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Wilsey-Roberts plus others with notes

Riley Stark.Riley married Lottie Ball.

Lottie Ball [Parents] was born on 11 Feb 1878. She died on 17 Jan 1953. She was buried in Jan 1953 in Sunnside Cem., Tunnkhannock, Wyoming County, , Pennsylvania. She married Riley Stark.

James Ball [Parents] was born in 1880. He died on 8 Jan 1919 in Pennsylvania. He was buried in 1919 in Sunnyside Cem., Tunkhannock, Wyoming County, , Pennsylvania. He married Living on 28 Mar 1918 in Scranton, Luzerne County, , Pennsylvania.

Died from Spanish Influenza, 8 Jan 1919.



Living [Parents]

Other marriages:


Living [Parents]

Other marriages:

Johan Ties (Hontice) Tinklepaugh [Parents] was born about 1769 in Germany or, , New York. He was christened on 22 Apr 1769 in Gallatin Drc, , New York. He died before 11 Jul 1829 in Lackawanna County, , Pennsylvania. He married Ellenor (Lena Truefelt or Zufeld) Shoefelt about 1817 in , , New York.

Assuming to be the father of John Tinklepaugh of Falls until proven otherwise.

Solomon was 6th in family.

Hontier Tinklepaugh died 1833.???

married - Peggy Wilsie & Jacob Tinkebach Oct. 30, 1809 Mount Ross, Dutchess Co.

Parents: Johannes Dinkelbach & Catharine Milius
Sp: Johan Thys Kaus & Grietze Milius his wife
From History of Luz. Co. - of Dutch descent. Moved to Wyoming Co., Pa. from NY State in 1817. He located near Pittston. He died at age 75 years. Had 7 children. (Solomon was supposedly 6 months old at time of move so would have been around November of 1817) Solomon was 6th in family.
(1830 census shows age between 50/60 so death at 75 would have been between 1845-1855)

from Mormon Records: Greene, Durham Ref. Dutch Church in Oak Hill TINKLEBAGH, William chr 1/19/1800 Johan Ties & Lena Trufelt
John 4/26/1801 Johan Ties & Lena Trufelt
Jacob 2/ 5/1804 Johan Ties & Lena Chufelt
Catharine 4/16/1807 Johan Ties & Lena Chufelt
Betsey 9/10/1810 Johan Ties & Lana Trufelt
Mary 4/17/1814 Johan Ties & Lana Trufelt Possibly Jeremiah was not theirs?

TINKLEPAGH, Paul & Elizabeth Rechtmeyr Greene
" Maria chr 11/22/1801 Paulus & Margery Owens
" Nancy 7/25/1802 John Tinklebagh & Maria Snyder
" Hendrick 6/10/1804
" Nancy 5/ 1/1806 Paulus & Margery Owens
" Ester 11/26/1813
" Jacob 11/26/1813 Paul & Margaret

Ellenor (Lena Truefelt or Zufeld) Shoefelt [Parents] was born about 1770 in , , New York. She married Johan Ties (Hontice) Tinklepaugh about 1817 in , , New York.

Was wife of Hontice & assume to be father of John of Falls

of Dutch descent

They had the following children:

  M i Jacob H. Tinklepaugh
  M ii William Tinklepaugh was born about 1800 in Durham, Greene County, New York. He was christened on 19 Jan 1800 in Rdc, Durham, Greene County, New York.
  M iii John Tinklepaugh
  F iv Catharine Tinklepaugh
  M v Jeremiah Tinklepaugh
  F vi Betsey Tinklepaugh was born about 1810 in , , New York. She was christened on 10 Sep 1810 in Durham, Greene County, New York.
  F vii Mary Tinklepaugh
  M viii Solomon Tinklepaugh
  M ix Ira Tinklepaugh

Solomon Tinklepaugh [Parents] was born on 27 May 1817 in , Schoharie County, New York. He died in 1909 in Pleasant Hill, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. He was buried in 1909 in Oak Dale Cem., Ross Township, Luzerne County, , Pennsylvania. He married Angeline Cappell on 29 Sep 1838 in probably, Lackawanna County, , Pennsylvania..

Had 9 children in all.

died - Mrs. John Tinklepaugh, Uniondale, age 79 years. at home of dau. Mrs. Walter Lee Greenfield. Was Emeline Doyle, born at Ararat.

married - James A. Tinklepaugh & Elma L. Avery of Ararat, Susq. Co. 5/13/1878.
Peter F. Tinklepaugh & Sarah Thompson 3/6/1878.

Solomon was the sixth child, had nine children

Dates for children taken from 1860 Census of Union Twp., Luzerne Co., PA.

