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Williscroft, Willescroft, Willinscroft & Willingcroft Families
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Williscroft, Willescroft, Willinscroft & Willingcroft        

Families in England since the 1700’s

Williscroft’s from Colton, Staffordshire  

The surname is spelt as both Woolliscroft and Williscroft during the 1700's in the parish records at Colton, Staffordshire. It wasn't until the start of civil registration that the surname was spelt consistently as Williscroft. This may also have something to do with the fact that the Parish Clerk, Francis Garner, was married to a Williscroft. The Williscroft's were also the local school teachers. Members of this branch have travelled to and settled in Canada, United States, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. They were also the first members of the family to travel to West Indies, India and Brazil during the 1800’s. More

Williscroft’s of Cornwall, England 

Alexander Williscroft married Jane Hoskin in Stoke Dameral, Devon in 1823. Alexander was a gunner in the Royal Artillery. The family were living in St John’s, Newfoundland at the time of Alexanders death in 1834. Jane and her children returned to Cornwall after Alexander’s death. Jane married William Dolley in 1838. Alexander & Jane’s son William lived in Saltash, Cornwall until his death in 1913. His son Alexander George Williscroft emigrated to Tasmania, Australia with his wife and young family in 1878. Another son, William, moved with his family to London. Other members of William’s family emigrated to Australia during the 1900’s. Descendants of Alexander still live in the South West of England today. More

Williscroft’s from Dudley, Worcestershire 

The ‘Dudley’ branch of the Williscroft family are the descendants if William Williscroft (1800-1873). William married Sarah Lloyd at Dudley in 1829. The couple later moved to Oldbury in Worcestershire. Two of their sons moved to the Normanton area of Yorkshire. At present it is unknown to me who William’s parents were. 

John and Sarah Williscroft and their family were also living in Dudley, Worcestershire at the same time as William and Sarah. John was a hatter and his origins can be trace back to Colton in Staffordshire. More


The bearers of the Willescroft name today are descendants of James Willescroft (1850-1896) and Mary Atherton who married in 1871 at Manchester, Lancashire. However, the evidence available suggests that James was the grandson of John and Sarah Williscroft of Dudley mentioned above. More


The name Willinscroft can be found in Lancashire today. The bearers of the name are descendants of Joseph Williscroft (1832-1859) and Emma Lewis. Joseph was the son of William and Sarah Williscroft of Dudley mentioned above. More


The surname first appeared when a George Woolingcroft married Sarah Chambers in 1871 at St Thomas’ Church in Dudley, Worcestershire. George’s surname was spelt Williscroft when his birth was registered in 1840. The surname was also spelt Woolingscroft. More

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