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My Killian line to Andreas Killian is though son Samuel Killian and wife Barbara Hager.

son of Andreas Kilian (Sr.), a cooper from Steinbach an der Holzecke, Germany, and his wife Dorothea Knaus, born 1702 and Baptist On Friday, 1 December 1702 in Steinbach, Germany.  Came to America 1732 on ship Adventure, arriving in PA. Later moved to North Carolina ca. 1747 living is what was then Lincoln County. Died ca. 1788. Assumed buried in Old Saint Paul's Church Cemetery, Newton, North Carolina.

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Located Old St. Paul Church, Newton, NC
Andreas Monument
One of several Killian COA's
Killian COA
Known Children of Andreas Killian

Margaret, Leonard, John, Jean,
Crate, Andrew, George, Catherine,
Daniel, Samuel, Christianna, Elizabeth.

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