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The History of the hamlet of Wooliscroft 1086-1200 | Williscroft, Woolliscroft, Wolliscroft and variants Onename Study
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The History of the hamlet of Wooliscroft 1086-1200

Willanes-croft (Wooliscroft) is not mentioned in the Doomsday Book but later documents show that it was part of the Aston by Stone Manor held by Robert Fitz Payne in 1166. Aston by Stone is mentioned three times in the Doomsday Book.

Doomsday manor of Cadio of Aston

Extract from the Dooms Day Book for the manor of Cadio of Aston


General Wrottesley in the ‘Collections for a History of Staffordshire’ identifies the Manor of Cadio of Aston and Little Stoke as the Manor of Aston where Robert Fitz Payne was Lord in 1166 (SRS, Vol. I, pp. 149, 173). The estate in 1086 consisted of 7 villagers, 4 smallholders and one slave living in the Manor. With eight ploughlands, two lords plough teams and five men's plough teams. The Manor also included a meadow and woodland. In 1066 the lord is described as 'six thanes' but they are not named individually. Cadio of Aston was Lord and Robert of Stafford Tenant in chief in 1086. 

In 1166 Henry 11 ordered  all his Tenants in chief to let him know by letter all the sub tenancies they had created on their land before the death of his father and afterwards, the amount of knights service and the names of tenants known as the Cartae Baronum. The survey shows that Robert Fitz Payne held under Robert de Stafford two knight's fees. One of these was held by himself in his demesne at Aston by Stone.

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