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David Pike has kindly offered these transcriptions of the township residents for 13 townships in Wellington County. I have arranged them in table format for, I hope, easy searching. If you have questions please contact David Pike by email at, as I do not have any of the source documents.

Wellington County Directory and Gazetteer 1867 Ontario, Canada originally published by Irwin and Burnham Publishers These files are intended as a exact transcription of the thirteen townships listed in the 1867 Wellington County Directory. The transcription was done solely by David Pike from a copy of the directory owned by the Regional Collection, D.B. Weldon Library, University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario. Their permission to use the directory is hereby acknowledged with thanks. While every effort has been made to assure the complete, error-free preparation of this transcription, the author accepts no responsibility for any possible consequences steming from any errors and ommissions in either this publication or in the original directory. Please be aware that the original directory was transcribed 'as is' with no attempt to correct even obvious errors in that original. Spellings may disagree with other sources; some entries included no Lot and Concession numbers; some lacked freeholder/householder designations and most did not have occupations listed. None of the entries in Maryborough included occupation. Surnames were not always in alphabetical order, the original order is retained here. The township boundaries in Wellington County have changed since 1867. The eastern halves of Luther and Garafraxa, and all of Amaranth townships are now within Dufferin County. Abbreviations
  • bf broken front
  • C.S. Carroll's Survey
  • f freeholder
  • fl first line
  • h householder
  • OSR Owen Sound Road
  • OSRW Owen Sound Road West
  • tl townline


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