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Wilsey-Roberts plus others with notes

Joseph Rogers was born in Northmorelandtwp, Wyoming County, , Pennsylvania. He married Hannah Clark about 1831.

Hannah Clark [Parents].Hannah married Joseph Rogers about 1831.

John Park Burgess [Parents] was born on 26 Aug 1795 in Canterbury, , Conn.. He died on 2 Feb 1870 in Forkston, Wyoming County, , Pennsylvania. He was buried in South Branch Cem, Forkston, , Pennsylvania. He married Mary (Polly) Clark on 4 Apr 1845.

Other marriages:
Scouten, Sally
Lutes, Nancy
Evans, Susannah

BURI PLAC South Branch Cemetery, Forkston, PA.

Mary (Polly) Clark [Parents] was born on 13 Sep 1811. She died on 4 Aug 1893. She married John Park Burgess on 4 Apr 1845.

George D. Clark [Parents] was born about 1815. He died in 1892. He married Calista.

Calista was born in 1817. She died on 5 Nov 1899 in Pennsylvania. She was buried in Nov 1899 in Beaumont Cem., Wyoming County, , Pennsylvania. She married George D. Clark.

Stephen Clark [Parents] was born on 5 Apr 1815. He died in 1899. He married Elizabeth Thompkins.

Elizabeth Thompkins.Elizabeth married Stephen Clark.

John Carey was born on 23 May 1822. He died on 8 May 1903. He married Sarah Clark.

Sarah Clark [Parents].Sarah married John Carey.

Moses Williams.Moses married Sarah Carey.

Sarah Carey [Parents] was born on 1 Oct 1797. She married Moses Williams.

Seth (Orville) Stark Ball [Parents] was born on 25 Jan 1827 in prob East Lemon, Wyoming County, , Pennsylvania. He died on 3 Apr 1893 in Castlewood, South Dakota. He married Sarah Berfield Patterson on 9 Dec 1861 in , Jackson County, Wisconsin.

Other marriages:
Wilsey, Almira or Elmira Catherine ??

Seth does not show in any of the census in PA. Did he & Almira move with her father, Matthew to Ohio or Wisc.?

A Nettie Emerson Johnson died in Jackson Co., WI there 16 Dec 1934, Vol 14, page 7 Death Records.

Following found 1860 Census Wisconsin, Vol 7 (519-1134) taken 25 Jul 1860.
Town of Albion, Wisc, Jackson Co., Post Office Black River Falls, 1860 177-160
Wesley Wescott 23 laborer born Canada
Nancy 15, born PA (Probably Nancy Acenath Willey)
George W. 7/12, born Wisc
Seth Ball 32, laborer, born PA
William O. Ball 9, born PA
Lewis W. Ball 7, born PA
Following found:
Census 1870 Wisconsin, Town of Albion, Jackson Co., Post Office Black River Falls, Vol. 10 (1-422A) Roll 1718
Ball, Seth age 45, lumberman, born PA
Sarah age 55, born PA (was this Seth's wife??)
William age 20, born PA
Walter age 18, born PA
Olson, Sena, F, age 16, servant born Norway
Billings, Gilleen age 21, farm laborer, born PA
Westcott, Wesley age 34, milkman, born Canada
Nancy age 25, born PA
George age 10, born WI
Caroline age 6, born WI
Chub age 1, born WI
Garret, William age 60, laborer, born CT
From Carla B.

Now here's the fun part....

If you remember I'm researching Wilsey's to find more documentation on Nettie Augusta Johnson Payne who married Thomas Meredith. Nettie was the half sister of the sons of Seth (Stark or Orvile) Ball ie.: Lewis Walter Ball, William Orvile Ball and Nelson Mathew Ball. The mother of all the children was ALMIRA CATHERINE WILSEY. Recently I sent you the info on the marriage of Wesley Wescot who married Nancy Ascenath WILLEY, who was the younger sister of Almira.
The girls parents were of course Mathew Wilsey and Mary 'Polly' Ball. Which of course makes a tangled mess with Almira Wilsey and Seth Ball being first cousins because Mary 'Polly' Ball was Seth Ball's aunt on his fathers side.
One of William O. Ball's (son of Seth Ball above) wives was a Millard. In fact a Grandmother Millard who's connected with the Campbell family attends one of William O' Ball's daughters wedding.

As we have both found neither Almira nor her son Nelson Mathew Ball is listed with Seth, the other two boys and the Wescot/Wilsey family living with him in the 1860 WI census. Instead Nelson is with Mathew and Mary 'Polly' Ball in Iowa and Almira is unlisted. Almira is said to have died 6 weeks after the June 1858 birth of her daughter Nettie Augusta. Nettie is however found later to be living with the Payne family in MN in the 1860 MN census. Two years later the George Payne (b. 1825, Pittsfield, Berkshire Co., PA)legally adopts Nettie and by this time they have another daughter named Myra. George's first wife, I can't reall her first name and her last name is unknown, was said to have been a close friend to Almira Wilsey.

As yet I have not found a record of Almira's death, burial or any marriage.

