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Theresa S TORRES

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   DATE: November 7, 2000              AREA: USA, Maryland, Baltimore

  Loudon Park Cemetery, Baltimore MARYLAND

Gravestone # 1   Thomas Wingrove 1811-1870 
                               Eliz W                     1823-1882 
                               Clara B                  1860-1894 
                               Annie E                 1847 1895 
                               L. Fulton Bathon

  This is my ggggrandfather
Thomas Wingrove & his wife 
      Elizabeth Matthews Wingrove.

Thomas Wingrove, was born on September 17, 1811 at Wilton Wiltshire, England, He died on the 31st of May 1870 age 59, he was the son of Jesse and Ann Wingrove.  
This information was written in the family bible by his daughter
Mary Ellenor Wingrove Bathon
[Page says Elizabeth Mathews Wingrove- which is inaccurate]

The IGI list
Jesse Wingrove baptized Feb 4, 1781, at Wilton by Salisbury, Saint Mary

Annie Elizabeth Wingrove was their daughter, and possibly Clara B. Wingrove  also, I don't have her in my Bible records of children born to them, but she probably was a daughter.

 Laurence Fulton Bathon was their grandson, son of
Mary Ellenor Wingrove Bathon and Joseph George Bathon.  
as he was called, was born January 16, 1874 and died June 6, 1899, he was the oldest child of Mary and Joseph. 

Added April 25, 2001
Children of Mary E Wingrove and Joseph George Bathon
Laurence Fulton Bathon, b. 16 Jan 1874, Baltimore, MD
                                    bap St Vincent's Church Baltimore MD
Jun 7 1899 Luther F Bathon obituary
Charles Joseph Bathon   b. 26 Sep, 1876,  Baltimore, MD
                                    bap. St James Church Baltimore MD
                                     Sergeant Charles J. Bathon 
Obit from Washington Post Oct 17 1901
Albert James Bathon      b. 20 March, 1880, Baltimore, MD
                                    bap. St James Church Baltimore MD
Marie Emma Bathon       b. 17 Dec 1882, Baltimore, MD
                                    bap. St James Church Baltimore MD
Eva Blanche Bathon       b. 23 Sep 1886, Baltimore, MD
                                    bap. St James Church Baltimore MD
Lyttleton McClure Bathon b. 15 Jul 1889, Baltimore, MD
                                    bap. St Ammis Church Baltimore MD
Alfred Sherman Day Bathon b. 16 Jul 1890, Baltimore, MD
                                    bap. St Ammis Church Baltimore MD
                                    died 19 July, 1891
                                    burial St. Augustines, Howard Co MD
*Walter S Bathon           b. May 1884
                                    1900 Census nephew David S Wingrove

Thomas and Elizabeth also had another daughter named Emma Jane Wingrove, born May 16, 1850.  She married D. L. Borgamini not sure if this is the correct spelling, the name is hard to read.  He was from New Orleans La. Mary Ellenor Wingrove died at Larchmont, New York at the home of her daughter, on June 23, 1934 and is buried at St. Augustues Elkridge, Maryland.

Reuben Matthews and Jane Tucker were the  parents of Elizabeth Matthews Wingrove, gravestone # 1. It is interesting how the family used the name of Reuben through the generations.

Gravestone # 2,   
David S. Wingrove 1857-1926 
                          Alice A Devine       1870-1921 

David Spileres Wingrove was the son of Thomas and Elizabeth gravestone # 1. and Alice was the wife of David.

In 1900 children listed with them are:
Margt R.  Wingrove              born Oct, 1879, 
Olevis S. Wingrove daughter, born Jan, 1887, 
Bessie Wingrove,                born Feb, 1882, 
Emma A Wingrove,              born Jan 1884, 
    and a son 
David F Wingrove,               born Oct 1888

   Also living with them a nephew Walter Bathon, born May 1884
   This *Bathon is a mystery to me as he is not listed in the family bible nor in the 1900 census records with Mary Wingrove Bathon and he is not mentioned in any letters she wrote to my Grandmother, but I feel he was a son of Mary and Joseph Bathon.

Gravestone #3,          WINGROVE 
                             Thos. R.           1848 - 1918  
                             Mary E             1856 - 1927  
                             Florence          1873 - 1907 
                             Mamie             1875 - 1916 
                             Clarence         1879 - 1881 
                             Blanche          1877 - 1881 
                             Peter J. May  1868 - 1931

Thomas Reuben Wingrove was the son of Thomas and Elizabeth Wingrove, gravestone # 1. Mary E, would probably be the wife of Thomas Reuben as Mary Ellenor is buried at Elkridge,


Mary Ellenor Wingrove BATHON
   Taken February 1929

   Click Photo to see larger View

Extracts from WINGROVE Family Bible

baltimore1-bible.jpg (715564 bytes) Click to Enlarge

Added at a later time to the original document

Written by Elizabeth Mathews Wingrove 1800-1870
[Questionable: Birth location of children
                    Spelling of her last name]

Son of Jesse & Ann
Thos Wingrove was born 17 Sept 1811 
at Wilton Wiltshire Eng
Daughter of Ruben & Jane
Elisabeth Mathis the wife of Thos Wingrove
was born 6 May 1823
- Ann Elisabeth daughter of Thos & Elisabeth Wingrove
  was born 17 March 1848
- Thomas Ruben Wingrove son of Thos & Elisabeth Wingrove
   was born 10 March 1849
- Emma Jane daughter of Thos & Elisabeth Wingrove
   was born 16 May 1850
- Mary Ellen the daughter of Thos & Elisabeth Wingrove
   was born April 1855
- David Spileres Wingrove the son of Thos & Elisabeth Wingrove
   was born 28 'Jany' 1857
The birth of all the children of Thos & Elisabeth Wingrove
took place in Hanover Co VA or nearby, perhaps Richmond VA

baltimore2-bible.jpg (517459 bytes) Click to Enlarge

Thos Wingrove was married to Elizabeth his wife 3 June 1847 of Richmond VA
- Emma G was married to D L Bergamini of New Orleans LA
  in Baltimore MD on 15 June 1869

Thomas Wingrove son of Jesse & Ann Wingrove
died on 31 May 1870, age 59

Extracts from the 1890 Baltimore City Directory 
  from Michael J Higgins 
Added 23 February 2002

Bathon Surname
BATHON, L., FULTON,   CLERK,          1902 YORK ROAD


Added 17 March 2004 Courtesy Michael Higgins 
The Washington Post, 25 October 1911
Thomas M. Bathon ,30, and Tilba I. Stack, 21, of
Richmond Virginia, The Reverend G.J.S. Hunnicutt 


        Descendants of Jesse Wingrove- Wiltshire to USA
                                 Wingrove Plot - Loudon Park; Michael Higgins

                                  Ancestry President John W Tyler
                                  Wingrove Plot - Loudon Park; Craig Reekie
                                  Wingrove Families in Wiltshire
                                  Wiltshire England
                                  From Wiltshire to Canada - Descendants Joseph Wingrove  
                                  Matthews Entries 1810 Henrico VA Census 



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