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Family Tree

James Willescroft was the son of Hannah Newton, the widow of Richard Williscroft from Dudley and William Williscroft according to his birth certificate. If this is correct then William was most likely Richard’s younger brother who never married and died in Dudley, Worcestershire in 1900. It was quite a surprise to me to find out about James’ connection the family of John & Sarah Williscroft of Dudley. The family tree for this branch had been researched many years ago by Harry Heward Williscroft  but there was no mention of James’ connection. I think that the family in Dudley was unaware of James’ birth. 

James was raised by Joshua and Sarah Watkinson of Mobberley, Cheshire. His mother died in 1853. In 1871 James married Mary Atherton in Manchester, Lancashire. Descendants of James all spell their surname Willescroft.

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