SOLOMON TINKLEPAUGH, farmer, P.O. Prichard, was born in Schoharie county, N. Y., May 27, 1817. He is a son of Hontice and Ellenor (Shoefelt) Tinklepaugh, both of whom were born in New York State, of Dutch descent. Hontice and his wife were married in New York and removed to this county in 1817, when Solomon was six months old. They located near Pittston, in what is now a part of Lackawanna county, where they purchased 200 acres of virgin soil, which the father improved during his lifetime. He confined himself strictly to agricultural pursuits, and the improvements on his farm speak for his industry and perseverance. He died at the age of seventy-five years, after living an uneventful but toilsome life. He reared a family of seven children, all of whom grew to maturity, and four of whom are now living. Solomon is the sixth in the family, and was reared and educated near Pittston, in Lackawanna county. Here he resided until he reached his twenty-fifth birthday, when he removed to Union (now Hunlock) township, there purchasing a property of 100 acres, to which he has added thirty-one acres more, all of which he and his sons have brought under cultivation. Mr. Tinklepaugh is an industrious man and an practical farmer; while belonging to no religious body, his life and principles are honest and upright. Politically he is a Democrat, and has been honored with several township offices, all of which he filled with credit. In 1839 our subject married Miss Angeline, daughter of William and Mary Cappell, who bore him nine children, seven of whom are living: George, William, Jane, Mary, Amy, Martha and Margaret. Mr. Tinklepaugh is a hearty man of seventy-five years; he is a social and genial companion, and has the full confidence of his neighbors.

Angeline Cappell [Parents] was born in 1814. She died on 3 Feb 1884 in Pennsylvania. She was buried in 1884 in Oak Dale Cem., Ross Township, Luzerne County, , Pennsylvania. She married Solomon Tinklepaugh on 29 Sep 1838 in probably, Lackawanna County, , Pennsylvania..

had nine children

They had the following children:

  M i George D. Tinklepaugh
  F ii Margaret Tinklepaugh was born about 1844 in Pennsylvania.
  M iii William S. Tinklepaugh
  F iv Jane Tinklepaugh
  M v John Tinklepaugh was born about 1851 in Pennsylvania.
  F vi Amy Susan Tinklepaugh was born on 8 Jan 1850 in , Susquehanna County, , Pennsylvania.

Amy's name and information taken from LDS IGI files.
  F vii Martha Tinklepaugh
  F viii Mary Tinklepaugh
  F ix Margaret Tinklepaugh was born in Pennsylvania.

Jacob H. Tinklepaugh [Parents] was born about 1799 in , , Dutchess County, New York. He was christened on 5 Feb 1804 in Rdc Oak Hill, Durham, Greene County, New York. He married Rachael.

Lived in Schoharie Co., Summit Twp. In 1870 census was 71 living with John & Charlotte Tinklepaugh.

Rachael was born about 1799. She married Jacob H. Tinklepaugh.

They had the following children:

  M i Alexander Tinklepaugh
  M ii Jacob H. Tinklepaugh Jr.
  F iii Hannah Tinklepaugh was born about 1837 in , , New York.
  M iv John Tinklepaugh
  F v Caroline Tinklepaugh was born about 1841.

John Tinklepaugh [Parents] was born about 1839 in , , New York. He married Charlotte.

Had Mary 15 & Josephine 12, Conboy living with them in 1870 census.

Charlotte was born about 1851. She married John Tinklepaugh.

birthdate from 1870 census

They had the following children:

  F i Alice Tinklepaugh was born about 1867.
  M ii George Tinklepaugh was born about 1869.

Jacob H. Tinklepaugh Jr. [Parents] was born about 1833. He married Elizabeth J..

from census Schoharie Co. Summit Twp.

Had a George Cole age 14 living with them in 1860 census.

Elizabeth J. was born about 1835. She married Jacob H. Tinklepaugh Jr..

from 1860 census

They had the following children:

  M i Wilson Tinklepaugh was born about 1857.

from 1860 census
  M ii Frank Tinklepaugh was born about 1866.

from 1870 census

Jeremiah Tinklepaugh [Parents] was born about 1808 in , Schoharie County, New York. He married Lana.

from 1850 census Schoharie Co., Summit Twp.
Lived by VanBurens, possibly his wife's name.

Lana was born about 1809. She married Jeremiah Tinklepaugh.

They had the following children:

  M i John C. Tinklepaugh
  M ii James Tinklepaugh was born about 1837.

from 1850 census
  M iii Abram Tinklepaugh was born about 1839.

from 1850 census
  F iv Margaret Tinklepaugh was born about 1843.

from 1850 census
  M v Peter Tinklepaugh was born about 1846.

from 1850 census
  F vi Jane Tinklepaugh was born about 1849.
  M vii David Tinklepaugh was born about 1851.

from 1860 census

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