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John Williscroft c1574 of Stone, Staffordshire | Williscroft, Woolliscroft, Wolliscroft & Variant's Worldwide Onename Study | Jill Dixon
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John Williscroft c1574  of Stone, Staffordshire

On the 2 February 1598/9 John Willescroft married Margery Asburye at St Michael, Stone Staffordshire. I know for sure that this John inherited the land at Podmore as it is mentioned in his son’s will. I had thought John may have been the son of Thomas Williscroft christened in 1583 at Stone. However, if he was born in 1583 he would have only been 16 when he married. 

I now think that John was the nephew of Thomas, the son of another John born about 1574. It is this John who was most likely buried at Stone on the 7 Feb 1614/5. The parish records show that a Margaret Williscroft, the daughter of John, was buried at Stone three days later. Administration of Margaret's estate was awarded to her brother John on the 28 Mar 1615 (Calendar of Wills, LJRO, Act Book). John the son of John and Margery would have only been twelve and too young to act as administrator. 

The lane from from Aston by Stone, Staffordshire towards the River Trent

I think the John who married Margery Astbury was the son of John mentioned above and the grandson of John Williscroft and Agnes Clyffe. John and Margery lived in Aston by Stone and had eight children christened at St Michael's, Stone between 1599 and 1615.  Their daughter Margery was christened in 1599 followed by Thomas in 1601, John 1603, Elizabeth 1605, Maria 1607-1607, Ellen 1608, Alice 1611 and James (Jacobus) 1614. On the 31 December 1630 John was described as a husbandman leasing a cottage in Aston by Stone from the Hevingham family. Margery most likely died in 1635 and was buried at Stone in the October. The parish records state she was the wife of John Williscroft which suggests that John was still living. However, John had  died before his son Thomas as he had inherited  the  land in Podmore. (Thomas’ Will, 1659, PCC, London)


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