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Descendants of Johannes Wilhelm Herrmann
or John William Herman 1736 - 1813
Born in Graefenstuhl, Sachsen, Prussia

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Herman Coat of Arms
Johannes W Herrmann came to America in 1766 on the ship Polly, (Robert Porter, Master of ship) out of Rotterdam. Upon arriving in the American port of Philadelphia, PA., William signed his name as Johann Wm. Herman and swore the Oath of Allegiance on 18 October 1766.  He signed a will on 22 Jan 1813 in Lincoln County, North Carolina. He died on 29 Jun 1813 in Lincoln County, North Carolina. He was buried in Old St. Paul's Lutheran Church Cemetery, Newton, NC. Inscription reads: Aged 77 years John William Herman, whose German name was Johannes Wilhelm Herrmann, was born in 1736 in Graefenstuhl, Sachsen, Prussia (now part of Germany).

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Note: All information on the ancestry of Johannes Wilhelm Herrmann comes from Jim Herman. You can find his website at

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