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Albert Washington Boyd and Sarah Susan Patty

Descendants of Albert Washington Boyd

1 Albert Washington Boyd b: August 04, 1845 in Washington County, Arkansas d: March 17, 1926 in Henryetta, Oklahoma
.. +Sarah Susan Patty b: 1848 in Tennessee m: 1869 d: 1901
. 2 John Riley Boyd b: 1869 in Springdale, Arkansas d: 1873 in Springdale, Arkansas
. 2 Dora Bell Boyd b: 1870 in Springdale, Arkansas d: 1905 in Bristow, Oklahoma
..... +W A Greathouse b: Abt. 1866 m: July 03, 1887
. 2 Willie Owen Boyd b: 1872 in Springdale, Arkansas d: 1896 in Dardanelle, Arkansas
. 2 Bennett Francis Boyd b: 1875 in Springdale, Arkansas d: January 11, 1954 in Bixby, OK
.... 3 Bennett Haskell Boyd b: July 14, 1907 in Pryor, OK d: September 09, 1991 in CA
. 2 Hattie Jo Boyd b: 1877 in Springdale, Arkansas d: 1898 in Gentry, Arkansas
. 2 Anie Maude Boyd b: 1881 in Springdale, Arkansas d: 1918
. 2 Dada Lou Boyd b: June 06, 1883 in Springdale, Arkansas d: February 13, 1974 in Ponca City, Oklahoma
..... +William Edgar Gibson b: November 30, 1881 in Platte Center, Nebraska m: January 22, 1901 d: April 04, 1964 in Ponca City, Oklahoma
.... 3 Seth Elbert Gibson b: February 18, 1902
.... 3 Albert Earl Gibson b: February 22, 1904 d: February 5, 1924 in Henryetta
........ + Serena Fields
.... 3 William Edgar Gibson b: March 18, 1907 d: September 04, 1980
.... 3 Fannie Laoma Gibson b: June 23, 1909
.... 3 John Wilbur Gibson b: December 25, 1912 d: March 1989
.... 3 Zelda May Gibson b: February 01, 1915 in Wagoner, Wagoner County, OK d. May 19, 2002 in Bakersfield, California
........ +Albert Lee STEPHENSON b: June 02, 1908 in McAlester, Pittsburgh, Oklahoma m: September 03, 1933 d: December 28, 1989 in California
.... 3 Francis Carel Gibson b: December 25, 1917 d: December 25, 1917
. 2 Bessie Daisy Boyd b: 1887 in Springdale, Arkansas d: 1892 in Robinson, Arkansas
. 2 Frank Thurman Boyd b: 1888 in Springdale, Arkansas d: 1891
. 2 Cada Maggie Boyd b: 1889 d: 1892
. 2 Laoma Lunn Boyd b: December 04, 1892 in Springdale, Arkansas d: November 1973 in Bixby, OK
..... +Lum C. Baysinger b: December 26, 1889 m: 1913 d: November 1967 in Bixby, OK

(8) Albert Washington Boyd

Eighth child of William D. Boyd and Elizabeth Oxford Boyd was born in Washington County, Arkansas August 4, 1845 and died at Henryetta Oklahoma March 17, 1926, and is buried at Bixby Oklahoma. He married Sarah Susan Patty at the home of her parents in Lockesburg, Little Rim County in southeast Arkansas, early in 1869. Sarah Susan Patty (known to all the kin as Aunt Sue) was a school teacher at the time of her marriage, and was born in Tennessee, December 4, 1848, and died late in 1901 while living temporarily during the winter on the David Marshall farm 9 miles southwest of Wagoner, Oklahoma. She died of pneumonia and was buried at Wagoner, Oklahoma. Aunt Sue had 2 sisters but no brothers. Just how Albert Washington Boyd (known to all the kin as Uncle Al) and Aunt Sue first met, or why they were married so far from Washington County, is not known. No doubt Uncle Al went down into that part of the state toward the end of his service in the Confederate Army, and probably met her there then.

