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Every FOWLER household listed in the 1850 Missouri Census
compiled by Will Johnson
Professional Genealogist

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Copyright 2003 Will Johnson and Fast Forward GE
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There are 11 Fowler households in the 1830
There are 38 Fowler households in the 1840
There are 126 or 107 Fowler households in the 1850
There are 194 Fowler households in the 1860
There are 234 Fowler households in the 1870
There are 1193 Fowler individuals in the 1880
There are 478 Fowler households in the 1920
There are 1723 Fowler individuals in the 1930   
In the below listings, the age comes rights after the image
number, then the birthstate.  Other birthstates after the comma
are those of the apparent children.

Atchison County
Fowler, Benjamin   3Rd District p140   Image: 282  23 b IN   
Fowler, James      3Rd District p140   Image: 282  47 b TN, IN, KY, IA    
Fowler, John      3Rd District p140   Image: 282 42 b TN, IN, IA
Fowler, John      3Rd District p141 Image: 284  74 b VA, NC, MO
---next door is James 22 and Mary Depotty  23 b Canada  
Fowler, William      3Rd District p141  Image: 284 45 b TN, NC, IN    
Fowler, Enos     Washington Twp p146   Image: 294 (not found)  
Fowler, Enos     Washington Twp p149   Image: 300 (not found)

Benton County    
Fowler, Samuel     White Twp p321   Image: 182  30 b MD, MO   

Boone County
Fowler, Tabitha     Being 8Th District p345    Image: 228 23 b MO

Buchanan County   
Fowler, William     Washington Twp p93   Image: 187 52 b DE, VA, IA, MO 

Butler County
Fowler, William     Being 10Th Dist p151   Image: 298 b TN, KY, MO   

Callaway County
Fowler, Wiliam     Being 12Th Dist p276   Image: 548 26 b VA, MO     
Fowler, John J.    Being 12Th Dist p292   Image: 580  20 b VA, KY  

Cass County 
Fowler, Lauden     Being 16Th Dist p109   Image: 220 47 b KY, VA, MO     
Fowler, Mary F.     Being 16Th Dist p110   Image: 222 14 b MO (daughter of above)  

Chariton County 
Fowler, Martha     Bee Branch Twp p184   Image: 368 19 b MO   
Fowler, John A.     Buffalo Lick Twp p178   Image: 356 29 b KY, MO  
Fowler, Sarah     Keytesville Twp p207   Image: 413 26 b MO   
Fowler, Martha     Paririe Twp p169   Image: 338   51 b VA, MO 

Cole County
Fowler, Whitley F.     Unknown Townships p1   Image: 3 24 b VA, KY, MO

Cooper County
Fowler, Catharine     Boonville p83   Image: 167 5? b MO, VA

Franklin County
Fowler, Joseph L.   Being 31St Dist p53 not found

Gasconade County
Fowler, Ezekiel       Third Creek Twp p177    not found   

Holt County
Fowler, Robert     38th District p88   Image: 172  13 b KY   

Jackson County
Fowler, ???     Kan Twp p236   Image: 20
---several Canadians in these pages  mistake, Fowler is a first name   

Knox County  
Fowler, Cyrus     Salt River Twp p105   Image: 209  43 b DE, MO, KY, IL   

Lafayette County  
Fowler, William     Being 46Th District p220   Image: 432 80 b VA, TN, MO     
Lawrence County
Fowler, Edget     47Th District p284   Image: 34  56 b SC, KY, TN, MO   

Lewis County 
Fowler, Joseph     48Th District p373   Image: 210 37 b KY    
Linn County  
Fowler, William C.     50Th District p18   Image: 39 24 b MO, VA     

Livingston County
Fowler, Simeon     51St District p70   Image: 142 35 b NC, IN, MO    

Marion County  
Fowler, Edward     Fabius Twp p261   Image: 6 66 b VA 
Fowler, Robert F.     Fabius Twp p261   Image: 6 39 b VA    
Mc Donald County
Fowler, William     53Rd District p95   Image: 193 22 b VA, MO     

