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This census transcription was done by Ida Reed, and we owe her our thanks for this great resource of over 10,800 records.

    Description of Transcribed Columns on the
    1901 Census Schedule.
    The 1901 census contains much helpful information, and the columns that are included on the census form are as follows: Numbered in the Order of Visitation. (1) Dwelling House. (2) Family or Household. (3) Name of each person in family or household on 31st. March, 1901. (4) Sex. (5) Colour. (6) Relationship to head of family or household. (7) Single, married, widowed or divorced. (8) Month and date of birth. (9) Year of birth. (10) Age at last birthday. (11) Country or place of birth. (12) Year of immigration to Canada. (13) Year of naturalization. (14) Racial or Tribal origin. (15) Nationality. (16) Religion. (17) Profession, occupation, trade or means of living of each person.

The census pages were prepared using UltraEdit®-32 and Lotus® Approach®.