After their marriage Uncle Al and Aunt Sue returned to Washington County where on March 18, 1869 Uncle Al bought 80 acres of land from his father William D. Boyd for $200.00 cash. My father, Francis Marion Boyd and one Margaret Denny witnessed the deed. Uncle Al's mother, Elizabeth Oxford Boyd signed the deed with a simple cross "X" styled "Her Mark." The 80 acres were in Washington County, and from the county map appears to have been about 1 1/2 miles as the crow flies, due NE of the Habberton store, being the S 1/2 of the NE 1/4 of Sec 23 Township 17N and Range 29 W in Prairie Township. The family lived there for 19 years and the first nine (of a total of 11) children were born there. There is evidence that Uncle Al owned also, in 1872, 20 acres of land 1/2 mile south of the foregoing 80 acres. This total of 100 acres were mortgaged in Feb 1872 for $200.00 to William Mcllroy of Fayetteville at 25% interest! About 1888 Uncle Al sold the home place and homesteaded a tract of flat ground within about 4 miles of Spring Valley, Arkansas. The tenth child was born there. The eleventh child, a daughter, LaOma Lunn Boyd, was born in Paris, Logan County Arkansas on December 4, 1894 while the family was wintering (as usual) from the show business (explained later), so that the older children could attend school.

Uncle Al served in the Confederate Army for the last 2 years of the Civil War (but exact information is not known as to what companies, battalion or regiment) and for the last several years of his life drew a modest Confederate pension from the state of Oklahoma. During his service in the Confederate Army he was neither wounded nor captured. Uncle Al and Aunt Sue had eleven children:

John Riley Boyd, born late in 1869, died in 1873 when about 4 years old. A visitor at the Boyd place pointed a gun at the little boy to see him run, all in fun, of course. In running he hit his knee on a doorstep, cutting his knee, and he died a few days later of blood poisoning and lockjaw.

Dora Bell Boyd, born late in 1870 and died in 1898 at Kelleyville, Okla., and buried in Kelleyville, Okla. Her husband William Greathouse died in 1915; buried at Locust Grove, Okla. This couple had 3 children, the first a girl, died when about 20 months old from burns of some kind. Next a son Herman Greathouse, last known address Locust Grove, Okla., still living so far as is known. Next, a son Claude Burl Greathouse. After Dora's death in 1898, Wm. Greathouse married again, to a sister of Ron Rice; this sister being a widow (with one son at the time) named Fanny Rice Barnes.

William Owen Boyd, born in 1872 died single, in 1896, at Dardanelle, Arkansas. He was taken back to Springdale for burial. He died of Typhoid fever.

Bennett Francis Boyd, born October 8, 1874; died January 11, 1954 , in 1949 making his home with Herman Greathouse in Locust Grove, Okla. Bennett married at age 30 to Miss Vinnie Bryant from whom he has been for many years separated, and at last account she was living in California. Their first child Fern, a daughter, died when 10 months old and is buried at Pryor Okla. Next a son Clayton, born about 1905, next a son, Haskell. He is married and has 3 children:

      1. Son, born about 1934
      2. Son, born about 1936
      3. Daughter born about 1938

Bennett's next and last child was a son, Laramie, born about 1914. In 1949 all 3 sons of Bennett Boyd were living in California.

Hattie Jo Boyd, born 1877 died in 1898 at Gentry, Ark. Was taken back to Springdale for burial. Apparently she died single.

Anie Maud Boyd, born Feb 14, 1881. She married Ross Rice, born St. Joseph, Mo on Oct 23, 1877. They were married Oct 12, 1897. Mrs. Rice died Feb 17, 1920. The family was living in Bixby at the time, but Anie Boyd Rice died in a Tulsa hospital. Issue, 3 daughters: Inez, b. 1899, died Sept 1930 Ruble b. 1901 married a Mr. Doyle, and they have a son born abt 1926 Grenolia, b. 1908, married a Mr. Ralph Morris. Both are connected in some way with the teaching profession in Washington.

Dada Lou Boyd, b. June 6, 1883 in Bush Creek, Arkansas, died February 13, 1974 in Ponca City, Oklahoma, married on Jan 22, 1901 at Wagoner, I. T. (Indian Territory) to William Edgar Gibson, b. November 30, 1881 in Platt Center Nebraska, died April 4, 1964 in Ponca City, Oklahoma and who came to the I.T. when about 9 years old. Issue:

      1. Seth Elbert Gibson, b. Feb 18, 1902 at Wagoner I.T. died at Henryetta, Okla Oct 6, 1918.
      2. Albert Earl Gibson, b. Feb 22, 1904 at Wagoner, I.T. He was married June 12, 1921 to Serena Fields. He died Feb 5, 1924 at Henryetta.
      3. Corel Francis Gibson, b. Dec 25, 1905 at Sand Springs, I.T. This baby boy lived only 9 days. Buried in Sand Springs, Okla.
      4. William Edgar Gibson, b. March 18, 1907 at Caney, Ks. Died Spetember 4, 1980, in Ponca City, Oklahoma. He married in 1925 at Welika, Okla to Jewell Fields.
      5. Fannie LaOma Gibson, b. Jun 23, 1909 at Bixby, Okla She married a John Hill in 1926 at Henryetta. Okla.
      6. John William Gibson, b. Dec 25, 1912 at Bartlesville, Okla. He married in 1936 to a Miss Hazel Grubbs at McAlester, Ok.
      7. Zelda May Gibson, b. Feb 1, 1915 at Wagoner, Ok. Died May 19, 2002 in Bakersfield, CA. She married September 3, 1933 to Albert Lee Stephenson at Henryetta. Ok.

