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Description of Columns on the 1901 Census Schedule.
The 1901 census contains much helpful information, and the columns that are included on the census form are as follows: Numbered in the Order of Visitation. (1) Dwelling House. (2) Family or Household. (3) Name of each person in family or household on 31st. March, 1901. (4) Sex. (5) Colour. (6) Relationship to head of family or household. (7) Single, married, widowed or divorced. (8) Month and date of birth. (9) Year of birth. (10) Age at last birthday. (11) Country or place of birth. (If in Canada specify Province or Territory and add r or u for rural or urban as the case may be.) (12) Year of immigration to Canada. (13) Year of naturalization. (14) Racial or Tribal origin. (15) Nationality. (16) Religion. (17) Profession, occupation, trade or means of living of each person. (If person has retired from profession or trade, add r for retired.) (18) Living on own means. (19) Employer. (20) Employee. (21) Working on own account. (22) Working at trade in factory or in home. (Specify by f for factory and h for home, or both, as the case may be. (23) Months employed at trade in factory. (24) Months emplyed at trade in home. (25) Months employed in other occupatio than trade in factory or home. (26) Earnings from occupation or trade $. (27) Extra earnings. (From other than chief occupation or trade). $ (28) Months at school in year. (29) Can read. (30) Can write. (31) Can speak English. (32) Can speak French. (33) Mother tongue. (If spoken.) (34) Infirmities. (If infirmity dates from childhood, add "from childhood.") a. Deaf and Dumb. b. Blind. c. Unsound mind.
    -July 24, 2002- The National Archives of Canada has now added a site to allow viewing of images of the pages of the 1901 Census. It will at least allow you to search for the name of a place of interest and find out what film it is on, if you prefer to view the film. The images at the NAC are not indexed. The url is:-

    1901 Census of Canada Index Project. This is an exciting new site that houses an ongoing census transcription project. Visit it to see if your missing ancestors have been indexed, and while you're there sign up to join the transcription volunteers.

The following list includes both the National Archives of Canada (NAC)
film numbers, as well as the LDS film numbers.

Census schedules, 1901. [Ottawa : National Archives of Canada, 193-, 1993 printing]. 129 microfilm reels ; 35 mm.
Microfilm of original records created under the direction of the Canadian Dept. of Agriculture. None of the paper copies of the original census schedules survived. Schedules printed in English and French. The original microfilm copy of the 1901 census was produced in the late 1930's and was received by the National Archives of Canada in 1985. Some pages of the census are unreadable. Some films are stamped "Best Copy Available." National Archives of Canada nos. : T-6428 - T-6556, R.G. 31 Census day was 31 March 1901. There were eleven schedules taken but generally Schedule 1, "Nominal return of living persons," and Schedule 2, "Return of buildings and lands, churches and schools," have been filmed. A number was assigned to a district, a letter to a sub-district and a number to a subdivision of a sub-district. Some sub-districts also have a number, i.e. "a(1)" means sub-district "a1" and "a1" means sub-district "a", subdivision "1". Some sub-district letters have been crossed out and new ones written in or the schedules have different letters than those that appear on the titleboards between each subdivision. The National Archives of Canada fiche inventory uses the sub-district letters as listed on the titleboards. LDS FILM NUMBER BRITISH COLUMBIA Sched. 