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  Our  Duncan  Families

       Aunt Edna Duncan Pedrick told most of the family stories that follow. Data is from family records.

         Great great grandfatherMark Patterson Duncan was a Scotsman from the Glasgow area,
                born about 1790. "He was tall, blonde and blue-eyed, of 'the royal Duncan line'".

           The original Highland Duncans spelled the name the Gaelic way:   Donnachaidh.
                They were descendants of the ancient Celts who arrived in Scotland
                before written history--- and perhaps acquired a little Viking blood
                with the passage of time!  The Duncans had a common ancestor with the
                Robertsons: Fat Duncan, Earl of Atholl, about 600 BP.

Later, when the Duncan Clan was 
    depleted by warring, the Duncan 
    Clan joined the powerful Robertson 
    Clan to protect themselves.  As a 
     sub=clan, Duncans have the right 
     to wear the Robertson tartans and 
    do so to honor their benefactors. 
However, Duncans who hail from the 
    Highlands may also wear the 
    ancient blue Duncan tartans.
 Mark Patterson Duncan 
      came to America by
      sailing ship about 1813 when
      times were bad in Scotland.
      He first went to Illinois where
      he met a comely young Irish
      lass who charmed him:
      Annie Moore.
They were married and soon moved to Montgomery County,Tennessee, where 
      they lived out their lives.  They had fourteen children. 
      Their seven daughters' names all begin with  "M" !

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