Bessie Daisy Boyd, b. in 1886, died in 1892 at Robinson, Arkansas while the family was "on the road." She was buried in Springdale. It is recorded that she died of being poisoned eating "wild greens"

Frank Thurman Boyd, b. in 1888, died in 1891. It is recorded that this little 3 year old boy fell in a large kettle of hot water at hog killing time, and lived only about 5 hours afterwards.

Cada Maggie Boyd, b. 1891, died 1892 when only a few months old.

LaOma Lunn Boyd, b. Dec 4 1894 in Logan County, Ark., Died November 19, 1973 in Bixby, Okla., she married Lum Columbus Baysinger, in 1913 in Tulsa, Okla., as a young women she sang for the New York Opera in New York City. Later she moved to Chicago, where she was a dress designer and taught dress designing for 22 years . Issue 3 boys. All 3 of who died immediately after birth.


Boyd Brass Band

l. to r.Dora Bell Boyd Greathouse, Dada Boyd, Bennett F. Boyd, Oma Boyd,

William A. Greathouse, Anie Maude Boyd, Hattie Jo Boyd

About 1886 Dora married a singing teacher, William Greathouse, who quickly discovered musical talent in the entire family. He taught them all to sing and persuaded Uncle Al to buy an organ, and all the children then old enough learned quickly to play and play well. Anie Maud and Hattie Jo were soon known as "experts" on the violin; indeed could play as well as sing. Soon, of course, the family had a string band, and started giving musical entertainmentís around the country side, for charity, or as they expressed in those days "for free." They gave their services to many churches and schoolhouse meetings, and for many kinds of benefits. There was no let up, until the family decided the public was asking entirely too much and too often. So they decided to start out as a professional organization. So, around 1890 Uncle Al sold out his household goods and personal property, but not his land, and started on the road. They gave musical entertainment in opera houses and public halls, and did fine financially. At first the family traveled by band hack later on the train, then back to the band hack. Aunt Sue never liked the idea being out and going on the road indefinitely, and did all she could to get the family back to their Washington County home. Immediately after her death in 1901 the show business broke up, and it appears Uncle Al spend the next 25 years living with one or another of his children, with no particular home of his own.

During the eleven years the family was "on the road" they covered most of Arkansas, Kansas, and I.T which later became Oklahoma. The show was known as "The Boyd Musical Entertainment." Usually a short skit or one act play was presented in addition to the music. From 1898 to 1901 when the show broke up due to the death of Aunt Sue, the youngest child, known professionally as "The Great Oma" was a star performer in acrobatics. This was remarkable considering her age. She was billed at the time as "The Worlds Best." (Born 1894) She could walk on hands, or elbows, could double back completely, head on the floor, etc, etc. During the last two years of show business, it was usually necessary to fill in with other musicians and to team up with other vaudeville acts. The show was on the road about 9 months and the children in school about 3 months in the winter.



The Great Oma


Something of a historical note may be of interest here, concerning development of oil and gas in the mid continent area. The following letter is noted:

Caney, Kansas March 23, 1905

Dear Brother (F. M. Boyd, Fayetteville, Ark)

I thought I would write you a few lines. This leaves us all well. I live in Caney, Kansas. My children are all here with me. They are getting along all right.

Well, Francis, I will give you a little detail about the gas well that is on fire here. Our town is 7 miles from the well, and it roars so we can hardly sleep. We all went out Sunday. I could not go closed then 100 yards, but the others went a little closer. The blaze is about 300 feet high. When one gets within 100 yard of it you can't hear anyone talk. It is a sight. It would pay you to come and see it. They are coming from all over the United States to see it. They canít put it out, or at least they haven't yet been able to. It caught by lightning before they got it under control. It caught fire about 1/2 mile up. I guess you have got it in the papers.

Well France, tell Annie and the children hello. I would like to hear from you. Will close, asking you to write when you can

Albert W. Boyd


This chapter of the Boyd family was transcribed by Richard C. Reed from hand written notes to his mother Olivia Barr Reed, from her cousin Drury T. Boyd. Drury spend close to 25 years traveling, writing, and visiting to gather this information ending in the mid 1960s. Some additions and corrections by Wesley T Johnson, Jr.