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The majority of  WINGROVE families that have been found in Ontario pre-1900 seem to date back to a single family from Northamptonshire England - their story starts here and they are part of the Webmaster's lineage.

Other Wingrove families from England and possibly Ireland arrived in Ontario in the early 1900's as well.

           See Wingrove 1871 Census     1901 Census 

           Partial Listing ... 
                                     Wingrove Ontario Burials 
                                     Wingrove Burials  I 
                                     Wingrove Burials II 
                                     MOFFAT  CEMETERY 
                                     Old Methodist Church Cemetery - Montsberg 
                                     Baptist Church Cemetery, Mountsberg, East Flamborough 
                                     W I N G R O V E   Burial Plot  Tillsonburg ON 
                                     Melancthon Wingrove
                                     Wingrove Descendants in Southern Ontario 
                                     Larry C Furman Submissions
                                     THOMAS WINGROVE & MARY HUNT 
                                     Wingrove & The Great Lakes 
                                     William A Wingrove and Estelle Link
Ancestors of Florence Caldwell 
                                       & Joseph N Wingrove

                                     Lucy Wingrove
and Charles Lambier
                                     Sarah Samantha Watts 
Reginald Joseph Wingrove 
                                     Dave Johnson Submissions

                                     Joseph Page & Ann Revell 
                                     Josiah Mount & Mary Ann Page
                                     Thomas Henry Forsyth
& Elizabeth Goodfellow
                                     WILLIAM F FORSYTH
                                     Descendants of William Jones Sr. 
                                     Descendants of Robert Murray Lounsbury
                                     Descendants of William Henry Link
Descendants of Edward Donaven 
                                      Extracts from Will of WILLIAM HITCHCOCK 
                                     Jeremiah Hirst   

Jeremiah Becker 
Obituary for GILLES  J   BOYER
                                      John Allison and his wife Jane Parker  
                                      William BUTCHER 


            Some of these may not contain Wingrove information
                                        Mike Wingrove's Farmers' Directories ca 1891
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                                         Ontario Census On Line
                                        Olive Tree Ontario Resources
                                        Resources for Ontario & Upper Canada
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                                        Search 1871 Census for Ontario
                                        Town of Ingersoll  Census 1851, 1861, 1871, 1891, 1901
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