1, Pop. (NAC no. T-6428) ---------- 1843510 Burrard District (no. 1, a-d) New Westminster District (no. 2, a-b1) BRITISH COLUMBIA Sched. 1, Pop. (NAC no. T-6429) ---------- 1843511 New Westminster District (no. 2, b2-e) Vancouver District (no. 3, a-i) Victoria District (no. 4, a-d8) BRITISH COLUMBIA Sched. 1, Pop. (NAC no. T-6430) ---------- 1843512 Victoria District (no. 4, d9-d20) Yale & Cariboo District (no. 5, a-i1) BRITISH COLUMBIA Sched. 1, Pop. (NAC no. T-6431) ---------- 1843513 Yale & Cariboo District (no. 5, i2-) MANITOBA Sched. 1, Pop. Brandon District (no. 6, a-m8, m1) (sub-district m1-m8--Wallace, m1--Virden) MANITOBA Sched. 1, Pop. (NAC no. T-6432) ---------- 1843514 Brandon District (no. 6, m2, n-q) (sub-district m2--Virden) Lisgar District (no. 7, a-h10, h1) (sub-district h1-h10--Stanley, h1--Morden) MANITOBA Sched. 1, Pop. (NAC no. T-6433) ---------- 1843515 Lisgar District (no. 7, h2, i) (subdistrict h2--Morden) Macdonald District (no. 8, a-o) Marquette District (no. 9, a-f1) MANITOBA Sched. 1, Pop. (NAC no. T-6434) ---------- 1843516 Marquette District (no. 9, f2-s) Provencher District (no. 10, a-g) MANITOBA Sched. 1, Pop. (NAC no. T-6435) ---------- 1843517 Provencher District (no. 10, h-k) Selkirk District (no. 11, a-p) Winnipeg City District (no. 12, a-c4) MANITOBA Sched. 1, Pop. (NAC no. T-6436) ---------- 1843518 Winnipeg City District (no. 12, c5-d11) (NOTE: Sched. 1 (population) returns for Winnipeg City sub-districts d12-f (cover part of ward 4 and all of wards 5 and 6) are interfiled with Winnipeg Sched. 2 returns.) BRITISH COLUMBIA Sched. 2, Buildings, etc. Burrard District (no. 1) New Westminster District (no. 2) Vancouver District (no. 3) Victoria District (no. 4) Yale & Cariboo District (no. 5, a-h21) BRITISH COLUMBIA Sched. 2 Build. (NAC no. T-6437) ---------- 1843519 Yale & Cariboo District (no. 5, h22-) MANITOBA Sched. 2, Buildings, etc. Brandon District (no. 6) Lisgar District (no. 7) Macdonald District (no. 8, a-n6) MANITOBA Sched. 2, Buildings,etc.(NAC no. T-6438) ---------- 1843520 Macdonald District (no. 8, n7-o) Marquette District (no. 9) Provencher District (no. 10) Selkirk District (no. 11) Winnipeg City District (no. 12, a-e4) (NOTE: Beginning with sub-division d12, the schedule 1 (population) and schedule 2 (buildings, etc.) returns for Winnipeg City District, are interfiled.) MANITOBA Sched. 1 and 2 (NAC no. T-6439) ---------- 1843521 Winnipeg City District (no. 12, e5-f) (NOTE: All the following provinces have the different schedules filmed together for an area instead of separately.) NEW BRUNSWICK Albert District (no. 13, a-f) Carleton District (no. 14, a-1) NEW BRUNSWICK (NAC no. T-6440) ---------- 1843522 Carleton District (no. 14, 2-4) Charlotte District (no. 15, a-q) Gloucester District (no. 16, a-f) NEW BRUNSWICK (NAC no. T-6441) ---------- 1843523 Gloucester District (no. 16, g-i) Kent District (no. 17, a-j) Kings District (no. 18, a-j2) NEW BRUNSWICK (NAC no. T-6442) ---------- 1843524 Kings District (no. 18, j3-o) Northumberland District (no. 19, a-m) Restigouche District (no. 20, a-d1) NEW BRUNSWICK (NAC no. T-6443) ---------- 1843525 Restigouche District (no. 20, d2-f) Saint John City/County District (no. 21, a-n2) (sub-districts of the city are a-m) NEW BRUNSWICK (NAC no. T-6444) ---------- 1843526 