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Wiseman Family Tree (1st four generations)  


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 1 Thomas WISEMAN (unproven)  b: abt 1672 England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, or MD d: 7-14-1716

   Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co, PA, a Yeoman (Farmer), possibly resided in Bebber's Twp (now Skippack).

  + Elizabeth UNKNOWN  b: abt 1675  m: abt 1697   

     2 Isaac WISEMAN, Sr.  b: abt 1706 aboard ship?  d: 2-3-1779 Jersey Settlement, Rowan Co, NC buried

        Jersey Settlem’t, Rowan Co, NC, a Farmer, resided Berks Co, PA, JS, Rowan Co, NC (now Davidson Co)

      + Mary MARSHALL?  B: abt 1721 (d/o  John MARSHALL & Unknown) m: abt 1737 Berks Co, PA 

         d: 12-23-1791 Jersey, Rowan Co, NC   buried Potts Creek Rowan Co, NC, a Housewife, resided Berks

         Co, PA, JS, Rowan Co, NC (Now Davidson Co)

         3 Isaac I WISEMAN b: 8-18-1738 Oley(?), Amity Twp, Berks Co, PA  d: 5-3-1818 Union Twp, Monroe

            Co, VA, a Farmer, resided Berks Co, PA/Rockingham Co, VGC, VA (now Monroe Co, WV)

           + Elizabeth DAVIS  b: 8-26-1738 Berks Co, PA (d/o Samuel DAVIS) m: abt 1758 Berks Co, PA 

              d: 7-19-1807 Union Twp, Monroe Co, VA

              4 Joseph D. WISEMAN

                +(1) Susannah MANLY

                +(2) Elizabeth D. BATEMAN

             4 John WISEMAN b: 8-18-1760 Berks Co, PA  d: 1-22-1842 near New Salem, Perry Co, OH

                + Sarah GREEN b: 2-28-1763 Rockingham Co, VA  d: 8-12-1847 New Salem, Perry Co, OH

                  5 Ann WISEMAN

                    + George STINCHCOMB --

             4 Sarah WISEMAN

                + James BARLEY

             4 Isaac II WISEMAN

                + Mary Magdalena ARMENTROUT

             4 Jacob WISEMAN

                + Rachael UNKNOWN

            4 Rachel WISEMAN

                + Frederick HONAKER

            4 Samuel WISEMAN

               + Mary BOWYER

            4 Abner WISEMAN

               + Isabel BLANTON

            4 Elizabeth WISEMAN

               + John BLANTON

            4 Margaret WISEMAN

               + Bartholomew RAMSEY

            4 William WISEMAN

               +(1) Mary Polly RAMSEY

               +(2) Phoebe KILBURN

         3 Jacob WISEMAN, Sr. b: abt 1-12-1739/1740 Berks Co, PA?  d: abt 12-24-1807 Jersey Settlement,

            Rowan Co, NC buried Jersey Church Cem, resided abt 1760 Carlisle, Cumberland Co, PA

           + Elizabeth HENDERSON  b: abt 1745 Currituck Co, NC?  m: 1-21-1773 Currituck Co, NC  d: abt

              1805 Rowan Co, NC buried with Jacob

            4 Isaac WISEMAN

              +(1) Mary WILSON

              +(2) Peggy NEWTON

            4 Mary WISEMAN

              + Unknown GREEN

            4 Jonathan WISEMAN

              + Sarah JOHNSTON

            4 Jacob WISEMAN, Jr.

              + Margaret HARPER

            4 John Wiseman

              +(1) Anna HUNT

              +(2) Sarah UNKNOWN  

            4 Jonathan WISEMAN

              +(1) Hannah WILLIS

              +(2) Elizabeth G. UNKNOWN

            4 Josiah WISEMAN

         3 Thomas WISEMAN b: abt 1751

         3 Mary WISEMAN  b: abt 1753 Oley, Berks Co, PA  d: abt 1820

           + John MERRELL  b: 7-24-1750 Jersey Settlement, Rowan, NC (s/o Capt. Benjamin MERRILL &

