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Daniel Braught


Birth:  About. 1764

Death:  Before. 1810

Sex: M

Father:  1740 Braught b. About. 1740

Mother:  1740 wife b. About. 1740

Reference: 128


Spouses and Children:


Mary Phyle (Wife) b. About. 1764

Marriage:  ABT. 1785


  1. DescendantsAdam Braught Sr. b. About. 1788 in , Lebanon, PA

  2. DescendantsDavid Braught b. About. 1790


1790 Census PA pg.86-97; Daniel Braught, Halifax Twp., Dauphin Co., 1male 16+, 2 males 15- and 2 females (see below). Daniel Braucht (son of Adam,Sr.) diary says his "uncle David of Carlisle, PA 1844 in Powell Valley" and his "aunt Sophia Ritter", which would be children (she a spouse of __?) of this Daniel. Adam Sr. marriage license 23 Apr 1810 states Adam Brocht of Londonderry Twsp.., Dauphin County, PA was son of Daniel Brocht, deceased, married Rebecca Imboden, daughter of Philip Imboden of same locations. Witnessed by Alexander McAllister and Philip Wolfersberger,SR. The 1790 Census also shows a Daniel Brought at Mifflin Co.,PA (p486).

Several Daniel Braught/Brought,etc. of this era and area require caution in identifications, but this one is both certain and pivotal in our documentations. 1800 PA Census lists only the Mifflin Co. Daniel Brought, so it is probable that this Daniel deceased between 1790 and 1800 and probably in the Halifax, Dauphin, PA area. From data in later generations, there are reasons to know these Braught/Brought/Brecht,etc. people were closely related and certainly well known to each other. From the next generation on, the surname spelling variances mostly limit to BRAUGHT, BRAUCHT, BROUGHT, but not reliably by lineage until about 1900. See 10-22-1755 Lancaster Co., PA account in Authentic History, page. 152 of Daniel and others appealing to Governor Morris for guns, ammo, and help after Indian massacre on West side of Susquehannah River (name spelled Dan'l Braugh).