Saint John County District (no. 21, n3-q) Sunbury & Queens District (no. 22, a-q) Victoria District (no. 23, a-m1) NEW BRUNSWICK (NAC no. T-6445) ---------- 1843527 Victoria District (no. 23, m2) Westmorland District (no. 24, a-h) York District (no. 25, a1) NEW BRUNSWICK (NAC no. T-6446) ---------- 1843528 York District (no. 25, a2-p) NOVA SCOTIA Annapolis District (no. 26, a-r) NOVA SCOTIA (NAC no. T-6447) ---------- 1843529 Annapolis District (no. 26, s-z, a(1)-b(1)) Antigonish District (no. 27, a-q) Cape Breton District (no. 28, a-q) NOVA SCOTIA (NAC no. T-6448) ---------- 1843530 Cape Breton District (no. 28, r-z, a(1)-b(1)) Colchester District (no. 29, a-s) NOVA SCOTIA (NAC no. T-6449) ---------- 1843531 Colchester District (no. 29, t-w) Cumberland District (no. 30, a-z, a(1)-g(1)) Digby District (no. 31, a-f) NOVA SCOTIA (NAC no. T-6450) ---------- 1843532 Digby District (no. 31, g-x) Guysborough District (no. 32, a-v) Halifax City District (no. 33, a-b4) NOVA SCOTIA (NAC no. T-6451) ---------- 1843533 Halifax City/County District (no. 33, b5-s) (sub-districts of the city are a-f) NOVA SCOTIA (NAC no. T-6452) ---------- 1843534 Halifax County District (no. 33,t-z, a(1)-u(1)) Hants District (no. 34, a-s) Inverness District (no. 35, a(1)-b(3)) NOVA SCOTIA (NAC no. T-6453) ---------- 1843535 Inverness District (no. 35, c-y) Kings District (no. 36, a-z, a(1)-b(1)) Lunenburg District (no. 37, a) NOVA SCOTIA (NAC no. T-6454) ---------- 1843536 Lunenburg District (no. 37. b-z, a(1)-j(1)) Pictou District (no. 38, a-u) NOVA SCOTIA (NAC no. T-6455) ---------- 1843537 Pictou District (no. 38, v-z, a(1)-k(1)) Richmond District (no. 39, a-p) Shelburne & Queens District (no. 40, a-n) NOVA SCOTIA (NAC no. T-6456) ---------- 1843538 Shelburne & Queens District (no. 40, o-z, a(1)-e(1)) Victoria District (no. 41, a-r) Yarmouth District (no. 42, a-u2) NOVA SCOTIA (NAC no. T-6457) ---------- 1843539 Yarmouth District (no. 42, u3-u5) ONTARIO Addington District (no. 43, a-o) Algoma District (no. 44,a-y1 on titleboards) (no. 44, a, c-z1 on schedules) (NOTE: Algoma District has two sub-district letters. The schedules do not have a sub-district "b" but the titleboards do so the lettering is one off on all sub-districts after "a". The NAC fiche inventory uses the titleboard sub-district letters.) ONTARIO (NAC no. T-6458) ---------- 1843540 Algoma District (no. 44, y2-z, a(1)-h(3) on titleboards) (no. 44, z2, a(1)-i(3) on schedules) ONTARIO (NAC no. T-6459) ---------- 1843541 Algoma District (no. 44, i(3)-r(3),titleboards) (no. 44, j(3)-s(3)), on schedules) Bothwell District (no. 45, a-i) Brant (South) District (no. 46, a1-a15) ONTARIO (NAC no. T-6460) ---------- 1843542 Brant (South) District (no. 46, a16-e) Brockville District (no. 47, a-g) (sub-districts of the city are a-e) Bruce (East) District (no. 48, a-c2) ONTARIO (NAC no. T-6461) ---------- 1843543 Bruce (East) District (no. 48, c3-f) Bruce (North) District (no. 49, a-) Bruce (West) District (no. 50, a-d2) ONTARIO (NAC no. T-6462) ---------- 1843544 Bruce (West) District (no. 50, d3-i) Cardwell District (no. 51, a-e) Carleton District (no. 52, a-i) ONTARIO (NAC no. T-6463) ---------- 1843545 Cornwall & Stormont District (no. 53, a-e) Dundas District (no. 54, a-g3) ONTARIO (NAC no. T-6464) ---------- 1843546 Dundas District (no. 54, g4-h) Durham (East) District (no. 55, a-e) Durham (West) District (no. 56, a-e) Elgin (East) District (no. 57, a-d) ONTARIO (NAC no. T-6465) ---------- 1843547 Elgin (East) District (no. 57, e-g) Elgin (West) District (no. 58, a-g) Essex (North) District (no. 59, a-b1) ONTARIO (NAC no. T-6466) ---------- 1843548 Essex (North) District (no. 59, b2-) Essex (South) District (no. 60, a-e2) ONTARIO (NAC no. T-6467) ---------- 1843549 Essex (South) District (no. 60, e3-) Frontenac District (no. 61, a-g) Glengarry District (no. 62, a-d5) ONTARIO (NAC no. T-6468) ---------- 1843550 Glengarry District (no. 62, d6-g) Grenville (South) District (no. 63, a-d) Grey (East) District (no. 64, a-h3) ONTARIO (NAC no. T-6469) ---------- 1843551 Grey (East) District (no. 64, h4-j) Grey (North) District (no. 65, a-g) Grey (South) District (no. 66, a-d1) ONTARIO (NAC no. T-6470) ---------- 1843552 Grey (South) District (no. 66, d2-g) Haldimand & Monck District (no. 67, a-n) Halton District (no. 68, a-f) ONTARIO (NAC no. T-6471) ---------- 1843553 Halton District (no. 68, g-i) Hamilton City District (no. 69, a-f2) ONTARIO (NAC no. T-6472) ---------- 1843554 Hamilton City District (no. 69, f3-g) Hastings (East) District (no. 70, a-e) Hastings (North) District (no. 71, a-f2) ONTARIO (NAC no. T-6473) ---------- 1843555 Hastings (North) District (no. 71, f3-p) Hastings (West) District (no. 72, a-c) Huron (East) District (no. 73, a-d2) ONTARIO (NAC no. T-6474) ---------- 1843556 Huron (East) District (no. 73, d3-h) Huron (South) District (no. 74, a-h) Huron (West) District (no. 75, a-e4) ONTARIO (NAC no. T-6475) ---------- 1843557 Huron (West) District (no. 75, e5-g) Kent District (no. 76, a-h) Kingston City District (no. 77, a) ONTARIO (NAC no. T-6476) ---------- 1843558 Kingston City District (no. 77, b-g) Lambton (East) District (no. 78, a-j) Lambton (West) District (no. 79, a-b3) ONTARIO (NAC no. T-6477) ---------- 1843559 Lambton (West) District (no. 79, b4-g) Lanark (North) District (no. 80, a-j) Lanark (South) District (no. 81, a-b) ONTARIO (NAC no. T-6478) ---------- 1843560 Lanark (South) District (no. 81, c-j) Leeds & Grenville (North) District (no. 82,a-g) Leeds (South) District (no. 83, a-f3) ONTARIO (NAC no. T-6479) ---------- 1843561 Leeds (South) District (no. 83, f4-j) Lennox District (no. 84, a-h) Lincoln & Niagara District (no. 85, a-j) ONTARIO (NAC no. T-6480) ---------- 1843562 Lincoln & Niagara District (no. 85, k) London City District (no. 86, a-d) Middlesex (East) District (no. 87, a-c5) ONTARIO (NAC no. T-6481) ---------- 1843563 Middlesex (East) District (no. 87, c6-g) Middlesex (North) District (no. 88, a-i) Middlesex (South) District (no. 89, a-b2) ONTARIO (NAC no. T-6482) ---------- 1843564 Middlesex (South) District (no. 89, b3-d) Middlesex (West) District (no. 90, a-i) Muskoka & Parry Sound District (no. 91, a-t3) ONTARIO (NAC no. T-6483) ---------- 1843565 Muskoka & Parry Sound District (no. 91, t4-z, a(1)-x(1)) Nipissing District (no. 92, a-z, a(1)-k(1)) ONTARIO (NAC no. T-6484) ---------- 1843566 Nipissing District (no. 92, (1)-z(1), a(2)-k(2), m(2)-o(2)) Norfolk (North) District (no. 93, a-g) Norfolk (South) District (no. 94, a1) ONTARIO (NAC no. T-6485) ---------- 1843567 Norfolk (South) District (no. 94, a2-i) Northumberland (East) District (no. 95, a-i6) ONTARIO (NAC no. T-6486) ---------- 1843568 Northumberland (East) District (no. 95, i7-i8) Northumberland (West) District (no. 96, a-d) Ontario (North) District (no. 97, a-o) Ontario (South) District (no. 98, a-b) ONTARIO (NAC no. T-6487) ---------- 1843569 Ontario (South) District (no. 98, c-g) Ontario (West) District (no. 99, a-f) Ottawa City District (no. 100, a-b6) ONTARIO (NAC no. T-6488) ---------- 1843570 Ottawa City District (no. 100, b7-g) Oxford (North) District (no. 101, a1-a4) ONTARIO (NAC no. T-6489) ---------- 1843571 Oxford (North) District (no. 101, a5-h) Oxford (South) District (no. 102, a-g2) ONTARIO (NAC no. T-6490) ---------- 1843572 Oxford (South) District (no. 102, g3-i) Peel District (no. 103, a-e) Perth (North) District (no. 104, a-g13) ONTARIO (NAC no. T-6491) ---------- 1843573 Perth (North) District (no. 104, g14-g17) Perth (South) District (no. 105, a-g) Peterborough (East) District (no. 106, a-u2) ONTARIO (NAC no. T-6492) ---------- 1843574 Peterborough (East) District (no. 106, u3-u6) Peterborough (West) District (no. 107, a-e) Prescott District (no. 108, a-h) ONTARIO (NAC no. T-6493) ---------- 1843575 Prescott District (no. 108, i) Prince Edward District (no. 109, a-i) Renfrew (North) District (no. 110, a-k) ONTARIO (NAC no. T-6494) ---------- 1843576 Renfrew (North) District (no. 110, ) Renfrew (South) District (no. 111, a-o) Russell District (no. 112, a-d) ONTARIO (NAC no. T-6495) ---------- 1843577 Russell District (no. 112, e-i) Simcoe (East) District (no. 113, a-i5) ONTARIO (NAC no. T-6496) ---------- 1843578 Simcoe (East) District (no. 113, i6-n) Simcoe (North) District (no. 114, a-h1) ONTARIO (NAC no. T-6497) ---------- 1843579 Simcoe (North) District (no. 114, h2-h6) Simcoe (South) District (no. 115, a-i) Toronto City (Centre) District (no. 116,a1-a29) ONTARIO (NAC no. T-6498) ---------- 1843580 Toronto City (Centre) District (no. 116, a30-a39) Toronto City (East) District (no. 117, a1-b29) ONTARIO (NAC no. T-6499) ---------- 1843581 Toronto City (East) District (no. 117, b30-c) Toronto City (West) District (no. 118, a-b33) ONTARIO (NAC no. T-6500) ---------- 1843582 Toronto City (West) District (no. 118, b34-c38) ONTARIO (NAC no. T-6501) ---------- 1843583 Toronto City (West) District (no. 118, c39-d) Victoria (North) District (no. 119, a-q) Victoria (South) District (no. 120, c8, a-e) (c8 is filmed twice, once before a1 and again in the alphabetical sequence) ONTARIO (NAC no. T-6502) ---------- 1843584 Victoria (South) District (no. 120, f-g) Waterloo (North) District (no. 121, a-f) Waterloo (South) District (no. 122, a-c) ONTARIO (NAC no. T-6503) ---------- 1843585 Waterloo (South) District (no. 122, d-h) Welland District (no. 123, a-n) Wellington (Centre) District (no. 124, a-b1) ONTARIO (NAC no. T-6504) ---------- 1843586 Wellington (Centre) District (no. 124, b2-j) Wellington (North) District (no. 125, a-2) ONTARIO (NAC no. T-6505) ---------- 1843587 Wellington (North) District (no. 125, 3-5) Wellington (South) District (no. 126, a-f) Wentworth & Brant (North) District (no. 127, a-d4) ONTARIO (NAC no. T-6506) ---------- 1843588 Wentworth & Brant (North) District (no. 127, d5-e) Wentworth (South) District (no. 128, a-) York (East) District (no. 129, a-e4) ONTARIO (NAC no. T-6507) ---------- 1843589 York (East) District (no. 129, e5-j) York (North) District (no. 130, a-g) ONTARIO (NAC no. T-6508) ---------- 1843590 York (North) District (no. 130, h-i) York (West) District (no. 131, a-h1) ONTARIO (NAC no. T-6509) ---------- 1843591 York (West) District (no. 131, h2-) PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND Kings District (no. 132, a-s) Prince (East) District (no. 133, a1) PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND (NAC no. T-6510) ---------- 1843592 Prince (East) District (no. 133, a2-) Prince (West) District (no. 134, a-o) Queens (East) District (no. 135, a-c) PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND (NAC