              Jemima SMITH) m: 1-20-1773 Rowan Co, NC 

         3 Rachel WISEMAN  b: abt 1755 Berks Co, PA  

           + Andrew MERRELL  b: abt 1755 (s/o Capt. Benjamin MERRILL & Jemima SMITH) m: abt 1773

         3 Jonathan WISEMAN  b: bef 1757 Berks Co, PA  d: bef 2-7-1779

           + Rachel WILLIS    m: abt 1777

            4 John WISEMAN

         3 James WISEMAN b: Jan 1759 Berks Co, PA  d: abt 1837 Peru, Miami Co, IN, a Farmer, resided PA,

            NC, KY, OH, KY, IN

           + Lydia UNKNOWN  b: abt 1765 NJ  m: abt 1785  d: abt 1837 Peru Miami Co, IN

            4 Elizabeth WISEMAN

              + James RILEY

            4 Sarah WISEMAN

              + POTTER

            4 Isaac WISEMAN

              + UNKNOWN

            4 Andrew WISEMAN

              + Jerusha KELLER

            4 James WISEMAN, Jr

              + Nancy BYRN

            4 John WISEMAN

              +(1) Hannah VENNER

              +(2) Catherine VAN DOREN

              +(3) Catherine BROWN

            4 Jane WISEMAN

              + John Adam VENNER

            4 Margaret WISEMAN

              + Henry SECRIST

            4 Unknown WISEMAN

            4 Unknown WISEMAN

            4 Unknown WISEMAN

            4 Unknown WISEMAN

         3 William WISEMAN  b: 1761 Berks Co, PA  d: 9-17-1805 in ?

           + Ann WISEMAN UNKNOWN  b: abt 1761 

    2 Sarah WISEMAN?  b: abt 1708 Germantown, Berks Co, PA  d: 7-31-1737 Philadelphia, PA.

       + UNKNOWN

         3 Elizabeth WISEMAN  b: 7-31-1737 Amity Township, Berks Co, PA

    2 Abraham WISEMAN  b: abt 1710 Roxberry Twp.? Philadelphia Co, PA   d: abt 1755 Frederick Co, VA

       Settled on Opequan Creek, VA 1734 (Frederick Co)

       + Susannah HITE  b: abt 1717 VA  (d/o Jost HITE & Anna Maria DUBOISE)  m: abt 1734 Philadelphia

          Co, PA (?)  d: abt 1754 VA (?)

         3 Anna Christiana WISEMAN  b: 4-15-1735 Kernstown, Frederick Co, VA 

         3 John WISEMAN  b: abt 1744  d: aft 1800 Nelson Co, KY (?)

           + Mary WARE\WEIR?  b: UNKNOWN

         3 Isaac WISEMAN  b: 2-4-1745/1746 Orange, Frederick Co, VA  d: 1790 Beaver Co, PA(?)

         3 Thomas WISEMAN  b: Mar 1747/1748 Orange, Frederick Co, VA(?)  d: Dec 1796 near Woodstock,

            Shenandoah Co, VA

          + Christina WISMAN  b: abt 1750 Frederick Co, VA (d/o Johann Philip WISMAN)  m: bef 12-3-1773

              probably Shenandoah Co, VA  d: 11-18-1834 Harrison Co, IN

            4 John WISEMAN

            4 Catherine WISEMAN

              + Unknown PARROT

            4 Mary WISEMAN

              + John WINDLE

            4 Philip WISEMAN

              + Mary GRAHAM

            4 Jacob (?) WISEMAN

            4 Christina WISEMAN

            4 Abraham WISEMAN

            4 William (?) B. (?) WISEMAN

            4 Elizabeth WISEMAN

            4 Joseph (?) WISEMAN

            4 Madelana WISEMAN

            4 Thomas (?) WISEMAN

    2 Unknown WISEMAN  

    2 Thomas WISEMAN  b: abt 1715 Germantown, Berks Co, PA


Family Branches or Lines Not Yet Linked to Our Family Tree

Below are different Wiseman pioneer families which do not relate to one another as far as we can tell, so unique numbering ID systems have been used for each. 2A George, 3A Robert & 4A Adam where 2A George's children are 2AA, 2AB, 2AC, etc. Children of 2AA are 2AAA, 2AAB, etc. and children of 2AB are 2ABA, 2ABB, etc. 

