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Wilsey-Roberts plus others with notes

William Danforth was born about 1458 in Framlingham, Suffolk County, England. He died in 1512 in Framlingham, Suffolk, England. He married Isabell.

Isabell was born about 1462 in Framlingham, Suffolk County, England. She married William Danforth.

They had the following children:

  M i James Danforth.
  M ii Reynold Danforth.
  F iii Isabell Danforth.
  F iv Elizabeth Danforth.
  M v Paul Danforth

Benjamin Bartlett Jr. was born on 27 Jun 1658. He died on 27 Aug 1740. He married Ruth Pabodie.

Ruth Pabodie was born on 27 Jun 1658. She died on 27 Mar 1725. She married Benjamin Bartlett Jr..

They had the following children:

  M i Robert Bartlett was born on 6 Dec 1679. He died before Dec 1717.
  F ii Rebeckah Bartlett
  M iii Benjamin Bartlett was born about 1681.
  F iv Sarah Bartlett
  F v Mercy Bartlett
  M vi William Bartlett
  F vii Priscilla Bartlett
  F viii Deborah Bartlett
  F ix Abigail Bartlett

John Bradford.John married Rebeckah Bartlett.

Rebeckah Bartlett [Parents] was born about 1680. She died on 8 Dec 1763. She married John Bradford.

Joshua Bradford [Parents] was born on 23 Jun 1710. He died on 22 May 1758. He married Hannah Bradford ??.

Hannah Bradford ?? was born on 10 Apr 1720. She died on 22 May 1758. She married Joshua Bradford.

They had the following children:

  F i Sarah Bradford

John Davis was born in 1737. He married Sarah Bradford.

Sarah Bradford [Parents] was born on 16 Oct 1739. She married John Davis.

John Turner.John married Mercy Bartlett.

Mercy Bartlett [Parents] was born in 1694. She died on 6 Oct 1757. She married John Turner.

William Bartlett [Parents] was born in 1694. He died in 1716. He married Sarah Foster.

Sarah Foster.Sarah married William Bartlett.

John Samson was born on 17 Aug 1688. He died on 26 Jan 1770. He married Priscilla Bartlett.

Priscilla Bartlett [Parents] was born in Jan 1696/1697. She died on 7 Jul 1758. She married John Samson.

Josiah Thomas.Josiah married Deborah Bartlett.

Deborah Bartlett [Parents] was born about 1698. She died after 25 Oct 1750. She married Josiah Thomas.

Gamaliel Bradford was born on 18 May 1704. He died on 24 Apr 1778. He married Abigail Bartlett.

Abigail Bartlett [Parents] was born on 18 Mar 1703/1704. She died on 30 Aug 1776. She married Gamaliel Bradford.

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