no. T-6511) ---------- 1843593 Queens (East) District (no. 135, d-p) Queens (West) District (no. 136, a-h) QUEBEC Argenteuil District (no. 137, a-c2) QUEBEC (NAC no. T-6512) ---------- 1843594 Argenteuil District (no. 137, c3-n) Bagot District (no. 138, a-n) Beauce District (no. 139, a-1) QUEBEC (NAC no. T-6513) ---------- 1843595 Beauce District (no. 139, 2-z, a(1)-f(1)) Beauharnois District (no. 140, a-h3) QUEBEC (NAC no. T-6514) ---------- 1843596 Beauharnois District (no. 140, h4-h11) Bellechasse District (no. 141, a-m) Berthier District (no. 142, a-i) QUEBEC (NAC no. T-6515) ---------- 1843597 Berthier District (no. 142, j-m) Bonaventure District (no. 143, a-m) Brome District (no. 144, a-k) Chambly & Verchères District (no. 145, a-d) QUEBEC (NAC no. T-6516) ---------- 1843598 Chambly & Verchères District (no. 145, e-t) Champlain District (no. 146, a-o) QUEBEC (NAC no. T-6517) ---------- 1843599 Champlain District (no. 146, p-v) Charlevoix District (no. 147, a-n) Châteauguay District (no. 148, a-i) QUEBEC (NAC no. T-6518) ---------- 1843600 Châteauguay District (no. 148, j-k) Chicoutimi & Saguenay District (no. 149, a-z, a(1)-f(1), g(1) & bb(1)-(3), h(1)-s(1), t(1) & e(2)1) QUEBEC (NAC no. T-6519) ---------- 1843601 Chicoutimi & Saguenay District (no. 149, t(1) & e(2)2, e(2), u(1)-z(1), a(2)-d(2), f(2)-h(2)) Compton District (no. 150, a-w) Deux-Montagnes District (no. 151, a-f2) QUEBEC (NAC no. T-6520) ---------- 1843602 Deux-Montagnes District (no. 151, f3-m) Dorchester District (no. 152, a-p) Drummond & Arthabaska District (no. 153, a-k) QUEBEC (NAC no. T-6521) ---------- 1843603 Drummond & Arthabaska District (no. 153, -z, a(1)-o(1)) Gaspé District (no. 154, a-m1) QUEBEC (NAC no. T-6522) ---------- 1843604 Gaspé District (no. 154, m2-z, a(1)) Hochelaga District (no. 155, a-b26) QUEBEC (NAC no. T-6523) ---------- 1843605 Hochelaga District (no. 155, b27-d) Huntingdon District (no. 156, a-h3) QUEBEC (NAC no. T-6524) ---------- 1843606 Huntingdon District (no. 156, h4-k) Jacques-Cartier District (no. 157, a-x) Joliette District (no. 158, a-h3) QUEBEC (NAC no. T-6525) ---------- 1843607 Joliette District (no. 158, h4-n) Kamouraska District (no. 159, a-p) Labelle District (no. 160, a-k) QUEBEC (NAC no. T-6526) ---------- 1843608 Labelle District (no. 160, -z, a(1)-b(1)) Laprairie & Napierville District (no. 161, a-m) L'Assomption District (no. 162, a-h1) QUEBEC (NAC no. T-6527) ---------- 1843609 L'Assomption District (no. 162, h2-) Laval District (no. 163, a-q) Lévis District (no. 164, a-g2) QUEBEC (NAC no. T-6528) ---------- 1843610 Lévis District (no. 164, g3-m) L'Islet District (no. 165, a-j) Lotbinière District (no. 166, a-q1) QUEBEC (NAC no. T-6529) ---------- 1843611 Lotbinière District (no. 166, q2-q3) Maisonneuve District (no. 167, a-f26) QUEBEC (NAC no. T-6530) ---------- 1843612 Maisonneuve District (no. 167, f27-g) Maskinongé District (no. 168, a-) Mégantic District (no. 169, a-d1) QUEBEC (NAC no. T-6531) ---------- 1843613 Mégantic District (no. 169, d2-s) Missisquoi District (no. 170, a-q) Montcalm District (no. 171, a-d) QUEBEC (NAC no. T-6532) ---------- 1843614 Montcalm District (no. 171, e-k) Montmagny District (no. 172, a-i) Montmorency District (no. 173, a-m) Montréal City (Ste-Anne) District (no. 174, a1-a14) QUEBEC (NAC no. T-6533) ---------- 1843615 Montréal City (St-Anne) District (no. 174, a15-c) Montréal City (St-Antoine) District (no. 175, a1-a29) QUEBEC (NAC no. T-6534) ---------- 1843616 Montréal City (St-Antoine) District (no. 175, a30-a74) Montréal City (St-Jacques) District (no. 176, a-b20) QUEBEC (NAC no. T-6535) ---------- 1843617 Montréal City (St-Jacques) District (no. 176, b21-b67, b-Extra) Montréal City (St-Laurent) District (no. 177, a1-a22) QUEBEC (NAC no. T-6536) ---------- 1843618 Montréal City (St-Laurent) District (no. 177, a23-b) Montréal City (Ste-Marie) District (no. 178, a1-a6) QUEBEC (NAC no. T-6537) ---------- 1843619 Montréal City (Ste-Marie) District (no. 178, a7-a77) Nicolet District (no. 179, a-c) QUEBEC (NAC no. T-6538) ---------- 1843620 Nicolet District (no. 179, d-u) Pontiac District (no. 180, a-s) QUEBEC (NAC no. T-6539) ---------- 1843621 Pontiac District (no. 180, t-z) Portneuf District (no. 181, a-v) Québec City (Centre) District (no. 182, a-d2) QUEBEC (NAC no. T-6540) ---------- 1843622 Québec City (Centre) District (no. 182, d3-e) Québec City (East) District (no. 183, a-d1) QUEBEC (NAC no. T-6541) ---------- 1843623 Québec City (East) District (no. 183, d2-d8) Québec City (West) District (no. 184, a-d) Québec County District (no. 185, a-) Richelieu District (no. 186, a-c) QUEBEC (NAC no. T-6542) ---------- 1843624 Richelieu District (no. 186, d-k) Richmond & Wolfe District (no. 187, a-z, a(1)-b(1)) QUEBEC (NAC no. T-6543) ---------- 1843625 Richmond & Wolfe District (no. 187, c(1)-g(1)) Rimouski District (no. 188, a-z, a(1)-i(1)) QUEBEC (NAC no. T-6544) ---------- 1843626 Rimouski District (no. 188, j(1)) Rouville District (no. 189, a-o) St-Hyacinthe District (no. 190, a-m) St-Jean & Iberville District (no. 191, a-d5) QUEBEC (NAC no. T-6545) ---------- 1843627 St-Jean & Iberville District (no. 191, d6-q) Shefford District (no. 192, a-q) Sherbrooke District (no. 193, a-b1) QUEBEC (NAC no. T-6546) ---------- 1843628 Sherbrooke District (no. 193, b2-h) Soulanges District (no. 194, a-k) Stanstead District (no. 195, a-) QUEBEC (NAC no. T-6547) ---------- 1843629 Témiscouta District (no. 196, a-x) Terrebonne District (no. 197, a-j3) QUEBEC (NAC no. T-6548) ---------- 1843630 Terrebonne District (no. 197, j4-s) Trois-Rivières & St-Maurice District (no. 198, a-n) Vaudreuil District (no. 199, a-g) QUEBEC (NAC no. T-6549) ---------- 1843631 Vaudreuil District (no. 199, h-) Wright District (no. 200, a-v) QUEBEC (NAC no. T-6550) ---------- 1843632 Wright District (no. 200, w-y) Yamaska District (no. 201, a-) NORTHWEST TERRITORIES Alberta District (no. 202, a-z, a(1)-u(1)) NORTHWEST TERRITORIES (NAC no. T-6551) ---------- 1843633 Alberta District (no. 202, v(1)-z(1), a(2)-z(2) a(3)-z(3), a(4)-z(4), a(5)-c(5)) NORTHWEST TERRITORIES (NAC no. T-6552) ---------- 1843634 Alberta District (no. 202, d(5)) Assiniboia (East) District (no. 203, a-z, a(1)-z(1), a(2)-z(2), a(3)-r(3)) NORTHWEST TERRITORIES (NAC no. T-6553) ---------- 1843635 Assiniboia (East) District (no. 203, s(3)-z(3), a(4)-e(4)) Assiniboia (West) District (no. 204, a-z, a(1)-z(1), a(2)-z(2), a(3)) Saskatchewan District (no. 205, a-z, a(1)-u(1)) NORTHWEST TERRITORIES (NAC no. T-6554) ---------- 1843636 Saskatchwan District (no. 205, v(1)-z(1), a(2)-p(2)) INDIAN RESERVES British Columbia (Burrard, New Westminster, Vancouver, Victoria, Yale & Cariboo) Ontario (Algoma) Manitoba Ontario (Peterborough West) Québec (Huntingdon, Pontiac) Alberta Saskatchewan (Assiniboia East, no. 203) INDIAN RESERVES (NAC no. T-6555) ---------- 1843637 Saskatchewan (Assiniboia East, no. 205) UNORGANIZED TERRITORIES (no. 206, a-f40, Athabaska, Franklin, Keewatin, Mackenzie, Ungava, Yukon) UNORGANIZED TERRITORIES (NAC no. T-6556) ---------- 1843638 (no. 206, f41-f97, Yukon cont.)