Martin Van Buren WISEMAN of TN to TX  b: 9-8-1827 TN?  d: 3-21-1892 Belton, Bell Co, TX  married Elizabeth Ann "Bettie" LEE 10-17-1854 Belton, Bell Co, TX                                    [To contact descendant Bobby J. Wadsworth of Carrollton, TX  CLICK HERE

George WISEMAN of VA  b: abt 1740 Philadelphia Co, PA   d: by 1817 Lived in Harrison Co, VA (WV)

Robert WISEMAN of MS  b: abt 1715 Scotland or Ireland  d:  Probably at Oktibeha Co, MS married Margaret JEFFORD in Dublin or Ireland

Adam WISEMAN of PA & OH  b: bef 1755 foreign birth  d: 1800-1810 married Elizabeth UNKNOWN 

John WISEMAN of CT  b: abt 1784 Lanarkshire, Scotland   d: 1-19-1868 Norwalk, Fairfield Co, CT    married Betsy MCNAB, Abigail MCGOWYN, & Mrs. Jane WARDELL 

Melton or Milton WISEMAN of NC  b: abt 1798 NC  d: aft 1850  married Elendor/Elinor?/ Elenie? (Eleanor?) (?).

William WISEMAN of Pittsburgh, PA  b: ?  d: ? married Mary MURPHY  

John A. WISEMAN of WI  b: 9-15-1799 McGroom County Cork, Ireland   d: 6-13-1877 Patch Grove, Grant Co, WI  married Charlotte NAGEL in Ireland & Sarah Lloyd Monteneir MCGRGORY in WI 

Joseph Allen WISEMAN of MO  b: 1838 IN, KY, NC or SC   d: 1-21-1900 Martinstown,Putnum Co, MO  married Nancy Elizabeth GREEN & Mary Angelina DUEL 

Johann "Peter" WISEMAN (WEISSMANN) of VA  b: 1729 Sippersfeld, Germany  d: 1798 Augusta Co, VA   married Elizabeth Margaret HEMM

Enos WISEMAN of MD to IN  b: 1-3-1836 Frederick Co, MD  d: 2-12-1894 Hamilton Co?, IN? married Mary Elizabeth FISHER

Caleb WISEMAN of PA & VA b: 12-29-1755/56 near Lancaster, PA d: 3-4-1835 Right Reedy, Wood Co, VA married Katherine OTT

Henry G. WISEMAN of Germany to IN  b: Aug 1840 Mechlenburg, Germany  d: aft 1900 North Liberty, St. Joseph Co, IN   married Mary “Sophia” (?)

Thomas WISEMAN of England and NY b: abt 1753 Norwich, County Norfolk, England  d: abt 1829 Gainesville, Genessee Co, NY   married Abigail (Agnes?) MCINTYRE

Frank WISEMAN of PA and OH b: abt 1832/37? PA  d: ?   married Mary Jane KYER

Peter WISEMAN of Germany and OH b: abt 1810 Burg? Germany  d: aft 1880 probably Hamilton, Butler Co, OH  married Harriet (?)

William WISEMAN of England? b: abt 1775 probably England  d: ?   married Mary SWEET

William Ivory WISEMAN b: 8-7-1786 St. James, Norwich, County d: 1-18-1857 St. Pauls, Norwich married Elizabeth "Betsy" THORNE

Ann SURBAUGH of VA b: abt 1765/66 PA  d: ?   married David SURBAUGH

George WISEMAN of PA b: abt 1749/50 PA  d: abt 1826 Mexico,Juniata Twp., Perry Co., PA  married UNKNOWN

Andrew WISEMAN of Ireland to PA b: abt 1795 PA or Ireland  d: ? married Sophia (?)

James WISEMAN of MD b: probably England  d: ? May have been a brother to a Cardinal

Sir Thomas WISEMAN, Knight of England b: abt 1571 Rivenhall, County Essex, England  d: abt 1624 England married Alice MILES

Rev. John WISEMAN of Scotland & KY b: abt 1800 County, Ayrshire, Scotland  d: 5-2-1876 Danville, Boyle Co, KY married Christinia THOMPSON

Christian WISEMAN of Germany & KY b: abt 5-13-1797 Wurttenburg, Germany  d: 6-1-1876 or 78 Hardin Co, KY married Catherine ALVEY, Louisa Ann MCGILL, Matilda (?), Sarah G. (?)