In book "Otzinachson of a History of the West Branch of Susquehanna, pg 61, a Daniel Braug was among first settlers at Penn Creek 1745.From numerous records (many of PA Archives), it appears that Daniel had two brothers; David and John. 1733 Dec.28 PA Archives Series 3, Vol.24, page 638 shows Daniel Braucht, 100 acres. 1745 Daniel Braugh mentioned at Penn Creek, PA in "History of First Settlers of the West Branch of the Susquehanna", pg. 61. 1781 PA Archives Series 5 Vol.7, page 932 shows Return of 2nd Co. 9th Batt. of Lancaster Militia commanded by John Rogers with 8th Class Daniel Braucht and on pg 931, John Braught, 4th Class (order of these ranks may also suggest age order?). 1790 PA Census shows Daniel Braucht in Lancaster Co., Hanover Twsp. page 152 with 1 male 16+, 1 female 16+, and 2 females under 16. Another 1790 PA Census report also shows Daniel Braucht in Dauphin Co., page 93 as 1 male 16+, 2 females 16+, 2 males under 16. 1790 PA Census of Mifflin Co. page 486 shows Daniel Brought. 1810 PA Census for Fermangh Twsp, Mifflin Co. shows Daniel Braucht: 1 male 45+, 1 female 45+, 1 male under 10, 1 male 10-16, 3 males 16-26, 1 female 10-16, and 1 female 16-26. This Daniel obviously not the father of Adam Sr. and brothers David or John because their father died before 1810 marriage of Adam Sr. The Daniel of 1733 seems a bit old to have a son marrying in 1810 and serving in militia in 1781- suggesting that Adam Sr. father Daniel could have been the son of an older Daniel. Three Daniel's in different locations of 1790 PA Census also suggests similar logic, but introduces a third Daniel who would likely be a cousin to one of the direct line pair.There is also reason to suspect that the 25 May 1792 marriage records in Christ Lutheran Church at Tulpehocken showing that John Adam Bracht and Ann Margaretha Sauter belong to this family group somehow (probably born about 1770). Of course, it would seem that John could be a sibling to this Daniel (or that it was actuallly the temporary name, Johann; therfore an Adam).Pre-1800 surname spellings found include Pracht, Bracht, Brecht, Braucht, Brocht, Brought, and Braught. There are perhaps others, but it seems obvious that these are relatives. The conjecture here is that English record-keepers had difficulty agreeing on the German/Dutch/Swiss name spellings. Spelling was not nearly so consistent for most folks then anyway, and some even considered it skillful to spell the same words with different letters. It is likely that the Braught members either did not consider this important enough to seek conformity or they chose not to upset the English officials (or both). When this matter became confusing, I arbitrarily used Braught as the "generic" choice. In retrospect, I should have selected Braucht because that is the most popular across the decades.1790 Dauphin Co., PA Census: Daniel Braught; 1 male over 16, 2males under 16, 2 females. This implies that Daniel and his wife were alive in 1790, they had 2 sons and one daughter (assuming that this is the same Daniel Braught).LDS Ancestral Files v.4.10, Disk 6 1794 PA (AFN#KGR3-63) shows Anna Braught married to Philip Cornman (Fa=Ludwig Cornman, Jr. and Mo= Catherine Nunemaker). Only date and surname suggest some relationship to this family. No parental data on Anna was reported.At Harrisburg, PA Library July 16, 1997 Alice Baumann found the following:Working there was Ryan Braught, b. 1971 at Carlisle to Gary (grandfather = William Braught who married Kay _____ ). His sister is Rita Carpenter (717) 582-8249 (works nights).PA German Marriages 929.374 IR4P pg. 147 #254 - Brecht, John and Anna Maria Leiss 7 Jan. 1779. Pg 151 #262 Brecht, David and Susanna Reber 9 Feb 1806. Pg. 401 #10 Parents Peter Hauser and wife Barbara Brecht had child Catherine born 22 Mar 1785 and bp. 28 Mar. 1785, sponsored by Catherin Mogg.PA. German Church Records (from PA German Society Proceedings and addresses 929.3748P384 V.1: pg. 239 (Births and Baptisms) - 1750 Ann Marg. Brecht, dau. of Peter and Ann Eliz. born April 14 and Bap. Jun 3 (1750). On pg 61, 1764 date = Anna Barbara Brecht, dau. of George Michael and Catherina, b. Dec. 10, 1763 and bap. Mar.4 (1764)Alice visited PA State Library July 17, 1997 and found the following:Daniel Brought 1790, father also Daniel who married a Pyle (Phyle?). Also mention of a Daniel Brought and Sarah Patton 10 Jan 1760 at Juniata County. Daniel Jr. at Lancaster County married a Pyle (is this the same as above and his father is also a Daniel?). Also David Brought married Mary Fuget; Daniel III married to Barbara Houser in 1818; a David Brought married to Anna Marie in 1862.In Lebanon County Church Records (Bindnagel 929.74847 CH 1005: Lutheran Church at Palmyra) there is a John George Pracht bp. May 5, 1815 (fa.