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a Generation of Kansas Pioneers in Atchison, Brown & Doniphan Counties

6. Bradley Family History

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Richard Wilson, "", The Kansans and Whence They Came, Internet: . (Accessed 17 Jan 2017).
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A nnie, William, Emma, and David, four of the five known children of Leonard K. and Mary A. Bradley, removed with their parents from Missouri to Mt. Pleasant Township, Atchison County, Kansas. The parents and three children moved between 1875-80, and the fourth child, David, was again living with them by 1885.

David Bradley

The oldest known child was David Clinton Bradley who was born 05 Dec 1854 in Missouri. Already an adult, David must have initially remained in Missouri or gone elsewhere when the family moved to Kansas. However, he was again living with them in Atchison County in 1885. This is the last known of him.

Annie Bradley

Ann Elizabeth Bradley was born on 4 or 5 Nov 1859 in Huntsville, Randolph County, Missouri. After moving to Kansas with her parents, Annie married Charles White Barber on 9 Aug 1882 in Atchison County. Charles died on 20 Dec 1899 leaving a widow and three children. By 1905, Annie had moved the family into the town of Atchison where she was earning a living as a dressmaker. She continued living here with her daughter until Ellen married in 1930. They both then moved to southern Kansas to live in Iola with Ellen's new husband and step-children. After living for nearly fifty years as a widow, Annie died here on 7 Apr 1949. She was buried with her husband in the Cummings Cemetery in Cummings, Atchison County, Kansas. Annie and Charles had the following children:

  1. Mary Ellen (Ellen) Bradley (1884-1970).
  2. Joseph Leonard Bradley (1885-1958).
  3. Frank Clinton Bradley (1892-1916).
  4. [See Barber Family History for more details on these children.]

William Bradley

William E. Bradley was born 17 Aug 1866 in Missouri. He came to Kansas with the rest of the family when still a boy and married Ora M. Cline 27 Feb 1895. In 1920, William and his children were living in Benton Township, Atchison County, Kansas. They had the following children:

  1. Myrtle E. Bradley (c.1896).
  2. David Charles Bradley (c.1898).
  3. Lloyd R. Bradley (1900) who married Norma Morton c.1922.

Emma Bradley

Emma A. Bradley was born 10 Nov 1872 in Missouri. Emma, still a young child, had also come to Kansas with her family. She married Major T. Farris (Major was his name) in Leavenworth County, Kansas, on 10 Feb 1891. They moved to Jefferson County, Kansas where they remained. Major died 10 Aug 1923, and Emma died 02 Feb 1941. They had the following children:

  1. William T. Farris (1892-1956).
  2. Elber S. (Dick) Farris (1894-1957).
  3. Anna Lee Farris (1895-1990).
  4. Harley B. Farris (1897-1918).
  5. Agnes Farris (1900).
  6. Alma Farris (1904-1983).
  7. Ruth Elizabeth Farris (1906-1987).
  8. Lucille Farris (c.1909).
  9. Leonore Farris (1914-1917).

Leonard Keeling Bradley Jr.

Leonard Keeling Bradley, Jr., the father of these children, was born 1824 in Missouri, probably Randolph County. He married Mary Agnes Hunt on 20 Nov 1853 in Huntsville, Randolph County. Mary was born 15 Dec 1834 in Randolph County as a daughter of Jonathan Hunt and Catharine Emerson. On 23 Dec 1894, Leonard died of pneumonia and was buried in the Cummings Cemetery. By 1900, Mary was living with her daughter, Lura, in Smithville, Clay County, Missouri. An Atchison newspaper article says that she suffered a stroke while living there in Jan 1907, and she was not expected to live. Mary survived, however, until 22 Jul 1910 in Smithville, but she is buried with her husband in Cummings. Census records show that Mary gave birth to ten children, but only four were living by 1910. Their known children, all of whom were born in Missouri, probably in Huntsville, were:

  1. David Clinton Bradley (1854) previously discussed.
  2. Lura Catharine Bradley (1856-1927) who is not known to have moved to Kansas. She married Henry L. Burnham c.1880 and moved to Smithville.
  3. Ann Elizabeth Bradley (1859-1949) previously discussed.
  4. William E. Bradley (1866) previously discussed.
  5. Emma A. Bradley (1872-1941) also previously discussed.

Kentucky to Missouri

The father of Leonard K. Bradley, Thomas Bradley, was born 1 Oct 1792 in Fayette County, Kentucky. He served as a Private in the Kentucky Militia for about 5 weeks during the War of 1812 from 8 Feb - 17 Mar 1815. Later that year, he married Elizabeth Cockrill 24 Dec 1815 in Fayette County. After having their first child here, they removed in 1818 to Randolph County, Missouri, where their remaining children were born. They had the following children:

  1. Joseph Terry Bradley (1816-1898).
  2. Mary Jane Bradley (1818-1894) who married a minister named Lewis Conner 1850 in Schuyler County, Missouri, and died in Adair County, Missouri.
  3. Susan A. Bradley (c.1821-c.1902).
  4. Mandana Bradley (1822-1906) who married David Barrow Rice 1845 in Randolph County, Missouri, and died in Amador County, California.
  5. Leonard Keeling Bradley (1824-1894) previously discussed.
  6. Nancy Lucas Bradley (c.1826-c.1899).
  7. Clinton C. Bradley (c.1828-c.1865).
  8. Edward Milton Bradley (c.1835-c.1876).
  9. Lura Bradley (c.1836-c.1918) who married Francis Preston Hall.
  10. Martha Elizabeth Bradley (c.1838-1878).
  11. Louisa Bradley (1806) who died after 1865.
  12. Calvin Bradley (1811-c.1874).

