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Loundon Park Cemetery 

Permit for Interment
Loudon Park Cemetery, Baltimore Maryland

As Requested by Michael J Higgins
Contact Information
13 February 2001 

Transcriptions of the permit for interment
Loudon Park Cemetery - Wingrove Plot.

Name -- Permit Date-Plot - Death by- Age-Interment Date

Mary E. May [nee Wingrove], [ d/o Thomas R Wingrove & Mary Canby]
Peter J May]  
           Permit Date: February 16, 1916
                     plot: 138 S1/2 sect G, 
                  cause: breast cancer,
                     age: 48 yrs 
             interment: February 17, 1916

Mary E. Wingrove, [nee Canby] [w/o Thomas R Wingrove]
         Permit Date: Nov 24, 1927, 
                    plot: 138s1/2 Sect. G, 
                cause :  Illegible

                   age:  71 yrs 6 mos 18 days, 
            Interment: November  23, 1927 
[ Death Certificate]

C or G Florence Wright,
         Permit Date: April 15, 1916,
                    plot: 138 s Sect. G.,
                 cause: Illegible
                    age: 7yrs (?), 
            Interment: April 17, 1916

Thomas R. Wingrove, [ s/o Thomas Wingrove & Elizabeth Matthews]
[ h/o Mary Canby]
       Permit Date:  January 02, 1919,
                  plot:  138s1/2 Sect G., 
                cause: Chronic Myocardial, 
                   age: 68 yrs 9 mos 19 days, 
           Interment: 01-02-1919
          [Headstone 1848 - 1918]

Peter May,
[h/o  Mary Elizabeth Maimie Wingrove]
        Permit Date: January 28, 1931,
                  plot : 138s1/2 Sect G, 
               cause : intestinal obstruction, 
                   age: 62yrs., 
           Interment: 01-28-1931

Annie E. Wingrove [d/o Thomas Wingrove & Elizabeth Matthews]
        Permit Date: December 28, 1895,
                   plot: 139Sect.G,
               cause : no reason,
                   age: 47 yrs, 3 months
           Interment: 12-29-1895

David S. Wingrove, [s/o Thomas Wingrove & Elizabeth Matthews]
         Permit Date:  June 14,1926, 
                   plot: 139s1/2 Sect. G,
                 cause:  illegible, 
                    age: 69yrs 4mos,???

L. Fulton Bathorn (as spelled on paperwork),
[s/o  Joseph G Bathon & Mary E Wingrove]
       Permit Date: June 08, 1899 
                 plot: 139s1/2,sect G. 
              cause: Heart disease, 
                 age: 25yrs, 
         Interment: 06-08-1899.

Alice G  [ Devine] Wingrove,
[w/o David S Wingrove]
     Permit Date: December 05, 1921,
               plot: 139s1/2 Sect. G, 
            cause: diabetes mellitus,
                age: 52yrs. 10mos 5days,
        Interment: 12-07-1921

Anna E. Brown
    Permit Date: January 05, 1946, 
              plot: 139s1/2Sect G. 
           cause: not given, 
              age: 63 yrs 10 mos 28 days,
      Interment: 01-05-1946

Regina Margaret [Davis]  List
[ w/o George S List]
  Permit Date: August 25, 1958,
             plot: 139s1/2sect.G, 
           cause: Not given,
             age: 51yrs ,
     Interment: 08-25-1958 

Elizabeth Wingrove [nee Matthews] [w/o Thomas Wingrove]
    Permit Date: January 18, 1882,
             plot : 138s1/2 Sect G, 
           cause: Not given, 
              Age: 59yrs, 
      Interment: not given

James C. Wingrove,[ s/o Thomas R Wingrove & Mary E Canby]
Permit Date:  April 20, 1881,
           plot: 138s1/2 Sect G. 
           age: 18 months

Daniel Wingrove,
 Permit Date: July 26, 1882,
            plot: 138s1/2sect G. 
            Age: not given, 
            Note on card "removed from Baltimore Cemetery"

Edith B. Wingrove, [d/o Thomas R Wingrove & Mary E Canby]
  Permit Date:  November 02, 1881,
             plot: 138s1/2Sect G. 
             age: 3yrs. 3mos,,

Clara B. Wingrove, [w/o David S Wingrove]
Permit Date:
February 13, 1894,
           plot: 139s1/2Sect G, 
           age: 33 yrs. 6mos,

End of Information
added February 13, 2001


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