= John Pracht). David Pracht b.May 21, 1815 to parents David and Mary. John Pracht b. Feb. 7, 1821 to David and Anna Mary. Confirmed to Pentecost (Whitsunday 1811 was Elizabeth Pracht. Communicated Whitsunday 1811 = Eva Bracht; on the 19th Sunday after trinity 1812 was Elizabeth Pracht (Dec. 3, 1813 - Oct 22, 1815). John Pracht, Oct 22, 1815. George Pracht Oct 22, 1815.Nov1997 letter from Deidre (Braucht) Cox included a copy of 1966 materials indicating that the Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society (2215 Millstream Rd., Lancaster, PA 17602-1499; Ph (717) 393-9745) may have records as follows: Daniel Braught in Dauphin Co.; Geo. and Casper Brough at Bedford; Daniel Brought in Mifflin Co.; Peter Brecht of Reading, Berks Co.; Johan Brecht of Bern, Berks Co.; Geo. Brecht of Zane? Berks Co.; Danl Brecht 1731; Johann ? 1754; John Braught 1823 intestate; Geo. Brouk, 1733 intestate; and Valentine Brouch, 1784 intestate.30 Jan 1963 correspondence to Mrs. George Reddin at Findlay from Mrs. Guiles Flower (both professional genealogists) tells of her discovery of a deed showing Daniel Brought with wife, Mary, dau. of George Phyle who gave them some land in Dauphin County 28 May 1798. THIS WAS MY FIRST CLEAR HINT OF ADAM'S MOTHER (received from Jan Lund Feb. 1998). How this escaped Mrs. Reddin's memory when I was communicating with her is unfortunate for me. The letter goes on about Alexander McAlister will (1826) in Dauphin County, PA being a disappointment. Children were mentioned, but not clearly identified; although Sophia and Rebecca, born in 1793, were clearly named. (note: Rebecca was actually a daughter of Phillip Imboden, who apparently abandoned her when very young, and she was taken by McAlister when he married her forsaken mother). The letter continues to say that Daniel and wife Mary Brought were living in Greenwood Twsp., Mifflin County, PA in 1798 when her father gave them Dauphin County land. She added that the McAlisters were fine and popular families there in practically every surrounding county where Scotch-Irish lived. Later reports show that the land given to them by Geo. Phyle to his three children (Barbara, Mary, and Henry) in Derry Twsp of Dauphin County, was sold by Samuel Brecht and wife Ann to George Schiffer, dated April 5, 1861 , recorded April 8, 1912 vol. 14 Book V, page 14. This Samuel Brecht also sold 58 acres of land to Menno F. Hershey, recorded later (Sept 17, 1881, Vol. 5 Book Y, pg. 97: that land is where the present famous Hershey Chocolate Factory now stands.Vol. 1 Book O, pg 146 of Dauphin Co., PA Land records show Peter Brecht/Brought bought land 19 Aug. 1805 in Heidelberg Twsp. from Peter Houser and his wife, Barbara. Mrs. Reddin had some loose notes regarding a will of Jacob Brecht in 1795, leaving a house to his wife, Elizabeth, and mentioning a son, Peter, who was to use some funds to care for his mother. Vague references mention Peter Houser and wife Barbara; Martin Albright and his wife, Sophia, John Brecht, Phillip Brecht, Jacob Grumbine and his wife Anna Maria. It is possible that these are children and spouses of Jacob Brecht.There are hints in PA(5) Vii, Archives pgs 950-1=John and A(5)Vii Archives, pgs.930-2Úniel, that John and Daniel Brought served the Lancster County, PA 9th Battalion (Daniel enrolled 7 Nov1781 and John 30 May 1872) ; also suggesting that Daniel was the older of the two). In the 2nd Company of 9th Battalion of Lancaster Militia were also 1st class Francis Taylor and Wm. Moffit; 2nd Class Jacob Bowman, 3rd Class Jacob Bowman, Sen (?), and 4th Class John Brought. Data from Mrs. Janice Reddin offered hint of Daniel Braught, 8th class, Lancaster Co. - return of white males - 2nd Co. 8th Bn of Lancaster Co. Militia, Capt Patrick Hoy, Col John Rogers (four in PA Archives 5th series Vol 7 pg. 868). Others in that same 2nd Company of 8th Battalion included familiar surnames as 1st Cl. Jacob Rice, Francis Taylor, and Wm. Maffet; 6th class Arch'd. McAlister; 7th Class Henry Bowman, and Wm. Sayers; where Daniel is listed as 8th Class. There obviously a few differences in data between the two reports, yet obvious matches which cause reason to suggest that these three may be reports identifying the same units with minor differences in recording, perhaps slightly different dates and certainly with variances between all three. 1790 Census shows Daniel Braught in Dauphin Co, and Samuel Braught of Dauphin Co. (2 males under 16 and 2 females there in addition to 1 adult male); 1810 Census shows David and Daniel Braught in Cumberland/Mifflin Co. 1820 Census shows widow and George Braught in Westmoreland Co. (all PA).



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