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The original of this photo is in the possession of Helena Garrison of Riverside, California.

The people on the photo have not all been positively identified. It is believed that the photo is from the mid to late 1880's or 1890's.

The identified individuals include: at the far right; Johannes Gutsche b. 1860 and directly below him his wife Margaretha Gutsche nee Quast b. 1860. These are my great-grandparents. The gentleman with the beard is Christian Jung b. 1842 and below him his wife Karolina Jung nee Gutsche b. 1841. She was the sister to Johannes.

It is believed that the persons on the far left (man standing and lady sitting) could possibly be the daughter and son-in-law of Christian and Karolina Jung. This would be Gottfried Leischner b. 1862 and his wife Karolina nee Jung b. 1864. The person standing may be Johann Doberstein, the husband of another daughter of Christian and Karolina Jung, Theresia, b. 1862. It is possible that this is a photo taken in 1887, just before Gottfried and Karolina Leischner emigrated to the United States.

It is possible that the couple on the far left and the single man in the back are other people. If you can help with identification, this would be greatly appreciated.

Horst W. Gutsche

On this photo, from approximately 1909, we find:

Front row: from left to right: Marie Gutsche nee Kuehn (wife of Gustaf Adolf), Johanna Raugust nee Gutsche (wife of Robert Raugust), Johannes Gutsche and seated before him; Pauline Sauder nee Gutsche and Johannes Gutsche Jr., Margarethe Gutsche nee Quast, Sophie Gutsche nee Hiller (wife of Rudolf) with the first grandchild, Johanna Gutsche, later Brisske and then Raugust on her lap.

Back row: from left to right: Gustaf Adolf Gutsche, Robert Raugust, Irene Hoefel nee Gutsche, Reinhold Gutsche, Rudolf Gutsche.

This photo shows all the children of Johannes and Margarethe Gutsche with married and unmarried children and first grandchild Johanna before Robert and Johanna Raugust and Reinhold Gutsche emigrated to the United States and to Canada. It was probably taken In I Rohrbach (Romanovo), Bessarabia, which at that time was a part of the Russian Empire.

According to Elsa Richter, nee Gutsche, b. 1920 and Andreas Hiller b. 1905 and his wife Berta Hiller nee Wanke b. 1909, all resident in Osoyoos, British Columbia, Canada, this photo has the following identifiable individuals on it:

Top row standing:

Gustaf Adolf Gutsche (my great-uncle) b. 1884 Heinrich Mueller b?

? Poeppke from Neu-Sarata b. ?

Rudolf Gutsche (my grandfather) b. 1882

? Esslinger (?)

Bottom row sitting:

Sexton-Teacher Jakob(?) Romppel


Daniel Hass (my great-grandfather on my mother's mother's side) b. 1867

Johann Hiller (my great-uncle) b. 1883

Wilhelm Mann (Elsa Richter's uncle) b. ?

unidentified, perhaps the local primar (mayor) or another sexton-teacher

Recorded by Horst W. Gutsche April 26, 2000.

I suspect that this photo was taken sometime between 1906 and 1914. It would have to have been before World War I, because the Odessa Zeitung (the newspaper) was probably not

published during the war. It was probably taken in Neu-Sarata.

The couple seated on the left hand side of the page is as yet unidentified.

Das Ehepaar, das an der linken Seite abgebildet ist, ist his jetzt unbekannt

Top right hand corner: Margarethe Gutsche nee Quast b. 7.8. 1860 and Johannes Gutsche b. 2.2. 1860.

Oben rechts: Margarethe Gutsche geb. Quast geb. am 7.8. 1860 und Johannes Gutsche geb. am 2.2. 1860.

The originals of these photos are in the possession of Alfred and Maria (nee Gutsche) Galster of Hazen, North Dakota.

Die Originale dieser Photos sind im Besitz yon Alfred und Maria (geb. Gutsche) Galster in Hazen, Nord Dakota.

Middle right hand side: Margarethe Gutsche b. 1860 in her coffin. She died approximately in June of 1934 in Rohrbach (Romanovo) Bessarabia, Romania.

In der Mitte rechts: Margarethe Gutsche geb. 1860 in ihrem Sarg. Sie starb im Juni 1934 in Rohrbach, Bessarabien.


Lower right hand side: The children and sons and daughters-in-law of Margarethe Gutsche, who still lived in Bessarabia at the time of her death (daughter Johanna Raugust and son Reinhold were in the United States)

Unten auf der rechten Seite: Die Kinder und Schwiegersoehne und Toechter yon Margarethe Gutsche, die zur Zeit ihres Todes in Bessarabien wohnhaft waren (Tochter Johanna Raugust und Sohn Reinhold waren in den USA)

Back row from left to right: (hinten yon links nach rechts:) Pauline Sauder (nee Gutsche), Irene Hoefel (nee Gutsche) Lydia Gutsche (nee Mogck), Marie Gutsche (nee Kuehn), and Sophie Gutsche (nee Hiller); seated below them from left to right: their respective spouses: (vorne sitzend von links nach rechts ihre Ehepartner:) Reinhold Sauder, David Hoefel, Johannes Gutsche, Gustaf Adolf Gutsche, Rudolf Gutsche


All pictures came from Horst W. Gutsche

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