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A Personal  All Occurrences Single Name Study
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he Wingrove surname appears to originate in England and 
the surname has evolved over the years.

seem to be, the only two forms,
                                     that have survived 
                                     in any great number. 

People with these surnames occur in all parts of the world and have been involved in a multitude of professions and embraced a wide variety of religious beliefs. 

This site is an attempt to link all of those that have gone before us

     - paving the way for the future 

     - our future.

Your assistance is key to providing a complete and accurate record

This site is a personal  endeavor of Michael Wingrove of Canada, assisted by many individuals from around the world. Any works submitted to the site remain the intellectual property of the submitter. With the exception of data included in the Gedcoms, the submitted  information may be removed, or changed, at any time, at the request of the submitter.

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Any and all information is covered by copyright and is intended for personal use.  There  are no guarantees to the accuracy of any of the information.  Use it as a starting point for your own research &  verify the details from primary sources wherever possible.

If you would like to be listed as a researcher for the Wingrove surname, just send an email indicating the geographical area of concentration and you will be added to the WINGROVE RESOURCE CENTER as a Wingrove Associate

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Many people have submitted data, scans and photographs for inclusion in this web site. Submissions are an important function for this site. 
Your submission helps to develop an accurate Wingrove History.
You can take a free ride and just remove information from the site or
you can become involved in submitting information that will form a better view of the Wingrove contribution to the World.


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This area consists of a variety of media ranging from lineage on selected individuals, family or individual photographs, as well as tombstone photos. 


This very important part of Wingrove World Wide™, is maintained in a separate database, off site, and the information in the database is not covered by the Site Search feature. 
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There are a number of facts or notes that can not be placed in the Gedcom files. These notes are posted on a monthly schedule and often contain links to the original sources. 

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