Thomas died 17 Feb 1853 in Schuyler County, Missouri.

Leonard Keeling Bradley Sr.

The father of Thomas Bradley, Leonard Keeling Bradley, Sr., was born 1756 in North Carolina. By his own account in his Revolutionary War pension records, Leonard served in the North Carolina Militia for seven tours during the war, each lasting between three and nine months. His first tour was as a volunteer, or minute man, in January 1776. By his third tour in June 1778, he was commissioned as a Lieutenant and was part of a detachment in charge of the supply wagons. He remained with them at Ashley Ferry, South Carolina, while Gen. Benjamin Lincoln led an eight mile march to attack at the Battle of Stono Ferry on 20 Jun 1779. His sixth tour found him defending the city against the British during the Siege of Charleston which began 2 Apr 1780. He was among the thousands of soldiers who were surrendered to the British as prisoners of war on 12 May 1780. He was paroled eight days later and obliged to remain on his plantation in St. Judeís Parish, Surry County, North Carolina, until a general exchange of prisoners occurred in the Summer of 1781. He was drafted into his final tour soon afterward in September of the same year, and he remained in service until 1 March 1782. During this period he was in a company of horsemen, or cavalry, involved in several skirmishes outside the city of Wilmington, North Carolina.

North Carolina to Kentucky

After the end of the war, Leonard left North Carolina for Kentucky in 1783. He married Mary Day Boone at Boone's Station, Fayette County, Kentucky, on 20 Jun 1785. An unpublished manuscript written by Tim Capps in 1985, recounts the history of the Booneís Creek Baptist Church located near here using the original church records. One of the eighteen founding members of this church was Samuel Boone who was Leonardís father-in-law as well as an older brother of Daniel Morgan Boone, the legendary frontiersman. These records show that Leonard probably wasnít the most pious member of his congregation. He was charged but cleared of a fist fight in 1799, then he was suspended from the church in 1801 for excessive drinking. According to the pension record, his family relocated in 1825 to Randolph County, Missouri, where his son, Thomas, was already living. He died here 2 Dec 1834 and was buried in Bruce Cemetery near Clark, Randolph County, Missouri. His wife died 1 Nov 1851, and, according to local history, she was buried with her husband. Leonard and Mary had the following children, all in Fayette County, Kentucky:

  1. Terry Joseph Bradley (1786-1862).
  2. Elizabeth Bradley (1787-1819).
  3. Samuel Boone Bradley (1790-1871).
  4. Thomas Bradley (1792-1853) previously discussed.
  5. Keeling Bradley (1794-c.1837).
  6. Edward R. Bradley (1797-1833).
  7. Levi Day Bradley (1799) who died before 1865.
  8. Squire Boone Bradley (1801-c.1871).
  9. Milton Bradley (1803-1865).
  10. Newton Bradley (1805) who died in infancy.
  11. Louisa Bradley (1806) who died after 1865.
  12. Calvin Bradley (1811-c.1874).

Terry Thomas Bradley

Bradley Family Migration to Kansas
Bradley Family Migration to Kansas
1. Albemarle County, Virginia
2. Surry County, North Carolina
3. Fayette County, Kentucky
4. Randolph County, Missouri
5. Atchison County, Kansas
Finally, the last known ancestor is the father of Leonard Keeling Bradley. Terry Thomas Bradley was born between 1720-25 in Virginia. He married Mary Keeling c.1750, and they lived in Albemarle County, Virginia, probably until the late 1750ís. They then moved to a part of Rowan County, North Carolina, which would later become Surry County. By 1775, Terry owned a sizable 975 acre plantation which must have been the one referred to on Leonardís parole. Terry died c.1784-85 in Surry County, North Carolina, and his will divided his land among three of his sons. 200 acres went to Leonard who was already in Kentucky. 300 acres went to John, and 475 acres went to George. This will also refers to his "beloved wife", but it is not clear if this was Mary, or if perhaps he had remarried at some point. Terry and Maryís known children are:

  1. Molley Bradley (c.1752).
  2. Leonard Keeling Bradley (1756-1834) previously discussed.
  3. John Bradley (c.1758) who remained in North Carolina and purchased Leonardís 200 acres in 1791.
  4. Edward R. Bradley (1760-1826) who married Elizabeth Winn. He was also a Revolutionary War veteran and moved to Ft. Boonesborough after Leonard. They resettled c.1821 as one of the original "Old Three Hundred" families who colonized present day Austin, Texas, while it was still under Spanish control.
  5. Richard Bradley (c.1761-c.1826) who died in Edgecombe County, North Carolina.
  6. George Bradley (c.1762-1815) who married Elizabeth Briggs and died in Smith County, Tennessee.
  7. Matthew Bradley (c.1766) who probably died before his fatherís will was written in 1784.

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