Thomas Davenport WISEMAN TN to IL b: abt 1822 TN or IL d: aft 1870 probably Raleigh, Saline Co, IL married Sarah Edieth "Eda" HUNT or PORTER

Andrew WISEMAN of Germany to OH b: abt 1798 Germany d: ? OH? married Mary (?)

James Thomas WISEMAN of Newman Cove, Newfoundland, Canada b: abt 1850 d: ? married Harriet RYAN

Henry WISEMAN of PA b: abt 1700 probably Germany d: abt 1780 Bucks Co, PA married Catherine (?)

Johnson WISEMAN of (?)

George W. WISEMAN of Ireland to MA b: abt Jun 1850 County, Cork, Ireland d: 3-28-1915 Berverly Farms, Essex Co, MA married Catherine O'GRADY

John WISEMAN of Scotland b: 7-7-1723 Templehill, Calderhead, County Lenark, Scotland d: ? married Agnes DALGLEISH

William WISEMAN of PA or MD and GA b: abt 1840-46 PA or MD d: bef 7-23-1773 GA married ?

Mary Elizabeth (Mollie) WISEMAN Knight of VA b: abt 1741 ? d: 12-16-1794-96 Bath Co, VA married James KNIGHT, Sr.

John F. WISEMAN of TN to IL b: 2-9-1822 TN d: 5-9-1902 Carbondale Twp, Jackson Co, IL married Elizabeth J. CROFT & Eleanor S. "Ella" WILLIAMS

James K. WISEMAN of VA b: 8-9-1845 or or Jul 1847 Highland Co, VA d: 8-12-1935 probably Highland Co, VA married Mary Agnes HEDGER

Samuel WISEMAN of PA b: abt 1814 Cheltonham, Philadelphia Co, PA d: ? married?

John WISEMAN of English Canada b: Dec 1838 English, Canada d: abt 1831 Detroit, Wayne Co, MI married Jane N. MCARTHUR

Ann WISEMAN Nodine of PA to NY b: abt 1777 d: 3-4-1855 Crawford Co, PA married Samuel NODINE

Mary WISEMAN Martin of Ireland to NY b: abt 1814 Ireland d: 5-8-1850 Seneca Co, NY married Joseph MARTIN

William WISEMAN of Ireland b: abt 1852 Ireland d: ? married Josephine McIntee DIEBBIE or DIBBLE

Adam "Adolph?" WISEMAN of Perry Co, OH b: 4-21-1865 foreign birth? d: 10-19-1846 Hopewell Twp, Perry Co, OH married Sussanne "Susan" (?)

Adolph WEISSMAN or Adam WISEMAN of OH b: 4-21-1765  d: 10-19-1846 Hopewell Twp, Perry Co, OH married Susannah/Susan UNKNOWN b: 3-1-1776 VA  d: 5-2-1851                children: Elizabeth, Jacob G., Magdaline, George, Peter, Johannes (John)WISEMAN     [To contact descendants Marge Hess of OH - CLICK HERE or Dawn Tonneman - CLICK HERE]

Samuel WISEMAN of OH b: Jan-1818 OH d: aft 1900 possibly Columbus, Franklin Co, OH married Susannah "Susan" KING, Mary (Hummel) LONG & Laura (?) Samuel is the son of Jacob & Katherine Bashore WISEMAN found in the Adolph WEISSMAN line above. [confirmed by Dawn Tonneman on 7-25-07]

William WISEMAN of Augusta Co, VA b: abt 1830 possibly Augusta Co, VA d: abt 1862 in Battle of Cross Keys, Rockingham Co, VA, Civil War married ?

William WISEMAN of Fairfield Co, OH b: abt 1795 d: ? lived in Lancaster Twp, Fairfield Co, OH

John Francis WISEMAN of Ireland to WI b: Oct 1803 County Meath, Ireland d: 7-18-1889 ? married Esther Catherine HOARE

John WISEMAN of Germany to IN b: May 1824 Mechlenburg, Germany d: ? probably Pine Twp, Porter Co, IN married Hannah ?