Mississippi County  
Fowler, Mitton     57Th District p462   Image: 407 27 b MO    
Fowler, Elias     57Th District p471   Image: 425 42 b KY, IN, MO     

Monroe County  
Fowler, Thomsa     Being 59Th District p97   Image: 195 not found    
Fowler, Luther     Being 59Th District p106   Image: 213 46 b DE, VA, MO   
Fowler, George A.     Being 59Th District p108   Image: 217  28 b DE, KY, MO   
Fowler, William T.     Being 59Th District p108   Image: 217   36 b DE, RI, MO, OH   
Fowler, Charles C.     Being 59Th District p115   Image: 231 37 b KY, MO 
Fowler, John     Being 59Th District p116   Image: 233 45 b DE, MO
Fowler, John G.     Being 59Th District p119   Image: 239   44 b KY, MO   

Newton County  
Fowler, James S.     Benton Twp p351   Image: 261 41 b KY, TN, MO    
Fowler, Benjamin E.  Shoal Creek Twp p359   Image: 277  26 b IA, NC, MO   

Osage County  
Fowler, John     Crawford Twp p443   Image: 444 56 b SC, TN    

Pettis County  
Fowler, John G.    68Th District p121   Image: 242 26 b KY, MO (son of below)     
Fowler, Joseph     68Th District p121   Image: 242 59 b Seel?, KY    
Fowler, Robert     68Th District p123   Image: 246 49 b KY, MO

Pike County  
Fowler, Asa     Spencer Twp p274   Image: 548  56 b VA, MO   
Fowler, John     Spencer Twp p274   Image: 548 33 b VA, MO   
Fowler, Oliver   Spencer Twp p274   Image: 548 28 b MO 
Fowler, Lindsey     Spencer Twp p275   Image: 550 23 b MO, KY    

Platte County  
Fowler, James M.     Parkville p422   Image: 274 21 b AR, PA, MO     

Polk County  
Fowler, Sarah     Unknown Townships p35   Image: 71 25 b IA, OH, SC, IL     

Ralls County  
Fowler, James F.     Being 73Rd Dist 153   Image: 310 58 b VA, KY, OH, IN     
Fowler, James     Being 73Rd Dist p173   Image: 350 35 b VA, MO     

Randolph County 
Fowler, Moses B.   Prairie Twp p250   Image: 504 22 b MO     
Fowler, William B. Prairie Twp p250   Image: 504  25 b KY, MO   
Fowler, E. V.      Prairie Twp p252   Image: 508 51 b MA, KY, MO     
Fowler, S.         Prairie Twp p258   Image: 520 28 b KY, MO     

Ray County (Mortality)
Fowler, Patrick     Unknown Townships p23    Age: 35   
Fowler, Emily       Unknown Townships p195   Age: 2   
Fowler, Jane        Unknown Townships p195   Age: 22
Fowler, Martha      Unknown Townships p195   Age: 1
Fowler, William     Unknown Townships p195   Age: 31
Fowler, Jesse G.    Unknown Townships p237   Age: 7
Fowler, Leroy P.    Unknown Townships p237   Age: 31
Fowler, Martha P.   Unknown Townships p237   Age: 31
Fowler, Perlina Ann Unknown Townships p237   Age: 11
Fowler, Thomas B.   Unknown Townships p237   Age: 1
Fowler, Elizabeth   Unknown Townships p380   Age: 14
Fowler, Ellen       Unknown Townships p380   Age: 19
Fowler, John        Unknown Townships p380   Age: 15
Fowler, Mary        Unknown Townships p380   Age: 57
Fowler, Lucetta     Unknown Townships p833   Age: 13
Fowler, Martha      Unknown Townships p833   Age: 16
Fowler, Samuel      Unknown Townships p833   Age: 64
Fowler, Sarah       Unknown Townships p833   Age: 51  
Fowler, Ann E.      Unknown Townships p834   Age: 5    
Fowler, Eliza       Unknown Townships p834   Age: 2      
Fowler, Emily       Unknown Townships p834   Age: 24       
Fowler, Mary V.     Unknown Townships p834   Age: 07-12   
Fowler, Sarah F.    Unknown Townships p834   Age: 4   
Fowler, Thomas B.   Unknown Townships p834   Age: 34   
Fowler, Adaline     Unknown Townships p924   Age: 27   
Fowler, Jesse G.    Unknown Townships p924   Age: 27
Fowler, George M.   Unknown Townships p1152  Age: 24
Fowler, Mary        Unknown Townships p1152  Age: 1
Fowler, Nancy       Unknown Townships p1152  Age: 01-12
Fowler, Philena     Unknown Townships p1152  Age: 22

