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Wilsey-Roberts plus others with notes

Living [Parents]


Living [Parents]

Living [Parents]

Living [Parents]

Living [Parents]



They had the following children:

  F i Living
  F ii Living

Oliver H. Evans [Parents] was born on 20 Mar 1819. He died in 1875. He married Nancy Pace.

Other marriages:
Atherton, Maria

Nancy Pace [Parents] was born on 12 Apr 1828. She died on 7 Mar 1850. She married Oliver H. Evans.

Daniel E. Cook.Daniel married Margaret Peggy Pace.

Property Bk 24 pg 508 Jan 11, 1827 Daniel E. Cook to Henry Pace. Lot 41 third div. Property came from Sarah & Augur Hoyt to Adowam Covert & Hannah his wife and on Oct 1, 1823 to Michael Pace & Elizabeth his wife and on Dec 31, 1825 to Daniel E. & Margaret Cook.

Bk 24 pg 510 Mar 30, 1828 Lot #3 third div. Margaret Lerch to Daniel E. Cook.
wit: John Bennet & Henry Pace. Land had come from Lawrence Myers to Margaret.

Henry Pace Will bk B pg 235 wife Margaret. Nov 6. 1845 Refers to property from Margaret Lark to himself & to Margaret Murphy, Josiah Pace & John Hawk. Bordered on south by John Hawk, Joseph Jaquish and Peter Lark Pace.

Four children: Joseph, Margaret R, Henry & Charles S. will dated June 2, 1843.
Letters testimony by Margaret Sinclair (late Pace) Apr. 25, 1850.
(wish I had copied this)

Bk 50 pg 180 May 30, 1850 Daniel E. Cooks heirs to Lawrence McCarty & James Croghan. Widow of Daniel E. Cook is still living and is now the wife of Michael Murphy. It is signed by Henry Cook, William Cook, Sarah Cook, Edward Sandoz and Ann his wife, late Ann Cook.

Bk 60 pg 130 Feb 1852 rec Dec 1854 Wm. Cook, Henry, Sarah, Edward Sandoz and Ann to Lawrence McCarty & James Kanny.

Bk 60 pg 131 Feb 3, 1852 Michael Murphy to Lawrence McCarty & James Kanny.

By 1845 Margaret (Pace) Cook is married to Murphy but they do not settle property until 1850?


Found this at Mormon's. While it doesn't help Amos it could fit Daniel.
Could not find any brother or sisters for Serad but doesn't mean they aren't there.

Descendants of Jesse COOK

First Generation

1.Jesse COOK-17066 was born about 1734. He had the following children: 2Mi.
Serad COOK- was born about 1760.

Second Generation

2.Serad COOK- was born about 1760 in of West Hartford, Hartford, CT.
Serad married (1) Mercy GOODWIN-6189. Mercy was born 1764 in of West Hartford, Hartford, CT.

They had the following children:
3Fi.Sophy COOK- was born about 1786 in of West Hartford, Hartford, CT.
Sophy married (1) SCHUYLER- SCHUYLER was born about 1784 in of West Hartford, Hartford, CT.

4Fii.Amanda COOK- was born about 1788 in of West Hartford, Hartford, CT.
Amanda married (1) HUDSON- HUDSON was born about 1786 in of West Hartford, Hartford, CT.

5Fiii.Martha COOK-was born 1791 in CT.
Martha married (1) Charles PARMALEE-Charles was born 15 Dec 1787 in CT.

6Fiv.Nancy COOK- was born about 1793 in CT.
Nancy married (1) Otis WHIPPLE-Otis was born about 1791 in CT.

7Mv.Daniel COOK- was born about 1795 in CT.

8Mvi.George COOK- was born about 1797 in CT.

9Mvii.Chauncey COOK- was born about 1799 in CT.

10Fviii.Harriet M. COOK- was born about 1801 in CT.

Margaret Peggy Pace [Parents] was born about 1800 in , , New Jersey. She married Daniel E. Cook.

Other marriages:
Murphy, Michael

They had the following children:

  M i Henry Cook
  M ii William Cook
  F iii Sarah Cook
  F iv Ann Cook
  M v Isaac Cook

James R. Miller was born about 1817 in , Orange County, New York. He married Sarah Cook about 1840.

James and Sarah said to have had eight children. From History of Wyoming Co., PA. James was a Justice of Peace for five years, and was a Good Templar and trustee of East Lemon Church.

Sarah Cook [Parents] was born about 1827 in Pennsylvania. She married James R. Miller about 1840.

John Pace [Parents] was born in 1781. He married Elizabeth Hiles.

Elizabeth Hiles.Elizabeth married John Pace.

William Pace [Parents] was born in 1788. He married Abigail Freeman.

Abigail Freeman.Abigail married William Pace.

Michael Pace [Parents] was born in 1797. He married Elizabeth Jones.

Elizabeth Jones.Elizabeth married Michael Pace.

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