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SUBMITTED BY:  Tammy Irwin   Contact Information  
Cloaked for Privacy  
DATE: 13 January 2003  



Archibald Irwin 
      c 1762-1845
Elizabeth Fletcher
c 1769-after 1850

Archibald and Elizabeth Fletcher Irwin were married sometime between 1785-1790 
10 children of Archibald and Elizabeth Fletcher Irwin

 1. William Irwin 
      born Jan. 19,1790 
      no death date

 2. Charles Irwin
born Oct. 10,1791 
      no death date
         Charles Irwin

 3. John Fletcher Irwin
born Aug.26,1793 
      no death date

 4. Matilda Irwin 
      born Oct. 26,1795 
      no death date

 5. Presley Irwin 
      born Jan. 4,1798 
      died 1852 
      Married  Susannah Oiler 
      This is my 4xgr-grandfather
      Presley Irwin 

 6. George W. Irwin 
born April 15,1800 
      died May 18,1878 
      married Ozilla Hanna 
                 who died in 1868

 7. Crawford Irwin
born June 17,1802 
      no death date

 8. Marcus Lafayette Irwin
born Aug. 21,1805

 9. Mary Anne Irwin
born Nov. 8,1807
      married  Andrew Boggs

10. Thomas J. Irwin 
     born July 5,1812


Brown & Co.'s History of Butler County PA
published in 1895
Re: Chapter LXXLLL, pages 1083-1203
      including Cranberry Township; 
      Biographical sketch: pages 1125 & 1126; 
      Map of Butler County showing townships.

"Archibald Irwin was a native of Pennsylvania, and came to Butler county about the year 1810. He had lived in Crawford and Allegheny counties prior to coming here, and followed the trade of blacksmith. He located upon the farm in Forward township where his grandson, John A. Irwin, now resides. He was a man of good education, and one of the pioneer school teacher of the township.
In 1845 he removed to Pittsburgh, and died at the home of his son Thomas in that city. In a letter written by George W. Irwin, in 1853, to his son, John A. Irwin we find the following record of the Irwin genealogy: 

(This is Archibald's son George
 talking to his grandson about Archibald's father grandfather) 

My grandfather was his eldest son, and came to this country when young, married in Pennsylvania and had two sons and one daughter, my father being the the eldest...
(His father being Archibald)..... My grandfather served in the Colonial forces under General Grant, and was present at the battle between the English and French, known as Braddock's defeat... 
For his services in the army he was granted a tract of land in the vicinity of Fort Pitt, now Pittsburgh, but allowed the grant to go by default, as land was then of little value. He afterwards served under Washington in the Revolution. My father being young then had his share of the difficulties of the Revolutionary period ... He learned the blacksmithing trade with a Mr. Porter, at Redstone, Pennsylvania. He assisted in electing General Washington as first president of our country. His last vote was cast for James K. Polk for president. He claimed to be a Democrat all his life and was eighty-three years old when he died.

George W. Irwin, son of Archibald Irwin was born near Meadville, Penna. April 15, 1800, removed to Pittsburgh, with his parents in 1806, and thence to Butler county. In 1812 he went to Pittsburgh for the purpose of learning the blacksmith's trade, and at the age of nineteen years was employed in one of the iron works of that city as a superintendent of the blacksmithing department. He was later engaged as an engineer on the Ohio river. He afterwards embarked in the manufacture of boilers at Pittsburgh, and also boilers at Nashville, Tennessee, where he remained until the war commenced. When the Federal troops captured Nashville they took charge of his plant and thus destroyed his business. Being a staunch Union man, he fought in the battle of Nashville as a Union soldier. In 1868 he returned to Pittsburgh and thence to Butler County, Penna. where he was engaged in farming until his death May 18,1878. Mr. Irwin was a prominent in the iron industry of Pittsburgh for many years and was well known among the manufacturers of that city. Politically he was a Republican . He married Ozilla Hanna, a daughter of W. M. Hanna, of Lancaster county, Penna. She died at Nashville, in 1868. Their family consisted of ten children, eight of whom grew to maturity.