Ray County
Fowler, Patrick     75Th District p285  image 5 35 b VA    
Fowler, Willliam M. 75Th District p296  image 28 31 b AL, VA, MO   
Fowler, Leroy P.    75Th District p299  image 34 31 b TN, MO     
Fowler, Perlina Ann 75Th District p299  image 34 11 b MO (daugher of above)
Fowler, Mary        75Th District p309  image 53 57 b VA, MO   
Fowler, Samuel      75Th District p343  image 121 61 b NC, TN, MO
Fowler, Thomas B.   75Th District p343  image 121 34 b TN, KY, MO, OH
Fowler, Jesse G.    75Th District p350  image 135 27 b TN, KY, MO 
Fowler, George M.   75Th District p367  image 169 24 b MO

Saline County
Fowler, John     90Th District p65   Image: 129 32 b KY, IN, MO     
Fowler, Olivia   90Th District p66   Image: 131 28 b IN (wife of above)    

Scotland County
Fowler, Henry H.  Jefferson Twp p122   Image: 242 38 b VA, MO
Fowler, Rebecca   Jefferson Twp p122   Image: 242 7 b MO
Scott County 
Fowler, Milton    92Nd District p163   Image: 324 31 b MO    
Fowler, Samuel    92Nd District p163   Image: 324 22 b MO    
Shelby County  
Fowler, Alexander  Being 94Th District p249   Image: 113 30 b DE, MO    

St. Charles County  
Fowler, William S. Being 78Th Dist p51   Image: 102 25 b VA, MO    
---a family whose father is from Canada lives next door

St. Louis County  
Fowler, Mathis    82Nd District     p420 Image: 314   41 b VA  
Fowler, James     82Nd District     p480 Image: 434 32 b Ireland    
Fowler, William   St Louis 3Rd Ward p282 Image: 10 35 b VA    
Fowler, Thomas B. St Louis 3Rd Ward p290 Image: 26 not found  
Fowler, B.        St Louis 4Th Ward p70  Image: 141 45 b NH ?, O, H ?    
Fowler, Samuel    St Louis 4Th Ward p91  Image: 183 21 b MD    
Fowler, William   St Louis 4Th Ward p104 Image: 209 5 b Nea?, Ireland, England, NY    
Fowler, John      St Louis 4Th Ward p115 Image: 231  15 b England   
Fowler, William   St Louis 5Th Ward p220 Image: 441 17 b England     
Fowler, William   St Louis 5Th Ward p270 Image: 541 not found  
Fowler, Robert    St Louis 6Th Ward p354 Image: 76 75 Ireland, MO    
Fowler, John      St Louis 6Th Ward p455 Image: 278 23 b MO 
Ste. Genevieve County
Fowler, Reason B. Union Twp p248   Image: 491 45 b KY, TN, IN, MO  

Stoddard County   
Fowler, Isaac    Castor Twp p271  Image: 156 15 b MO, TN  

Taney County   
Fowler, J.     Flat Twp p357   Image: 326  21 b MO   
Fowler, R. H.  Flat Twp p358   Image: 328 34 b KY, MO    
Fowler, J.     Swan Twp p340   Image: 292 22 b IN, TN 

Wayne County   
Fowler, David     101St District p216   Image: 428 41 b NC, TN, MO