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Sunderland Ward Historians Sheila and Keith Hughes

MARGARET Parker WINGROVE, born 14th Nov 1802, in the Parish of Lanchester County of Durham, baptized in Hendon bay 12th May 1849, by C. Pollard confirmed in the Arcade on the 13th of May by him also. 
       Immigrated to America in July 5th 1854.
from the Webmaster 
        Ship William Tapscott  Arrived 1854-08-14 New York
        Occupation Unknown
        Age 50 (b ~ 1804) Sex F
        Literacy U
        Origin England
        Port Liverpool
        Last Residence 
        Destination USA
        Plan Unknown
        Ship William Tapscott
        Passage Unknown

        Occupation Unknown
        Age 17 (b ~ 1837) Sex M
        Literacy U
        Arrived 1854-08-14
        Origin England
        Port Liverpool
        Last Residence 
        Destination USA

MARY ANN WINGROVE, born 30th November 1832, in the Parish of Lanchester, County of Durham, baptized in Hendon Bay by Charles Pollard the 1st September 1849, confirmed the 9th September by Charles Pollard in the Arcade.
       Immigrated to America August 1851.

RICHARD WINGROVE, born at Woodburn, Buckinghamshire, 25th May 1793, baptized in Hendon Bay 12th August 1851, confirmed by him in the house of R. Hay.
      Emigrated to America August the same month 1851.
      1860 NY Census Index 
      NEW YORK CO. 7 W. NYC DIST. 3 201 1860 
      Lists a
Richard Wingrove which could very well be a son
      1860 OHIO Census Index
      MONTGOMERY Co Harrison Twp 499 1860
      Lists a
Richard Wingrove 

Richard Wingrove s/o John Wingrove / Mary Dell
1 m  Sarah Gibson Abt. 1797 - Abt. 1826
                 Samuel Wingrove
b 1816 - December 1884
                 Henry Wingrove b 1818
                 John Wingrove abt 1821
                 William Wingrove abt 1822
                 Sarah Wingrove abt 1826
Margaret Parker b 06 November 1806
                Mary Ann Wingrove
b 30 November 1832
                Jacob Wingrove
abt 1836 - 
Owner Jewelery Store NY- Bachelor
                        Mary Ann kept house for him
                        until marriage 1852 to John I Price
                        [ where was father Richard ?]
                Richard Wingrove
abt 1834

Richard Wingrove was a Paper Maker
       as was his father
John Wingrove and many others
       in the line. see Paper Making Wingrove Families 

As told by Dorothy Price Norman, Camp Heritage, Daughters of Utah Pioneers, Evanston, Wyoming. 

Mary Ann Wingrove was born 1832, in Lanchester, County Durham, and was baptized in Hendon Bay on the 1st September 1849. She was the daughter of Richard and Margaret Parker Wingrove. Her mother, Margaret was baptized in Hendon Bay on the 12th May 1851, and her father, Richard was baptized, also in Hendon Bay, on the 12th August 1851.
Mary Ann emigrated the same month as her Father, August 1851. A family journal shows that she met and married John Isaac Price in New York City in 1852. John worked in a sawmill and they later moved to Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio. John and Mary Ann left early in 1864 with their family and other Saints, with covered wagons for the town of Wyoming, Nebraska, which was the gathering place of the Saints. The trip proved to be very strenuous, and their provisions became low. John drove the wagon loaded with sawmill equipment and heavy machinery, and their son, Isaac Thomas, age 8 and half years old, drove the other team bringing the household supplies, with his mother and baby brother riding by his side.
An epidemic of Cholera swept through the country, claiming many lives. Many Saints contracted the disease from which they suffered greatly, and numerous were the graves along the way. Sometimes there were few friends well enough to care for the dead. Little John Richard, the baby, was ill only a few days, and soon a small mound was left beside the trail behind them. Each day they counted the number of graves as they passed. So with sorrow and fatigue, they passed on enduring all for the Gospel's sake, and the glorious hope for the future.
Early in August they arrived at Wyoming, Nebraska. The same day, the church teams from Utah also arrived, sent through the Perpetual Emigration Fund, under the direction of Erastus Snow, with supplies to help them on the way to Utah, and to bring back supplies and freight needed for the journey. Captain Hyde's train left 9th August 1864, and Captain Warren S. Snow's train left 11th August 1864. President Brigham Young instructed the two companies to travel together while passing through dangerous Indian country.
Traveling was difficult and tedious in such a large company. One morning in September 1864, after crossing the Sweetwater River, [WY] Isaac desired a drink of water and his mother climbed into the wagon to get a cup, thinking she could run to the stream and then catch up again, with the drink for Isaac. But as she attempted to climb down from the moving wagon, her clothing caught on the brake rod, throwing her forward, with her head beneath the wheel of the heavily loaded wagon, crushing out her life instantly.
As danger from the Indians was so imminent to the entire company, the train stopped only briefly, while a shallow grave was made in the hard earth. The mortal remains of the lovely Mary Ann, wrapped in the dainty patchwork quilt made by her own hands, were placed within the grave, helpful hands replaced the soil and set a pile of rocks to mark the grave, and the wagons passed on it's way."

Sunderland Ward Historians
Sheila and Keith Hughes

John  Price b 10 May 1830 Gladestry, Radnor, Wales was the youngest of sixteen children of  John Price and Ann Cook. After his parents' death brothers John and Isaac emigrated to the USA. John worked in lumber camps in New York State with his brother Isaac Price. Apparently after the accidental death of Isaac, John Price added his brothers name to his, becoming known as John Isaac Price.
John Isaac Price
married Mary Ann Wingrove in 1852, apparently moving westward as Isaac Thomas Price was born in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Latter-day Saint Biographical Encyclopedia Volume 4
Stake and Ward Officers Bear Lake Stake Pugmire, Edward Mckay

Isaac Thomas Price, , Bishop of the Round Valley Ward, Bear Lake Stake, Rich Co., Utah, from 1892 to 1912, was born Oct. 26, 1855, in Cincinnati, Ohio, the son of John Isaac Price and Mary Ann Wingrove. He emigrated to Utah with his parents in 1862, was baptized in 1864, and settled in Round Valley in 1870. He was ordained a High Priest and Bishop May 10, 1893, by Geo. Teasdale. He died May 5, 1912.

Pioneers and Prominent Men of Utah Genealogies and Biographies

P Privates
Isaac Thomas Price
Married Ann Maria Reed Sept. 26, 1877. 
Their children: 
Alice A. b. Nov. 14, 1879, m. Arthur Smith Oct. 11, 1898; 
Elizabeth E. b. Dec. 23, 1881, m. Joseph H. Astle June 13, 1906;
Mary A. b. June 2, 1884, m. Joseph Stucki April 6, 1904; 
Isaac Elvin b. Jan. 29, 1887; 
Ezra Luther b. Feb. 12. 1890, m. Alzina Tingey Nov. 23, 1910;
Franklin Jesse b. May 21, 1892; 
Wilford Marion b. May 8, 1895;
Myrtle H. b. May 22, 1898; 
Laverne R. and Melverne W. b. June 30, 1900; 
Leslie Lyman b. June 18, 1901; 
Asael Woodruff b. Dec. 23, 1904. 
Family home Round Valley, Utah.

        Mary Ann Wingrove

        Sunderland Ward ENG

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