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Henrietta Peipenberg & Carl Wesenberg

Henrietta Peipenberg married Carl Wesenberg
        They came from Germany to Caldonia, Minnesota, Houston county -- by Crooked Creek across the Mississippi river.  In 1895 they came to Miner County.  In Howard, SD.  They lived 5 miles east, 2 miles south on the west side of the road.  When they came to the United States they had 5 children:  Minnie (Mrs. John Linde) of Howard or Winifred; Amelia (Mrs. William Youill); Carl; Christina (Mrs. Ed Seidel) of Madison; Anna (Mrs. Hjellming).  5 more children were born in the U. S.: Mary (Mrs. Charley Thurow) of Madison; Elizabeth (Mrs. Abner Freeman) of Califonia; Paulina (Mrs. Fred Becker) of Oldham; Hannah (Mrs. Henry Becker) cousin to Fred Becker, of Oldham; Henrietta (Mrs. Fred Sorensen) of Mobridge.  They are buried at St. John's cemetery at Concord by Ramona.  Henrietta died in 1897, born in 1840.  Carl died in 1905, born in 1834.

On their stone, written in German is Rhue en Frieden.

Carl Wesenberg 1834 - 1905
Henrietta Peipenberg      1840 -1897

Taken from type page noted as BFHD00007
in Steve Stymiest's Becker files