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 Family Tree

In 1875 George Willinscroft married Eliza Ann Gregory at St Mary’s Church, Leigh, Lancashire. George was the son of Joseph Williscroft and Emma Lewis born in 1854 at Oldbury. Worcestershire. His birth was registered under the surname Willinscroft. His sister Sarah Ann was also a Willinscroft when she married Thomas Critchley in 1878 at Leigh, Lancashire. However, her birth was registered under the surname Williscroft in 1856. The surname has continued to be spelt Willinscroft on this branch. Joseph, the father of George and Sarah Ann, was the the son of William and Sarah Williscroft of Dudley.

After her husband’s death in 1859 Emma had two children Shadrack Lycett Williscroft (1860) and Mesbach Williscroft (1862). Both boys were the son’s of Shadrack Lycett whom Emma married in 1863 and used the surname ‘Lycett’ as adults. The family moved from the Oldbury area and were living in the Wigan area of  Lancashire in 1868 before moving to Westleigh by 1871. Shadrack and Emma had five more children after their marriage. Emma died in 1900 and Shadrack died in 1931.

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