John A. Irwin, fourth son of George W. Irwin, was born at Cadiz, Ohio, April 21,1832, and was reared in Pittsburgh, Penna. He obtained a common school education, learned the book-binder's trade, and embarked in business at Louisville, Kentucky, in 1852. He later went into the book-binding business at Memphis, Tennessee, where he remained until the breaking out of the Rebellion. Being a Union man, he came north to escape service in the Southern army, and became employed with Wells Riddle & Company, of Pittsburgh, which position he filled from 1864 to 1867. 
In 1868 he established a book-binding house in Pittsburgh, which he has since carried on successfully. His homestead in Forward township is one of the richest oil properties in this part of the county, and is one of the best improved farms in the township. Mr.
Irwin married Margaret P. Colvin, to which union have been born the following children:

Ozilla, Sarah, William, George, Robert, and Margaret. Politically he is a Republican, an in religious faith, an adherent of the Methodist Eoiscopal church. For over forty years Mr. Irwin has been a member of the I.O.O.F., and is the state manager of the Odd Fellows Endowment Association. He has also been connected with the A.O.U.W. for more than twenty -one years., and is a member of the Heptosophs.

FACT GLEANED from the Above Article
  Tammy Irwin 

- Archibald Irwin abt. 1762-1845

- Came to Bulter County, Penna. abt. 1810

- Lived in Allegheny and Crawford counties before 

- Native of Pennsylvania

- Grandfather Irwin was an Episcopalian preacher in Ireland

- Archibald's father was the eldest son of the preacher from Ireland
   He came to this country when young and married in Pennsylvania.
   He had two sons and one daughter, Archibald was the oldest.
   He served in the Colonial forces under General Grant.
   He was at Braddock's defeat. (battle between French and English)
   He was granted a track of land near Fort Pitt (Pittsburgh) for his services
   in the Army. ( It went into default sometimes I wonder if it did)....
  He served under Washington in the Revolutionary War.

- Archibald, his son learned the Blacksmithing trade at Redstone Pa. with a Mr.Porter.

- Archibald voted for George Washington and helped 
   him get elected as the first president.

- Archibald last voted for James Polk before he died.

- Archibald died at the age of 83 years.

- Archibald claimed to be a Democrat.

- Archibald was married to Elizabeth Fletcher, daughter of Thomas Fletcher, and wife,
  came from Scotland to Pennsylvania...

- Thomas Fletcher and wife became wealthy farmers in Pennsylvania.

- The Fletcher's were of the Seceder persuasion, and were well thought of.

- Archibald Irwin died in Pittsburgh at the home of his son Thomas in 1845.

- Archibald had a farm in Forward Twp. in Bulter County. 
   His grandson John A. Irwin lived there in the late 1800's.

- Archibald's son George Irwin lived from 1800 to 1878. 
   George married Ozilla Hanna who died in 1868. 
   They had ten children.

- Archibald's son Presley Irwin lived from 1798 to 1852 
   Presley married Susannah Oiler who out lived him. They had 8 children.

- Archibald's wife, Elizabeth was still living in 1850 in Cranberry Twp. Butler Co. 
  at the age of 81.

- Seceder persuasion branch or sect in the Presbyterian church.... 

                                  PRESLEY  IRWIN 

Presley Irwin lived from about 1799 to 1852. He lived in Franklin Township in Armstrong Co. PA with his family. The 1830 census has him living in Cranberry Township of Butler Co. PA. By 1840 He and his family were in Armstrong Co. PA

Presley Irwin was born Jan 4,1798 in Bedford Co. PA
He married abt.1820 to Susannah Oiler who was born about1797 in Bedford PA. 
She died after 1852

Susannah Oiler's father was Lawrence Oyler,
             born about 1754 in ManheimTwp. York PA
             He died Nov.1841 in Bedford County, PA
             Her mother was Mary Magdaleno Miller born about 1758

Presley and Susannah Oiler Irwin had eight children, three sons and five daughters.
Presley died by April of 1852 from drowning in the Mississippi River or Ohio Steamboat accident... 
His wife Susannah, outlived him...

