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About Us


A little about us, we are Steve and Bill.

Steve on the right is 47 and a 17.5 year veteran of the USAF in transportation. He has two wonderful sons Brandon age 22 and Adam age 19. Originally from South Dakota he came to the south by way of New Mexico and Florennes Belgium. Including a visit to the wonderful Middle East, courtesy of the Gulf War. Stationed at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, he controlled the ground fleet for the Air Force units stationed in Saudi Arabia. Upon retiring from the military he moved to Charlotte NC in 1994.

Bill on the left is 37, after serving two years in the USAF as a Security Specialist, he returned to his hometown in Missouri where he went into the construction field.

Looking to start his life he also moved to the south, where he jumped back into construction. A fortunate job transfer brought him to the Charlotte Metro area where they met in May of í99. They met the same way most you are meeting us for the first time, through the Internet. Surprise.

The other member of our happy little family is Buddy our dog. He is a Lab, Chow, and Pit Bull mix. He only looks mean and scary. He is actually a very smart dog. He has managed to escape from a body harness, and through a four-inch wide window. He will walk a fence line like a trained security dog as well as follow a trail without being shown where to go. Just donít leave your car door open for very long or you will have to take him for a ride. For being almost seven years old he still gets around pretty good.

We are currently living in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

Want to talk to us about anything you have seen here, send us an e-mail or sign our guest book. We welcome your comments and suggestions.


© Copyright 2001, Steven P Stymiest