Daniel WISEMAN of Frederick Co, MD b: abt 1795 MD? or VA? d: ? married ?

Richard WISEMAN of Germany to VA b: abt 1810-11 Hanover? Region of Germany d: bef 1880 Bland District, Prince Georga Co, VA married Catherine ?

Mathew WISEMAN of KY or IN b: 8-1-1825 Shelby Co, KY or IN married Sarah Jane PRIEST

James WISEMAN of MO, AR, OK b: 9-16-1841 KY d: 7-15-1912 Shady Point, OK married Nancy Elizabeth MEARS

James WISEMAN of England to OH b: abt 1841 England d: 2-14-1908 Soldier's Home, Dayton, OH married Mary JOPLIN

William Henry WISEMAN of PA b: abt 1821-22 Freedom, Beaver Co, PA d: buried 10-1-1900 married Barbara SMALL

Phillip WISEMAN of England b: 4-19-1752 Ringwood, County Hampshire, England d: 2-25-1816 Ringshire married ?

James WISEMAN of Nova Scotia b: ? d: ? married ?

Donald WISEMAN of IN or IL b: abt 1915 to 1925 d: ? married Kathryn G. SCHONTHALER

George Paul WISEMAN of MD b: abt 1888-89 Baltimore, MD d: Labor Day weekend 1970 ? married Catherine (nee RODERICKS?)

James WISEMAN of Clark Co, IN b: abt 1815 or 1827 Bardstown, Nelson Co, KY d: ? married Rhoda HERRING

William WISEMAN of PA and OH b: 3-26-1814 Philadelphia, Phildelphia Co, PA d: 5-7-1897 Marrieta, Washington Co, OH married Eliza BARNES

Christian WISEMAN of IN b: 11-30-1812 Bern Switzerland d: ? probably Switzerland, IN married Elizabert BROWN & Catherine (?) ANDERSON

Marcus WISEMAN of Germany to MI b: abt 1804-05 Hesse-Damustad, Germany d: abt 1884 probably Jackson Co, MI married Margaret E. (?)

Archibald WISEMAN of Ireland and NY b: 5-10-1812 & 5-9-1813 probably County Antrim, Ireland  d: 5-9-1853 at sea   married Susan CLYDE

John WISMAN of IN b: abt 1770-80 VA d: bef 1850 Wayne Co, IN married Nancy SNIDER

William WISEMAN of Ontario b: abt 1820 (?) d: ? married Sophia (?)

William WISEMAN of Germany and IL b: abt 1804 Germany d: ? living in North ward, Quincy, Adams Co, IL married Mary (?)

Robert WISEMAN of Ireland b: abt 1800 County Antrim, Ireland d: abt 1880 possibly County Antrim, Ireland married Margaret (?)

Symon WISEMAN of England b: abt 1542 possibly Ringwood, County Hampshire, England d: abt 1620 possibly Ringwood married ?

George WISEMAN of PA to GA to MS b: abt 1810-20 possibly PA d: aft 1870 ? married ?

William WISEMAN of England b: abt 1800-20 England d: aft 1839 ? married ?

William WISEMAN of KY b: abt 1820 KY d: bef 1839 ? married Sarah HALE

John WHISMAN of VA to In to MO b: 1-20-1796 VA d: 7-5-1875 near Mountain View, CA married Hannah KING

Thomas Henry WISEMAN of Ireland to Australia b: abt 1812 County Cork, Ireland d: abt 1900 Australia married Anne HARDUM

John WISEMAN of Ireland b: abt 1890 Bantry, County Cork, Ireland d: abt 1960 Bantry married Julia MCCARTHY

August WISEMAN of Germany to WI b: abt 1850 Germany d: bef 1900 WI married Mary BRADY

Charles WISEMAN of Canada to PA to MA b: Sep 1874 Canada (Eng) d: ? married (?) & Elizabeth (?)

Georga W. WISEMAN of VA b: Nov 1854 VA d: 8-13-1922 Poages Mill, Roanoke Co, VA married Sally A. CUNNINHAM? & Lynda F. "Liddie" METZ

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