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Wooliscroft, It's history and location| Williscroft, Woolliscroft, Wolliscroft and variants Onename Study
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Wooliscroft, It's history and location

The evidence available suggests that the surname is locative in origin from the small hamlet of the same name 2 miles east of Stone (SJ 9334) Staffordshire. 

Map showing the location of Wooliscroft, Staffordshire, England
Ordnance Survey First Series, (sheet 72), 1856

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The history of hamlet can be traced back to the 1100's, it was part of the Aston and Walton Manor. From the records it was quite a large area. Over time the land was subdivided and all that remains of the original hamlet is Wooliscroft Farm. The current farmhouse is of modern construction and located on the opposite side of the road from Wooliscroft. 

Wooliscroft location

Image produced from the service with permission of Landmark Information Group Ltd. and Ordnance Survey Copyright © and/or Database Right Landmark Information Group and Ordnance Survey Crown Copyright and/or Database Right 2002. All rights reserved 

When I first visited in the 1990’s some old farm building still existed on the site of the older farm. These have now been converted and are known as Wooliscroft Barn.

old buildings at Wooliscroft

The out building of Wooliscroft Farm 1999

The place name has had many variations in spelling. Today it is called Wooliscroft, in 1830 and 1856 it was Wolliscroft, in 1803 Willascroft. It is not marked on earlier maps.

I decided to look at the references to the place name to try and identify possible deviations in the spelling of the surname. More importantly if all the references referred to the same place. However, during my research I have not found any bearers of the surname as such resident at Wooliscroft since the 15C.

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