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            Below are some of the related surnames in our family tree.  They are
    listed under the main surnames of my home page,"About Our ancestors".

            A click on the link by the main surname will take you to the
    descendant outline of that family and you will then have to look at the listed names.
    If you think you are related to the surname, please email me,
                Win Terrell, at

           (Maybe some day I will learn how to put a "search" on this.)

          v    ABBOTT: 1800 PA>OH>AR>CA
                   Beidinger, Bollinger, Box, Burns, Carnahan,
                   Clinton, Epperson, Eproson, Fox, Gibbs,
                   Matthews, Richardson, Schroebel, Whitney

          v     BUTLER:  1800 TN>TX>IT>OK
                   Davis, Gallaway, John

          v    DUNCAN:  1750 SCT>IL>TN>TX>IT>OK
                   Moore, Patterson, Montgomery

          v    FINE:  1735 NED?>NJ>VA>TN>MO>AR>CA
                   Corder, Jobe, Kennedy, King, Warner

          v    TERRELL:  1530 ENG>VA>SC>TN>AR>OK
                   Flenniken, John, Golden

          v     THOMAS:  1870   GER>CA
                   Alreu, Citra

          v    TIENKEN:  1870  Hannover, GER>CA
                   Springer, Von Glahn

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