Their children are....

1. Mary - Her husband was Richard McClure who passed away by Nov. of 1864. 
   She was living in Burrel Township Westmoreland Co. PA at that time...

2. Lawrence- His wife was Lucinda. They lived in Armstrong Co. PA

3. Harriet - Her husband was Henry Regis who passed away by Aug. of 1864
    She was living in Sugar Creek Twp. Armstrong Co. at that time.

4. Marcus Fayette - born 1829 died 1910
      His wife Mary Elizabeth Hewitt Irwin born 1833 died 1919
     They lived in Franklin Twp. Armstrong Co. PA.


Photo:  Courtesy Ken Irwin 

             Descendants of Marcus Fayette Irwin

5. Charles Fletcher Irwin - His wife was Isabella Hawk or Howk
     They lived in Cranberry Twp. in Venango Co. PA. 
     Fletcher was born around 1831 died in 1902

6. Elizabeth - born around 1834.
      Records indicate she was married to John Cowan and Thomas Hepler
      She and Thomas Hepler lived in Franklin Twp. Armstrong Co. PA

7. Susannah Erwin/Irwin 
     Born: Feb.9,1833 Bulter Co. PA 
     Died: Jan.4,1917 Lower Tyrone Twp. Penna. Fayette Co. PA
     Married Aug.5,1851 Worthington Twp. Armstrong Co. PA
                by A. C. Ehrenfeld, 
                pastor of the Lutheran church in Worthington, Armstrong, Co. PA
               George W. Rimel (1829-1887),
   They lived for a time in the 1860's in Morgan Co. Ohio. 
   They moved back to Pennsylvania and settled near Dawson in Fayette Co. PA
   They had 9 children:
                                 8 sons and 1 daughter. 
   Her husband , George, was a Civil War veteran. 

  Susannah Erwin/Irwin & George W Rimel 

8. Charlotte - born sometime around 1839. 
                     Charlotte died March 24,1905.
     Her husband was William A. Mortimer.
     They lived in Madison Twp. Clarion Co. PA.

Erwin is spelled Irwin in most record I have found......

20 May 2008

Added May 14, 2008
Descendants of Charles Irwin

Doug Melzer  Drescendants of Edwar

1 Charles Irwin 1791 -
.. +Lida Glenn
........ 2 Matilda Irwin Aug 10,1831 - Aug 6, 1831
............ +Edward Hall (Jun 12, 1831 - May 28, 1899) Requires a free PDF plugin
................... 3 Isabelle Hall 1848 - 1912
....................... +Robert M. McCullough 1847 - [1880-1900]
............................. 4 Edward McCullough 1871 -
............................. 4 Elmer Elwood McCullough 1873 - 1948
................................. +Sylvia Ambinetta Willard 1871 - 1952
........................................ 5 Vernice McCullough 1889 - 1905
........................................ 5 Blanche W. McCullough 1901 - 1934
........................................ 5 Thelma Elizabeth McCullough 1903 - 1979
............................................ +Charles Leo Melzer 1901 - 1993
........................................ 5 Louis Elmer McCullough 1905 - 1943
........................................ 5 John F. McCullough 1910 - 1910
........................................ 5 William McCullough 1912 - 1988
............................................ +?
............................. 4 Lillie Bell McCullough 1876 -

  The Archibald Irwin Family by the Rev. Charles F. Irwin.

1850 Census - PA - Washington Co - Somerset Twp lists (page 3 of 36, lines 28-30):
Edward Hall 28 yr old male Blacksmith born in PA
Matilda Hall 28 yr old female born in PA
Isabelle Hall 2 yr old female born in PA

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genealogy home page


If you can identify any of the above people in these records
please email Tammy Irwin Contact Information

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