These are the children of William Esther Setzer and Mary Emma Greene.

Dollen Earl Setzer: B/D 11/14/1907
Jettie A Setzer B 6/24/1910, D 6/25/1911
Alfred Greene Setzer: B/D 9/17/19155

I hope to get a permanent stone placed there for these siblings of my mother. They are no where else recorded except in my Grandmother's Bible.