Anyway as you can see we apparently have other common surnames and frankly I had expected we would somewhere along the line but I did not expect Ostrander to be one of them. As it happens Nettie Augusta Johnson Payne who married Thomas Meredith had a daughter named Evelyn. Evelyn married Anton Daniel Ostrander, the son of George W. Ostrander and Mary Huber. George came from Erie Co., NY to WI and then went to Iowa. He was a blacksmith in Iowa and once shod Jesse James' horse. He said Jesse was a 'damn nice fellow'.

So tell me your Ostrander connection. BTW your doing a swell job with the 'newsletter'. Should you need any help with your webpage let me know. I also do web pages. If you'd like to use this for an update regarding my Wilsey connection for the newsletter go ahead. The Sarah listed with Seth in 1870 was his wife, Sarah Berfield Patterson. After she died Seth married a third time. I think the Gillen Billings is a nephew of Seth's also. Or perhaps it was a cousin. I can't recall of the top of my head but I think I found him to be the son of either one of Seth's aunts/uncles or one of his sister or brothers. As far as I know neither the woman named Olson or the man named Garret were related to either the Wilsey or Ball families.

Marriage information from Jackson Co. WI Marriage Index, Patterson, Sarah * Ball, Seth, 9 Dec 1861.
Seth Ball owned more than 40 acres, in range 22, s.w. corner- Alma Center and Albion, Jackson Co., 1879

Sarah Berfield Patterson was born about 1815 in , Pennsylvania. She married Seth (Orville) Stark Ball on 9 Dec 1861 in , Jackson County, Wisconsin.

#7193 Jackson Co., Wisc. index to Marriage Vol 1, P-46.

Walter Lewis or Lewis Walter Ball [Parents] was born in Jan 1853 in Pennsylvania. He died in 1946. He married Lettie S. Chandler on 6 Mar 1877 in , Jackson County, Wisconsin.

Other marriages:
Anderson, Ella

Walter Lewis Ball #6404 b. Jan 1853 d. 1946 married 6 Mar 1877 Lettie S. Chandler #7190 Jackson Co., Wisc. Marriage Index 1865-1855, Vol I, page 46.. Listed as Lewis Waller Ball.

Lettie S. Chandler.Lettie married Walter Lewis or Lewis Walter Ball on 6 Mar 1877 in , Jackson County, Wisconsin.

They had the following children:

  M i Frederick Roy Ball.
  M ii Fay W. Ball was born in Dec 1884 in South Dakota.
  M iii Earl Jerome Ball
  F iv Maude Ball.
  F v Mert Ball.

Samuel Carey [Parents] was born on 12 Aug 1758 in , , New York. He died on 23 Apr 1843 in Pittston Township, Luzerne County, , Pennsylvania. He married Mary Parks.

Other marriages:
Cary, Rosannah
Gore, Theresa or Thirza or Thursey

Supposedly had 10 children

26 April 1843
Samuel CAREY - The last but one of the survivors of the Wyoming Massacre, died at his residence on the Plains, in Pittston township, on Sunday morning last. Mr. CAREY was nineteen at the time of the battle, and was in his eighty-fifth year at the time of his death. He belonged to Captain BIDLACK’S company, was on a scouting party up as far as Wyalusing, before the invasion; and was at Exeter, a day or two before the battle, siding in removing the remains of the HARDINGS, who had been murdered by the Indians. On the fatal 3rd, he was enabled, by his superior agility, while scores of his comrades were cut down around, to reach the river bank, and swim across. But the wily enemy before him; and as he landed, he fell into the hands of a party of Indians. They compelled him to swim back again, bound him and took him up to Fort Wintermoot. In the morning, he was led to a young savage who had been mortally wounded, and was dying, a sort of ceremony took place, the purpose of which was to learn from the young Indian whether he wished the young prisoner to be carried home to his parents in his place. The dying savage assented – young CAREY was named Coconennquo, and adopted into the tribe of Onondagos.
When the Indians departed, CAREY was taken with them. He remained in captivity six years, living with the Indians on the northern frontier, but at last managed to escape and returned to his much loved, though desolated home.. Mr. CAREY had been in feeble health for some time. The energies of his manhood gradually declined; one by one his senses had lost their quickness; and as a good old age hi lamp of life went out for want of oil.
The remains of the old soldier were interred at the grave yard in this place on Tuesday last. The Wyoming Artillerists escorted the body into town, and paid the last tribute of military honors; and a very large concourse of citizens were present.

Great Freshet – …..At Skinner’s Eddy, Tunkhannock, and other places below, the flats are all under water and it is apprehended that immence losses of lumber, fences, and other private property, if not great damage to the public works, must have been sustained…..

Mary Parks was born in 1740. She died on 11 Apr 1806. She married Samuel Carey.

Other marriages:
Gore, Daniel Capt.

John Horton Lt. [Parents] was born in 1753 in Southold, Long Island, New York. He died in 1810. He married Mary Montanye in 1782.

Mary Montanye [Parents].Mary married John Horton Lt. in 1782.

They had the following children:

  M i John Horton
  F ii Sarah Horton
  F iii Mary Horton
  F iv Ann Horton.
  M v Miller Horton
  M vi Josiah Horton was born in 1795.
  M vii Jesse Horton
  M viii Lewis Mulison Horton
  F ix Abigail Horton was born in 1803. She died in 1808.

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