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This Site deals with My Windsor and Hunt Families and Collateral Surnames


Updated 08 March, 2007



I dedicate this site to my parents and my One and only Brother !!

M. Bernice Hunt

Born 10 Sept. 1899 Star, Mills, Texas Died 06 AUG 1952 Oxnard, Ventura, Calif.

Lorenza Dow Windsor

Born 27 May 1901 Liberty Hill, Williamson, Texas Died 04 Feb. 1952 Oxnard, Ventura, Calif.


My Brother, James A. Windsor

Born 11 Dec. 1924 Belevedre Gardens, Los Angeles, Calif.

Died 15 Dec. 2006. Oxnard, Ventura, Calif.


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Duane Windsor

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I wish to express my appreciation to the following persons in contributing to my family research.

James Windsor, Lee Windsor Laufenberg, Mona S. Supensky, Nancy Windsor Waterman

an others to numerous to mention


This genealogy web site is presented for your Interest only. Although I believe most of the information listed to be correct, I can not verify or guarantee that to be the case. Not all of the information was researched by professional genealogist or followed the rules of good genealogy research. Your corrections or additions are welcome. Do the the volume of e-mails I receive I will not be able to respond to your submissions or additions personally

I welcome any and all corrections and contributions to the families presented here.

Unless otherwise stated, permission to use information and to add it to this site is assumed on all information that is sent to me unless so stated! In all cases, I will not show pertinent information on the living such as dates and location if I am told that they are living persons.


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