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Becker Coat of Arms

Below you will find the BECKER family menu.  The Becker Family Surnames is a GEDCOM to HTML conversion that will allow you to easily look up any person in the BECKER family file.  You will also find links to the STYMIEST, GOMSRUD and HARDER family menus, as well as a link to the rest of The Wizard's Realm which includes an About Us page, veterans links, our favorite links, web rings and the Credits page which lists all those responsible for the information on this site.


  •            Becker Family Surnames
  •            Paulina Emilie Wesenberg Marriage Certificate (1st marriage)
  •            Paulina Emilie Wesenberg Certificate
  •            Alma Becker Certificate 1
  •            Marriage - Roy Harder & Alma Becker
  •            Alma Becker Certificate 2
  •            Victory Girls Campaign Certificate - Alma Becker
  •            Alma Harder Birth
  •            Alma Becker Certificate 3
  •            Becker Family Obituaries
  •            Henrietta Peipenberg & Carl Wesenberg
  •            Old Family Photos
  •            The Gomsrud Family Menu
  •            The Harder Family Menu
  •            The Stymiest Family Menu
  •            The Roberts Family
  •            The rest of The Wizard's Realm
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